Due to her holistic approach of the deconstruction and resurrection of the hidden beauty of the Banana Plant, Milka Quin Redoble, an entrepreneur from Pasig City won the third season of Project Runway Philippines. After several successful years in banking, she quit the job and switched to something more creative — fashion. She got herself into Slim’s Fashion and Art School and has never stopped designing since. Joining Project Runway Philippines Season 3, she never expected to walk away with the top prize.
What are your plans after Project Runway?
Milka: After project runway I hope I can work, and produce more, I’m gonna open again my online shop. I hope I can open a shop here in Manila where clients can visit and I hope that I can go to Philippine Fashion Week this October. I’m working on my next collection for that specific fashion show.
Have you had any calls ever since the announcement that you’ve won? Has anyone called you to say, ‘I want you make me a dress’?
Milka: Yes, I have, I have. It’s really a blessing. Parang there’s some positive feedbacks and some incoming well.
Sum up your Project Runway experience in five words.
Milka: Hmm. Basta it was an experience of a lifetime. Again. It’s just unbelievable.
As part of your prize as Project Runway Philippines Season 3 winner you get to go to Paris Fashion Week. Are you excited?
Milka: Yes, I heard… I don’t know, I’m not sure, but I heard that it’s very exclusive, you really cannot go in Paris Fashion Week with a ticket or something. It has to be by invitation only. So I’m really excited to see and to you know, experience the international feel of the fashion week.
How did you feel during the final judging?
Milka: Uh, during the final judging, I was like, of course we were all nervous. Always, always. When you stand in front of the judges on that stage, you will never, ever fail to feel really nervous.  Always.  But then, uh, it’s okay, I guess. Because after that, everything going to end. That’s the final leg, so, I mean, we stood there really nervous but, I’m nervous, but at the end of the day, I’m thinking na, okay, this is final, this is it. This is just one day and, I’m gonna go through this. I’m gonna go through all of this nervousness and things like that, so tomorrow I can just go on tomorrow and work. That was what I was thinking when we were on that stage.

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