MOVIE REVIEW: Born To Love You (StarCinema)

“Sinungaling ang mga mata, puso lang ang nagsasabi ng totoo..”

That is one line that caught me last night at the Celebrity Red Carpet Premiere of Born To Love You. A line by Coco Martin that everyone needs to hear on the movie. A tour guide who dreams of becoming a singer meets a struggling photographer. After a rocky start, the two begin to fall in love and find happiness in each other. But their issues threaten to tear them apart

Before I proceed, lets all watch the Full trailer of BORN TO LOVE YOU:

Star cinema’s formula on romantic comedy has been proven through the years, and I would say that Born to Love you has made an impression. “Born to Love You” is a romantic comedy about poor lass, portrayed by Angeline Quinto, who tries her best to provide the needs of her siblings by joining singing contests. In one of the singing contests she joined in, she met Martin’s character who is a photographer. The two then found themselves falling in love with each other.

Conflicts, however, start when the characters of Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin’s love affair has somehow hindered Angeline Quinto in providing for her family and with Coco Martin’s issues in his family. It’s one of the promising romantic movie that you wouldn’t miss to watch!

Movie review Born to love you starcinema


Cinema Evaluation Board: GRADE B:

CAST: Albert Martinez, Eula Valdez, Al Tantay, Tonton Gutierrez, Malou De Guzman, Kiray Celis, Jojit Lorenzo, Eda Nolan, Mickey Ferriols, Amy Nobleza, Louise Abuel, Ryan Bang, Ku Aquino, David Chua, Aloy Noranda, Cris Pasturan, Jenny Kim

Directed by: Jerome Chavez Pobocan

Coco Martin’
s performance is stellar. No doubt he is one of the ifnest leading man today. With his versatility and experience, I can imagine how many of us waited for Coco to appear on the big screen, on a big outfit, on a huge commercial film. His character, Rex is different from what he portrays on Television. There’s this scene in the movie that only his facial expression delivered the line.


Angeline Quinto

Angeline Quinto is funny. We all know Angeline is fresh, a starter, a neo fighter. And Happy that Jerome Pobocan invested on Angeline’s “rawness” to make her character effortlessly OK. The lines, her dialogues, as if it were really hers! Let’s give it to her. She’s new to acting but delivered it well. Ten years from now, we will all look at her first project and will say she made a good start.
Seriously? I thought its just another romantic comedy Star Cinema this year. But it made me realized theres a big story behind it. Their characters are not just guy meets girl, girl fell in love, guy has conflict etc etc. The story has roots, it has a heart. at the beginning of the movie, you will ask yourself why this is the opening scene. And then it will reunite you at the end.
Eula Valdez, Albert Martinez and Tonton Guttierez are well applauded in this film. Im happy to see them in this project.
I’m thinking whats not pleasant, I cant think of any. This is a not the first. We have Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo to mention a few. But putting a good story behind it is different. The plot has a continuity concept that will keep you stay. It has a sustaining face.
I am surprise that it is GOOD. The storyline, is our story. Of holding grudges, of letting ourselves free, afraid of falling in love and deciding for oneself. Give all the comic to the film yet there’s a message behind the movie.

My Favorite Scenes were:

1. The Inuman scene.

2. Family praying at dinner and Coco Martin’s expression

3. When Angeline asked Coco something at the end.

4. Establishing shots of Direk Jerome.

5. Albert Martinez and Coco Martin confrontation scene.

Rod Magaru Rate this movie 8 out of 10. congratulations Star Cinema!


“Born To Love You”, starring Angeline Quinto and Coco Martin, will open on theaters, today May 30 nationwide!


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