Have you been to NUVALI? The new community at the south!

NUVALI, the country’s largest thriving eco-city development, is still continuing to grow with recent developments and upcoming projects including an events place, a transport terminal, a hotel, a school, a wake park and more. With these developments, the 1,750 hectare eco-city is set to becoming a premier destination and sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the Metro.


Shaping Young Minds

First off, Xavier School- NUVALI is now accepting enrollees for the next school year starting in June 2012. The premier school will be opening its doors next year for nursery, prep, grade 1, and high school 1 levels with more levels to be added every year. This will be the first coed school for Xavier, adopting a co-divisional model where boys and girls will be educated separately but will also have sufficient time for interaction. Xavier School- NUVALI’s layout will include three to four buildings with state of the art classrooms for primary, middle, and secondary levels. The school’s facilities will include a gymnasium, basketball courts, football fields, swimming pool, library, auditorium, and an IT-equipped multipurpose hall. Xavier School will be the first educational institution in the 1,750 hectare sustainable eco-community.

The Monochrome Events Space to Rise

On 12-12-12, an events place will rise across the Evoliving Center. The Monochrome Events Space will have an area of 3,500 sqm, seating capacity of 740 seats on the ground floor and 730 seats on the second floor, and a total of 6 events halls. With glass walls, the Monochrome Events Space is situated right beside the scenic NUVALI lake, giving guests a breathtaking view. The events space will cater to all types of events such as social, corporate, school and concert events and is expected to add more activities in NUVALI.

Going to NUVALI Made Much Easier

Since it saves up on gas and aids immensely in reducing one’s carbon footprint, commuting is a part of NUVALI’s vision of Evoliving. Launched last November, NUVALI’s transport terminal intends to link NUVALI to other town centers and regional hubs. The NUVALI transport terminal is located along Sta. Rosa- Tagaytay road, beside Robinson’s Supermarket- NUVALI. East drive cor. Highway drive (Back of Hotel Intercontinental Manila), Alabang Town Center, and Balibago Terminal serve as pick-up points. Modes for transport are buses, vans, and jeeps. Travel times for buses are at 6:00 AM, 6:30 AM, 7:00 AM for the NUVALI to Makati route, 5:30 PM, and 6:00 PM for the Makati to NUVALI route. Vans and jeeps for the Alabang and Balibago routes travel all day.  The terminals will also be offering more pick-up and drop off points in the near future. It’s now easier to get to the country’s first sustainable eco-community and it’s now also much easier to go green.

A World-class Hospitality Experience with Kukun

A new hospitality experience distilling the essence of chain, boutique and business hotels for business and leisure travellers will rise in NUVALI. Kukun, deemed as an urban lifestyle hotel, is guaranteed to give an effortless and highly memorable hotel experience that welcomes guests with the essence of destination, comfort, and value with refreshing simplicity. The hotel will have 9 floors and an estimated number of 150 rooms with 129 standard rooms and 21 suites, with unit sizes of 28 sqms 34 sqms respectively. Kukun’s amenities will include a lobby, front desk/concierge services, business corner, breakfast area/coffee shop, e-lounge, fitness gym, meeting and function rooms, a swimming pool, a game and kiddie room and more. The hotel will also share NUVALI’s vision of Evoliving, the hotel will have resource-efficient fixtures such as low-flow water closet, dual piping, energy efficient lighting system and more.

Complete Shopping Fun

Shopping in NUVALI is now even more fun with the recent addition of Solenad2, aneighborhood center that offers specialty and retail establishments which can be enjoyed in a relaxed and nature-inspired atmosphere. Situated beside NUVALI’s transport terminal, Solenad 2 has a wide variety of food and non-food merchants as well as having a Robinson’s Supermarket branch. Solenad 2 currently has 19 stores, namely 158 Designers’ Boulevard, L-Timestudio, Aerosoles, LBC, Alberto, LZM, Aldo, Nail-a-holics, All Flipflops, Nine West, Army Navy, Nisce (N2Derm+), Bench Fix Salon, Officine, Bench, Pancake House, Bratpack, Payless, Buffalo Wings n’ Things, Recipes, Collezione, Quiksilver, Cushe, Res Toe Run, Chubby’s Rib Shack, Seafood Island, FIC, Sebago, Fruity Froyo, Serenitea, Geox, Sumo Sam, Gerry’s Grill, Stoked, Globe Telecom, Timezone, and Hush Puppies. The area also has an activity center for small and medium-sized events.


