Axe lets loose the hottest women in the country at the launch of its newest fragrances!

Axe, the #1 male fragrance brand in the world, made the wildest fantasies of one hundred very lucky guys come true at the launch of its newest fragrance – Axe Anarchy. The event – called The Axe Anarchy Raid– lets loose the sexiest women in the country on a gang of helpless, handcuffed guys in a steamy game of tag. And as if drop-dead gorgeous female celebrities and models weren’t enough, Axe made the game even more outrageous by offering a two million-peso reward to the winning pair. Crazy? You bet.

Police brutality. Fourteen girls vs. one guy.

“This is the first and maybe the only time that Axe is coming out with matching his and hers fragrances,” says Axe brand manager Raf Hechanova.“So we thought we would launch Axe Anarchy with the wildest, most insane idea we could think of.”

The Axe Anarchy Raid gets one hundred of the hottest girls in the country– the likes of Sam Pinto, Ellen Adarna, Iwa Moto, Jacq Yu, Regine Angeles, Nina Jose, Megan Young, Nadine Samonte, Sarah Lahbati, and many more – to search for a their match among one hundred lucky guys. The prize? A cool two million pesos for the first pair to rendezvous – one million for the cop and another million for her robber. Sounds easy? Well, there’s a catch. The girls had to look under the guys’ shirts and do a bit of frisking to find their match.

Ashley Rivera and Eric Losloso bring home the millions.

“We pretty much went overboard with this one,” adds Axe brand manager Gem Laforteza. “Things just kinda’ got out of hand.”

The game started with a loud police siren that released the Robbers (the guys) from theirholding area. It looked more like a jail break than a robbery. One hundred guys– among them the Boys Night Out, RX 93.1DJ Gino Quillamor, GMA Leading Man Rocco Nacino, and Victor Basa – were literally tripping over each other in a mad rush to get to the other side of the field where the girls were.

But before the Robbers could get to the Cops, they had to squeeze through20 beauty-queen-type girls (called “Wardens”) and 20 big bouncer-type guys (called “Marshalls”). These beauties and beasts were tasked to keep the guys and the girls away from one another by arresting the guys and putting them back in jail. The game of tag quickly turns into patinteroas the gorgeous Wardens tried to tackle guys who were literally leaping away to avoid getting caught. Meanwhile the burly Marshalls were lifting guys off their feet to deliver them back to their holding areas. Utter chaos.

“I totally forgot that the bouncers could put us under arrest,” narrates The Morning Rush DJ Gino Quillamor. “I was suddenly reminded when one of them lifted me up by the shoulders.”

As the Robbers got through to the other side, the Cops were released from their holding area and a different kind of chaos began. Imagine playing as a Robber: You’d just be standing there letting the girls almost rip your shirt off for a glimpse of the code underneath.

“First there would only be two or three of them,” recounts one of the guys. “But then more would come. And before you know it, six or eight pairs of hands are on you. All you could do was look at their faces. Everyone was having fun.”

In the end, two people – internet superstar Ashley Rivera (A.K.A. “Petra Mahalimuyak”) and journalist Eric Losloso– took home themillions. But everyone went home with an experience they would never forget.

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