(MUSIC) Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona record duet track for ‘Just One Summer’

Together Forever lead stars Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona recorded earlier today their duet version of “Girl Be Mine,” which is a Francis Magalona composition.  The song will be used as one of the soundtracks of their movie “Just One Summer,” which will hit nationwide theaters beginning August 15.
During the recording session, Elmo and Julie Anne collaborated on how they could give a new “flavor” to the song.  Julie Anne helped Elmo out on some tricky second voices, while Elmo guided Julie Anne on some of the melodies since he’s more familiar with his dad’s song.
After months of waiting, the hugely followed love team of Julie Anne and Elmo — endearingly called by their fans as JuliElmo — will finally hit the big screen next month.  The two are excited to see the final outcome of their film which took almost six months to complete.  They still have several scenes to shoot in the following days, though, including a very “costly” helicopter scene which will be shot in Subic.
“Just One Summer” is directed by Amaya director Mac Alejandre and is produced and distributed by GMA Films.

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