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Pandemic made me discover a lot of things about myself. I went from focusing on some small renovations at home to spending a lot of my time finishing all TV series. But aside from home decorating and stuff, I was able to explore fun activities online and get to reunite to some of my favorite games back then.

Speaking of TV series I finished, I compiled all of my ratings for you guys so that you can have smart decisions about where to spend your precious time. Following a TV series is actually a time investment so just helping you out  –but just so were clear, these are just guide. To each his own.

Netflix Reviews

But I’m done watching television (for now). Today I’m talking about playing online games like we used to love!

Ok I know, you would think. Why is he not into multiplayer battle arena games? Well, yes haha I am not into arena games and stuff but I’m sure majority of those not into that are actually enjoying other things that is equally enjoyable at the comfort of your home. Let me introduce you to what I discover is the best library of games in town, the PLAYS.

Plays Dot Org

Let me bring you down memory lane when we used to play our little brick games and some old, small Casio gadgets. If I can clearly remember I was very good in playing that brick game with my cousin and we actually spent hours waiting for our turn because we only have one gadget in the area. Fast forward to today, everyone is accessible, everything is digital, every one is online.

Ok for starters, Plays.Org is a fun website offering free online games which you can play from your browser. This actually became my comfort zone after attending meetings nonstop in a day. Since most of us are in front of our computers, the games that Plays.Org are offering can be played while you’re still on your favorite browser.

Plays Dot Org

I did play some of the games from a popular site before from Cartoon Network, which I enjoyed a lot of them but I think the games there are really for kids. So at that time I was looking for options that even kid at heart like me can enjoy.

When I’ve learned about the site, the first thing I search is my favorite, Tetris. Tetris for me is not just a game but a mind reset after writing a bunch of stories. For me solving Tetris is a mind exercise. Thank God have that! I get to reunite with my Tetris and now I miss my cousins! So I tried it first on my phone browser and it works perfectly without even downloading the app!

Plays Dot Org

What I also noticed about the site is that it is actually not heavy in terms of browsing. I know my internet is fast but so far I didn’t had problems about bandwidth.

There’s also a good category in the site that I actually like. While you can browse all of it, they managed to regroup the games based on player’s preference including grouping all similar games into one category like arcades, pinballs and the likes. And while I browse the arcade classics, there I found another favorite, the BRICK OUT.

Plays Dot Org

So I tried it on my phone browser!

Plays Dot Org

I remember including Brickout in one of our office activities to reduce stress at work. Yes, I was once led an employee engagement to help people distressing and one of the them during those years are games of the 90s! I should have discovered when I did that but still glad that right now I get to play them on my laptop, and on my phone browser.

Plays Dot Org

Oh by the way, if you are interested to get the entire catalog, you can visit the footer of the site. Geez guys this is massive!

All in all, I love playing games from them because as I have mentioned, you don’t need to download an app to enjoy the games. nor even set up your personal information to register. Just quickly visit and start enjoying more than a 100 of games that they are offering.

As a blogger, helped me a lot through my trying times. No kidding but are times when I was really pressured to finish a deadline and the only thing that I need is a quick break. Thanks to the availability of at the comfort of my browser.

Rod Magaru

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