Movie Review: EVERY BREATH U TAKE (Starcinema)

I had an epiphany last Premiere Night of Every Breath U Take. It was one of the star studded, well attended Red Carpet this year. Aside from the Preview of Born To Love You and Kimmy Dora II, The opening shots of Every Breath U Take is character building, which draws interest on the role of Piolo and Angelica.

“Ang signs dapat sinusunod ng mga tao.” –Majoy
“So what if I don’t follow the rules?” – Leo


CASTS: Piolo Pascual, Angelica Panganiban as lead. Carlos Agassi, Frenchie Dy, Janus del Prado, Ketchup Eusebio, Smokey Manaloto, Joross Gamboa, Ryan Bang, Wendy Valdez, Ryan Eigenmann, Cacai Bautista, Regine Angeles and Nova Villa. Direction: Czarina Mae Cruz. Produced and Released: STARCINEMA. GRADE: PG 13 by MTRCB and Graded B By Cinema Evaluation Board.

The movie is comedy-Romantic in approach. (COMROM), this is their first on that genre. Comedy comes first on the billing than romance.

In the movie, Piolo plays the role of Leo, a career-driven playboy who believes that love will never be a priority for him. Almost every week kung magpalit ng girlfriend. Leo always gets what he wants, but love is the one thing that he doesn’t want. Angelica is Majoy, a virginal romantic who has been waiting for her true love to finally come. She believes that finding love is her destiny.

Movie Review: EVERY BREATH U TAKE (Starcinema)

They accidentally meet on Valentine’s Day and find themselves growing closer to each other but will the outrageous and hilarious circumstances ever allow them to get their happily ever after?

I was happy and impressed by Direk Mae Cruz dealing on the comic, witty and all funny scenes of Angelica Panganiban. It readily set the mood of a Comedy-Romantic touch. The chemistry between Piolo and Angel was tangible. I saw this tandem way back years ago on a TV Series Mangarap Ka and I can say that the spark still there. I am a big fan of the two stars’ tandem with their former screen partners. Angelica’s comic and sincere comedy timing improved. Seeing her every Saturday on TV, I can see the distinction on this movie. She is indeed an actress.

She effectively frolicked the character of a simple girl MAJOY. Hands up! Also, I thought I have seen the best times of Piolo Pascual’s good body during his commercials, TV shows and concerts abroad. But in this movie, Piolo Pascual’s physique proved everyone that he’s still keeping up with the competition, and is a certified HUNK for so many years. I love his character as LEO, experiencing pressures on the corporate world, having fun, not following rules and being a man. However, there is no material conflict on the FILM. It got boring at times.

Stand outs: Ketchup Eusebio, Wendy Valdez and Ryan Bang. Plus Art Mendoza of Pinoy Biggest Loser doing his first Cameo role and his first big screen appearance.

Not really impressed: Joross Gamboa, Smokey Manaloto. There were also times when I feel disturbed on the involving the situation of Smokey, Wendy, Joross and Carlos in the movie. But I can say that there is a scene there where I can’t stop laughing.

There’s this signature of Direk Mae Cruz I have noticed, she plays a lot of scoring on the entire film persuading the audience what to feel on every scene. Nice editing.


Movie Review: EVERY BREATH U TAKE (Starcinema)


1. Angelica Panganiban answers the Phone at the reception

2. Piolo Pascual’s hitting on Angelica Panganiban on Valentines Day.

3. Ryan Bang, among other Korean people drawing something.

4.  Angelica Panganiban on “Gullible”

5.  Piolo Pascual working out at the gym with Angelica.


The movie is now on its second day. Opens in more than 125 cinemas nationwide! Rating the movie 8 out of 10.

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