(TRAVEL) Its More Fun, Relaxing and Adventures at Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort in Pangasinan!

Pangasinan is a beautiful place. Similar to nearby provinces, it also has good resorts and getaways from busy city of Manila. together with my fellow lifestyle and travel bloggers, we visited Bolinao, Pangasinan and within the picturesque town of Bolinao is a highly exclusive and uniquely inspired seaside resort/hotel, which offers the ultimate in elegance, grace and detail, we discovered the beautiful Puerto del Sol Beach Resort.


How to get there:

Commuting is fun with friends! Travel by Bus around 8 hours. If you have your own car the better so there’s no stop-over. Cubao or Pasay Bus station has Bolinao route for around P650 or around $17. Other alternative is to ride a Dagupan bus (PHP201) or $5 and stop at Tarlac Bus Terminal. That’s what we did since we weren’t able to catch the bus going to Bolinao.  and another bus from Tarlac going to Bolinao (around 200 pesos).


At the Bolinao Bus Station, we visited Saint James Church and had breakfast nearby while waiting for Puerto Del Sol Van to fetch us. Soon as the service van arrived, we went first to a very relaxing TARA FALLS.

Stairs going down to the falls

 Oh I love virgin falls. The place is like heaven just discovered, not yet invaded by many. you can actually already see the whole Tara falls from the top even before you go downstairs.


Since my friends are all equipped with heavy cameras (SLRs and the likes), most of us ended having photo shoot with the nature.

FIERCE Travel Bloggers!


We went to another waterfalls on the side of the place. There is a Halo halo stand there that cost around PHP15.00 ($25cents) only and I was like, 15 PESOS only? I can even treat the whole gang.

HALO HALO 15 Pesos.

Just like Tara falls, there are few steps going there.

My friend Melody and the tube they rented

Everyone enjoyed the waterfalls though I think this one is deeper that we have to use  (floater) “salbabida”. Better use slippers as some parts are kind of rocky. By 12 noon we are already tired but happy.

The Awesome Resort

Then we straight ahead to The Beach Resort and the first thing that welcomed us there is Oh fresh Buko juice and shell necklace!! Look at the photo, you would want to see this place aren’t you? Very relaxing! Who cares about the sun? The interiors are very colorful and its like walking on your own place with trees and orchids everywhere.


They also have Casitas and Bahay Kubo. And at sundown they also have massage spa and outdoor massage huts nearby the jacuzzi area or enjoy an evening of Karaoke. We arrange our things on our respective rooms which is very nice by the way. The room and other facilities are excellent and family-friendly. You can enjoy for a few hours everyday  on their large swimming pool with a lighted jacuzzi.


The Playa Restaurant is Puerto Del Sol’s beach view (Ilog Malino Beach).

Beach View

 Patar Land Tour

Then we went to Wonderful cave (yes that’s the name). They maintain the cave and have a very calm water down there. and you can see  that the water is so clear For walk ins, the entrance is around 70pesos. Puerto Del sol arrange this tour which cost 300/pax with service  but you have to be at least 5 member per trip.

Then we went to Patar Rock Formation which is also a part of the Puerto Del Sol properties.

 Good place to wait for the sunset though we already have plans to watch the sunset somewhere else (story below). The place is so quiet! We saw a college student going nerd with all her review materials (I wish I had known these place back in exam days). From there we can see the Café Bolinao Lighthouse and luckily it is part of the tour so we went there and had some crazy photos.

Patar Beach.

This is the culmination of the very relaxing Patar tour. This is where we waited for the beautiful sunset.

Senti Anyone?

They called it white beach since the sand is almost perfect I can’t fathom! From here you will feel so relax away from the city (decided to turn my phone off)

What a view.

I will definitely visit again!!! Follow me on Twitter @rodmagaru for more adventures and travel! Majestic natural wonders, world-class accommodation and amenities, plus the warmth and friendliness of the service staff make Puerto del Sol the ideal destination for major relaxation – Puerto Del Sol is highly recommended!

Visit Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort at Brgy. Ilog Malino, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines. Telephone 075 – 6960530 / +63920-9507105; info@puertodelsol.com.ph; Check-in 2pm, Check-out 11 am.

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