(MOVIE) MOVIE REVIEW: Must Be Love: The Transformation in Each One of Us

Must Be Love tells a story of beautiful transformation and how it changed the outlook of the main characters about love and acceptance. Set in picturesque Laguna and Cebu, the movie revolves around the exciting teen romance between Patricia, or “Patchot” played by Kathryn Bernardo and her inseparable bestfriend Ivan (Daniel Padilla).

MustBe…Love” is written by Mae Chua and Melai Monge, under the guidance of Star Cinema’s award-winning writer Vanessa Valdez.

DIRECTED BY: Dado Lumibao


CAST: Aside from Kathryn and Daniel, also part of “Must Be…Love” are Liza Soberano, John Estrada, John Lapus, Miguel Morales, Kit Thompson, Ramon Christopher, Janus del Prado, Sharlene San Pedro, Paul Salas, Cacai Bautista and Arlene Muhlach.

The movie brings us to that very moment that we first experienced that very strong feeling – teen love that is. But what if Patchot found herself in an unfortunate situation of falling in love with her BFF? Would Ivan take notice? Or they will be forever be “tropa” and basketball buddy? Will it turn sour once Angel (Liza Soberano) captures the heart of Ivan?  Is it worth risking the friendship just to express it or will she be forever frozen in fear? What if it’s too late?


The storyline is simple but compelling and stay cohesive up to the end. Direk Dado Lumibao engages us every step of the way because we can easily identify with the characters. The choice of location is also perfect. It’s Cebu and who of you is not falling in love with the place? Direk Dado ensures that the characters are fully immersed and portrayal of the role is very realistic. Why not? We saw “Patchot” the character of Kathryn actually handling the innards (isaw) of the pig and assisting in roasting the famous Lechon of Cebu and Ivan is also a big revelation. Daniel Padilla has already carved a name of his own.

MustBe…Love” is a romantic movie filled with romance and a feel-good story that conveys the statement, ‘Be True To Yourself.’

The best part of it is the fact they have a powerful supporting cast that make us laugh, cry and sympathize every step of the way.  This is not discounting the fact that Kathniel is there to deliver that “kilig” moment and make us fall in love again. We might think that this is movie is for the teeny bopper kind of movie goers but lo and behold this is exactly the right kind of movie for all ages. It’s a feel good movie and it really is.


1. Patchot’s SLOW MO

2. Patchot’s confrontation with her father

3. The opening credits with colorful Sinulog Festival

4. Views from TOPS, Cebu and bestfriend heart to heart conversation between Ivan and Patchot.

5. Tita Baby words of wisdom with Ivan.

Star Cinema’s constellation of stars will continue to shine bright as the youngest addition to the much coveted space in the galaxy has already risen from their inception and already secured their place up there. Kathniel’s launching movie is only a testament of how the movie outfit continues to bring to the audience outstanding tandems that can deliver great character portrayal that can entertain us through the silver screen in the years to come. Anyways, it’s still undeniable that Star Magic is still the entity to look up to in terms of developing the freshest faces in the industry and catapult their careers in immense stardom.


Opens Today March 13, 2013 in more than 130 Cinemas Nationwide!! Congratulations Star Cinema! Promo Team of Star did it again!

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