(MOVIE REVIEW) It Takes a Man And A Woman: Embracing Change and Believing In Goodness

Soon as were done with the movie, I tweeted: I laughed. I laughed. I cried. I laughed. I cried. I laughed. I laughed. I cried. I learned. GANDAAAA! #ItTakesAManAndAWoman

From the back-to-back success of “A Very Special Love” that earned P 176 million in the box office and “You Changed My Life” that raked in P209 million in 2009, the biggest love reunion is here again as the couple that made everyone smile, laugh and fall in love reunites in “It Takes A Man And A Woman” to share to the whole nation everything that has happened to them in the past years.

Produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films


Cinema Evaluation Board: GRADED A

Direction: Cathy Garcia-Molina

Written by: Carmi Raymundo.

It Takes A Man And A Woman,” is the third installment of the hit romantic comedy movie series that is set to reveal the how Laida and Miggy’s four-year relationship headed to splitsville.

I am a huge fan of Laida and Miggy, and even the birth of this third installment, I am nervous of how the writer will execute the future of the tandem. Been asking myself to write a version of my own the way I want it. But Carmi Raymundo is genius in predicting what should be, what might be and what audience will like.

The full trailer of It Takes A Man and a Woman (first seen here) is a combination of funny, witty and bolder Laida Magtalas. And how she redeemed herself from that breakup. Flippage is back. The Zoila and friends are back ( Joross GamboaGio Alvarez and Matet de Leon) and from here, I would like to commend the support they gave. IT WAS AN AWESOME supporting act! But the trailer hide something. What really happened?


Starcinema’s cinematography has never been this better. I also like how Direk Cathy changes all of Sarah G’s clothing, the way she talks except for the obvious wig (blame it on us seeing Sarah G weekly on TV). Sarah G’s bubbly attack on the role made her more charming. And who wouldn’t cry when Laida cries? That’ the scene when the story explained her holding back, her pain. Oh come on I cried on that scene too.

Sometimes, we forget how to be a good man because we are busy being the best. This is what John Lloyd Cruz is telling us during the presscon. His role is much like his life. The role is so close to his heart. John Lloyd Cruz on the other hand is so superb on crying too. And her conversation with Laida on every grandstanding at flippage is commendable.

Low point: What is Guji Lorenzana doing almost nothing in the movie? He was just on the frame. He might be saying something but I don’t know. I think he’s mute or something.

Isabelle Daza is the luckiest to be casted on this 3rd installment. Her debut appearance as the third party of Laida-Miggy must be a dream come true for her. How Direk Cathy teaches her how to act through her eyes, thats good good kind of good! She is making the tension and awkwardness between the main cast, an effective one!


1. The ending (including the bloopers!)

2. Laida explaining the goal of the Flippage to get MET’s YES.

3. Flashback of Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas on why they got separated.

4. New York tour!


Irma Adlawan made me cry. She said something about forgiveness I think everyone should hear. But of course, Dante Rivero’s word is the epitome of modern confucious.

The story is telling everyone to decide on forgiveness, to learn to move on, to sacrifice, to grow, to love and to value the support from families.

Rod Magaru Show: 9.5/10 STARS



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