Everything Cheong-San And Why I Think He’s Still Alive for Season 2

So I took a slow pace while watching All of Us Are Dead on Netflix. In fact, I didn’t watch it during its premiere week as I was busy finishing the latest season of Ozark, which is, by the way, more appealing and interesting than expected. But now that I’m finished watching it, let us talk about episodes 11 and 12, where I cannot get over how (Yoon Chan Young) Cheong San, my favorite character in the series, just died from the fire and explosion caused by the National Security Council’s Martial Law. See, even in the TV series Martial, it ain’t that good.

During the second to last episode, we saw how this asymptomatic bitch, Gwi-Nam bit Cheong San. Fast forward to its ending, and we see how he pulled Gwi-Nam and jumped over the unfinished elevator to avoid the fire. And then she was cut to ashes, and On-ju’s badge that she had given to Cheong-san remained on the ground with numerous bodies.

But I am still puzzled by how it went. When Gwi-Nam bit him, it should only be a matter of time before one turns into a zombie. But he didn’t! So okay, let’s say he is asymptomatic (halfbie) because we saw how normal he was, and he had another final fight with Gwi-Nam before that Game of Thrones fire.

So I assume he is still alive. No, not assuming. I’m pretty sure he is! What do you think?


Anyway, I took it upon myself to look for him on the internet and found nothing but a cute kid starting in the show business. Enjoy!


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