A New and Sustainable Business Experience

An addition to the silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design award-winning building One Evotech, NUVALI’s second BPO building, Two Evotech, was recently completed last June 2011 thereby progressing business in NUVALI even further. The building is designed to have a gross floor area of 14,455 square meters and a gross leasable area of 11,565 square meters. The new commercial medium-rise building will feature comfortable office spaces for 24/7 operations, tenant lounge areas, and shower rooms. NUVALI is strongly anchored on sustainability that is why Two Evotech highlights different sustainable features such as energy-efficient systems and bicycle storage areas. It is open to BPOs, clinics, and other commercial offices.

NUVALI’s Current Developments

Built as a venue for the public to get closer to nature and learn more about our environment is NUVALI’s Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. A 17-kilometer buffer green and forest zone that encourages wildlife to live and flourish in NUVALI, a total of 76 faunal species composed of 62 bird species, 7 mammal species, 7 herpeto-faunas and 55 species of flora were recorded through Haribon’s Biological survey of NUVALI conducted last November 19-22 and December 4-6, 2008. Thirteen species or 17% of vertebrate fauna (10 birds, 1 mammal and 2 lizards) are endemic including 2 restricted-range species or island endemics restricted to Luzon faunal region. A gazebo and view decks are found within the sanctuary that teaches respect for the different types of indigenous and exotic flora and fauna available within NUVALI, along with foot trails for bird-watching enthusiasts, families and groups as an outdoor recreational activity.

To encourage the public to have an active lifestyle, NUVALI has the Trail System and The Fields. It currently has off-road biking and running trails approximately 50km in length which offers scenic views of the NUVALI terrain for running and biking. At certain areas, one can enjoy sights of Mount Makiling, Laguna de Bay and the Tagaytay Ridge. Four-cross and pump bike tracks are also open to bike enthusiasts who are interested to practice and hold events. The Fields is a 10 hectare open area that includes 3 FIFA-sized football fields, 2 baseball fields, 3 sand volleyball courts and a multi-use reception facility.

In continuing with their forward-thinking mindset that embraces sustainability, Nuvali unveils Greens and Patches, a tree nursery and farm that showcases green living and sustainable options. The farm prides itself as being the perfect example of green living and growing organic, showing how you don’t need an acre of land to grow a bushel of tomatoes, greens, and herbs to have an edible landscape. Since the farm is organic, the site promotes ecological balance, conserving biodiversity, and protecting natural resources.   

Unraveling a new dimension in dining and bonding is NUVALI’s Solenad One. Solenad blends essential shopping with leisure and dining in a relaxing, al fresco, lakeside environment. In continuing NUVALI’s vision of Evoliving and sustainability, the retail center sports energy efficient cooling system and fixtures, wide canopies to avoid direct sunlight and shading, and a green roof to help reduce storm water run-off. The retail center currently has 15 retail stores, namely Starbucks, Uncle Cheffy, Pig Out, Claw Daddy, John Bamboo, Crisostomo, Conti’s, Italianni’s, David’s Tea House, Domo Tomo, Brother’s Burger, Nature Trails Café, Yellow Cab, and Head Zone.

As proof to NUVALI’s concept of sustainable building and design, the Evoliving Center is an iconic structure that functions as an exhibit area that showcases NUVALI’s master plan of Evoliving and sustainability with interactive exhibits, a conference room, and the showrooms of residential projects. Further demonstrating NUVALI’s vision of Evoliving and sustainability, the building makes use of alternative materials such as bamboo and terrazzo tiles, use of Double-Piping system, waterless urinals and low-flow fixtures to reduce water consumption, energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, eco-friendly cooling system, and canopies to avoid direct sunlight. The use of green roofs in some parts of the building helps reduce heat entry.

With already existing ground-breaking developments such as One Evotech, Greens and Patches, the Lake, the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary, Solenad 1, the Evoliving Center and the Trail System, NUVALI’s recent updates show that the country’s first sustainable eco-community is progressing and developing further.

With the eco-city still growing with expansions in retail, business, hospitality, leisure and education, these budding developments are setting the backdrop of NUVALI being the prime destination south of Manila as well as providing relief to those in search of literally greener pastures not too far from the Metro.

To learn more about NUVALI and its upcoming projects, visit www.nuvali.ph or call 0917-5ASK.NUV (275.688). NUVALI – where people and nature thrive.

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