NCCA Launches 1st SUDI Awards, Honors Most Outstanding Musical Achievements

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If I can clearly remember, my first ever award when I got admitted to college was from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). My professor from Pagbasa at Pagsulat introduce a University-wide poem writing competition and while everyone didn’t even bother to read the handout, I secretly kept the poster and excitedly went to my college org and started to plan for my entry. I remember we were shortlisted to 20, then to top 8 finalists and the rest was history. From then on, I understood what art meant and the wonderful work NCCA is exerting to preserve as such. It was one of my many firsts.

Speaking of NCCA, this year they are introducing the first ever NCCA SUDI Awards! The 1st NCCA SUDI Awards aims to recognize outstanding contributions of Filipino musical works, creators, institutions, and researchers across genres and modes of productions with the highest standard and artistic excellence.

For its launch year, 2020, the SUDI Awards will recognize and honor the nineteen (19) most outstanding musical achievements (whether artist, musical piece, journal, music cultural worker, or music institution, but not limited to) that defined the last 20 years or past two decades.

Winners for the years 2000 to 2009 are

Prof. Benicio Sokkong;
Prof. Carmencita Guanzon Arambulo;
98.7 DZFE-FM “The Master’s Touch”;
Dr. Grace Nono;
Mr. José Iñigo Homer Lacambra Ayala;
Loboc Children’s Choir;
Prof. Josefino Toledo;
Dr. Raul Sunico; and 
UP Singing Ambassadors.


For the years 2010 to 2020, the winners are

Ateneo Chamber Singers;
Mr. Vincent Ferdinand Dancel a.k.a Ebe Dancel;
Mr. Gerard Salonga;
Mr. Aristotle Pollisco a.k.a Gloc-9;
Mr. Jonathan Manalo;
Mr. Noel Cabangon; Rak of Aegis;
Philippine Madrigal Singers; and 
The 70’s Bistro Bar 


Meanwhile, eight (8) special citations are given to

Akapela Open;
Elements Music Camp;
Philpop MusicFest Foundation;
Pinoy Playlist Music Festival;
Bayanihan Musikahan;
Mr. Bob Aves;
Prof. Danongan Sibay Kalanduyan; and 
Route 196

The awarding ceremony for the 1st NCCA SUDI Awards will be streamed live via NCCA’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel in two parts on August 21 and August 28 at 7PM.

The award’s concept came from National Artist for Literature and former NCCA chairman, Dr. Virgilio Almario. NCCA’s Technical Working Group, chaired by Noel Ferrer, initiated the whole awarding process. The word “SUDI”, which is an Ilocano adjective meaning illustrious renowned, celebrated, or famous, was proposed by Dr. Felipe M. de Leon, Jr., a member of the technical working group and head of the NCCA National Committee on Music.

Aside from de Leon, the members of the Technical Working Group for this National Music Awards is also composed of National Artist for Music Ryan Cayabyab, Dinah Remolacio, Michelle Therese “Twinky’ Lagdameo, Mike Constantino and Bayang Barrios.

In succeeding years, excellent and significant musical contributions (whether artist, musical piece, journal, music cultural worker, or music institution, but not limited to) shall be recognized triennially. Learn more about the NCCA SUDI National Music Awards and the list of awardees. Visit:

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