(FOOD) McCormick Pepper. Its Uses and Health Benefits on our dishes

I love doing grocery with Mom and Dad. Actually, I always look forward to this monthly bonding of ours. They are always prepared with list of stuff to buy and what interest me are those flavour mixes and seasoning blends on the list that specifically has a brand, McCORMICK.

Well for starters, McCormick has a lot of products. It markets herbs, spices, seasoning blends, iodized salt, colors & extracts, condiments and meal recipe mixes. I always see our kitchen cabinet with a variety of arranged seasoning blends including many kinds of McCormick Pepper for our herbs and spices.

McCormick Pepper has different distinct flavours. My mom always explain how ground and whole black pepper, peppermint and white Pepper differ and can only be used to certain dishes. To my food blogger friends and readers who love to cook, here are something I got from my mom and little research.

Black Pepper (Ground and Whole)

Ground Black McCormick Pepper are the ones you see perfectly combined on green salad, poultry marinades and barbeque sauces. I also noticed we used this to our broiled steaks. And just last night we had boiled crabs and shrimps with ground black peppers which tasted superbly. For Black McCormick Pepper Whole, mom usually includes whole pepper in our Stew (Nilaga). Some use whole black pepper when boiling chicken, corned beef and beef brisket. Black McCormick Pepper comes in 35gms

bottle and shaker (70grams).

Black Peppermint Grind

The grind Black Peppermint is a black to brown, deep set wrinkled berries. Obviously it is made of dried berries. It can be added to scrambled eggs, pasta and potato salad. Some use grind peppermint for additional flavors for pork or beef roast before cooking.

White Pepper Ground

White McCormick pepper adds a distinct mild pepper flavor to foods. I personally love ground black pepper on my rice porridge as it has consistent granulations.

Health Benefits

McCormick Pepper packaging comes in a glass bottle and shaker. You can ensure of its flavour is sealed for freshness. Black Pepper has healthy benefits as it has a capacity to increase the function of the digestive tract. Makes it a good reason to put it in the dishes we cook. It also helps diminish the amount of gas in the intestinal track.

So it’s important that when you buy black pepper on the market, it should be sealed perfectly. It also contains great amount of antioxidants. For peppermint grind, it gives an ample reduction in our blood glucose, better for a person who has diabetes to include peppermint grind in our dishes. With many brands in the market that sells pepper, I think McCormick gives us a great combo of packaging and assured health benefits. I don’t

recall since when we started using McCormick. I grew up having these brands at home. These are also one of the priorities when we have our monthly groceries.

Indeed, McCormick Pepper is a must-have kitchen companion. To find out more about McCormick, visit their website at http://mccormick.com.ph/

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