Movie Review (Corazon, Ang Unang Aswang)

I have always been a fan of Star Cinema producing Horror films. With the success of Previous Star Cinema Filmfest  entry, Segunda Mano and most of their Box Office movies in the past. Corazon, Ang Unang Aswang has a different approach in terms of tackling a Horror story and assured us of different twist.

Written and Directed by: Richard Somes

Screenplay by: Jerry Gracio

Produced and released by: StarCinema, Skylight Films

Starring: Erich Gonzales, Derek Ramsay, Mark Gil, Epy Quizon, Mon Confiado, Tetchie Agbayani

Ratings: R13 by MTRCB and GRADED B by Cinema Evaluation Board.


Coming from a tragic past during World War II, Corazon (Erich Gonzales) only wanted one thing in life- to conceive a child. A loving wife to Daniel (Derek Ramsay), she wishes that their five-year marriage be blessed with a baby. But fate has not been helpful as all her efforts at conception seemed futile.

Together with Daniel, they leave town in search for a woman who could possibly help her. She is given a statue of San Gerardo, the patron saint for pregnant women, and was told to keep her faith no matter what happens. Her devotion pays off when she finally bears a child.

On the day of the child’s birth, they found the baby dead. Corazon’s world is shattered. She has kept her faith but her child was taken from her.

Corazon’s anger envelopes the town in horror as a child dies each night.

Can Corazon ever forgive the fate she has suffered? Will she lift her curse to spare the innocent children in their town? Will her love for Daniel prevail over the hatred in her heart? Or will her wrath live on up to the present day and remind everyone of the story behind the first aswang?


Erich Gonzales did a great job in portraying Corazon. She was able to pull a good temperament out of her previous characters she played in movie and television. I think this movie will give her a good citation in the future.

Derek Ramsay on the other hand has become an actor I was waiting for in his entire career life. Too much ado about him but his reactions, expressions and how he personified Daniel in the movie is an indication that he is really ready for bigger roles.

My take on the Cinematography is just fine. I remember THELMA’s (Maja Salvador) photography it has almost the same color. At first I actually fell short of judging it has a slow story telling, but later when the situation needs to confront, I understand that the story needs to be told that way.

There are a lot of ASWANG Stories, Chronicles and series made in the past, but Corazon, is totally a runaway. Its unique interpretation of being an ASWANG was interpreted in a very clear personification. Let us forget the mythical, magical flying-half body creatures. CORAZON, gave the viewers a good perception of how a human being turned into the monster she never thought of becoming.

The only movie I’ve seen made by Director Richard Somes was YANGGAW. I liked it. His attack was different. Its like he’s telling stories to intelligent people. That’s what I love in CORAZON. He didn’t make the audience stupid because what he’s trying to shown are reality.


My 5 favorite scenes are:

  1. Shots when she’s (Erich) carrying the saint.
  2. Derek Ramsay’s acting on the baptism Party towards Mang Romulo.
  3. Erich Gonzales’ controntation scene with God carrying her dead baby.
  4. The long chasing scenes between Erich, Derek Ramsay and all the people.
  5. Erich Gonzales scene with Derek Ramsay when they finally see each other.

CORAZON, Ang Unang Aswang now showing nationwide. Thanks to the Ericholics group as well for putting up a very well organized Block Screening last night at Shangri-La. Thanks also to Star Cinema I was able to have an exclusive interview with Derek Ramsay, which I will post soon. Its not your typical Horror Story. Its a Horror love story. Wonderfully done.

Rod Magaru Show rates CORAZON, Ang Unang Aswang, 8 out of 10.

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