Complete List Of Winners! | The 56th Baeksang Arts Awards

It is happening! The 56th Baeksang Arts Awards is going to be live later June 5, 2020. Dubbed as the OSCARS of Korea, Baeksang Arts Awards is one of the most prestigious  award-giving body in Korea for movies and television in more than 50 years.

Philippine is a huge fan of Korean films and television projects so this is much anticipated event as well here in PH. The ceremony will be live without audience later t 4PM. LIVE LINK HERE

HERE ARE THE NOMINEES of the 56th Baeksang Arts awards.

(Will update this blog later for the winners)


Best Drama:

“When the Camellia Blooms”

“Crash Landing on You”

“Stove League”

“Kingdom Season 2”



Best Actor:

Kang Ha-neul – “When the Camellia Blooms”

Namgoong Min – “Stove League”

Park Seo-joon – “Itaewon Class”

Joo Ji-hoon – “Hyena”

Hyun Bin – “Crash Landing on You”


Best Actress:

Gong Hyo-jin – “When the Camellia Blooms”

Kim Hye-soo – “Hyena”

Kim Hee-ae – “The World of the Married”

Son Ye-jin – “Crash Landing on You”

IU – “Hotel Del Luna”


Best Supporting Actor:

Kim Young-min – “The World of the Married”

Yang Kyung-won – “Crash Landing on You”

Oh Jung-se – “When the Camellia Blooms”

Yoo Jae-myung – “Itaewon Class”

Jeon Seok-ho – “Hyena”


Best Supporting Actress:

Kwon Nara – “Itaewon Class”

Kim Sun-young – “Crash Landing on You”

Seo Ji-hye – “Crash Landing on You”

Son Dambi – “When the Camellia Blooms”

Yeom Hye-ran – “When the Camellia Blooms”


Best New Actor:

Kim Kang-hoon – “When the Camellia Blooms”

Ahn Bo-hyun – “Itaewon Class”

Ahn Hyo-seop – “Dr. Romantic 2”

Ong Seong-wu – “Moments of 18”

Lee Jae-wook – “Extraordinary You”


Best New Actress:

Kim Da-mi – “Itaewon Class”

Jeon Mi-do – “Hospital Playlist”

Jeon Yeo-bin – “Melo Is My Nature”

Jung Ji-so – “The Cursed Han”

So-hee – “The World of the Married”



(Film Categories)

Best Film:


“The Man Standing Next”

“House of Hummingbird”


“Kim Ji Young, Born 1982”


Best Actor:

Song Kang-ho – “Parasite”

Lee Byung-hun – “The Man Standing Next”

Lee Je-hoon – “Time to Hunt”

Jo Jung-suk – “E.X.I.T”

Han Suk-kyu – “Forbidden Dream”


Best Actress:

Kim So-jin – “Another Child”

Kim Hee-ae – “Moonlit Winter”

Jeon Do-yeon – “Birthday”

Jung Yu-mi – “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982”

Jo Yeo-jung – “Parasite”


Best Supporting Actor:

Kim Young-min – “Lucky Chan Sil”

Park Myung-hoon – “Parasite”

Won Hyun-joon – “The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful”

Lee Gwang-soo – “Inseparable Bros”

Lee Hee-joon – “The Man Standing Next”


Best Supporting Actress

Kim Guk-hee – “Tune in for Love”

Kim Mi-kyung – “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982”

Kim Sae-byeok – “House of Hummingbird”

Park So-dam – “Parasite”

Lee Jung-eun – “Parasite”


Best New Actor:

Park Myung-oon – “Parasite”

Park Hae-soo – “Time to Hunt”

Park Hyung-sik – “Juror 8”

Ahn Ji-ho – “A Boy and Sungreen”

Jung Hae-in – “Tune in for Love”


Best New Actress:

Kang Mal-geum – “Lucky Chan Sil”

Kim So-hye – “Moonlit Winter”

Kim Hye-joon – “Another Child”

Park Ji-hoo – “House of Hummingbird”

Jang Hye-jin – “Parasite”



  • Best Drama – Stove League from SBS
  • Best Director – Mo Wan Ill for The World of the Married
  • Best Variety Show – Mr. Trot from TV Chosun
  • Best Educational Show – Giant PengTV from EBS
  • Best Screenplay – Lim Sang Choon for When the Camellia Blooms
  • Best Actor – Kang Ha Neul for KBS2 series When the Camellia Blooms
  • Best Actress – Kim Hee Ae for JTBC series The World of the Married
  • Best Supporting Actor – Oh Jung Se for KBS2 drama When the Camellia Blooms
  • Best Supporting Actress – Kim Sun Young for tvN series Crash Landing on You
  • Best New Actor – Ahn Hyo Seop for SBS drama Dr. Romantic 2
  • Best New Actress – Kim Da Mi for JTBC drama Itaewon Class
  • Best Male Entertainer – Yoo Jae Suk for MBC show How Do You Play?
  • Best Female Entertainer – Park Na Rae for MBC show Home Alone (I Live Alone)
  • Best Technical Achievement – Jang Yeon Ok for Great Escape


  • Best Film – Parasite
  • Best Film Director – Kim Bora for House of Hummingbird
  • Best Screenplay – Lee Sang Geum for Exit
  • Best Actor – Lee Byung Hun for The Man Standing Next
  • Best Actress – Jeon Do Yeon for Birthday
  • Best Actor in Theatre – Baek Seok Gwang for Wife
  • Best Actress in Theatre – Kiim Jeong for Rotterdam
  • Best Supporting Actor – Lee Gwang Soo for Inseparable Bros
  • Best Supporting Actress – Kim Sae Byeok for House of Hummingbird
  • Best New Actor – Park Myung Hoon for Parasite
  • Best New Actress – Kang Mal Geum for Lucky Chan Sil
  • Best New Film Director – Kim Do Young for Kim Ji Young: Born 1982
  • Best Technical Achievement – Kim Seo Hee for The Man Standing Next
  • Bazaar Icon – Seo Ji Hye
  • TikTok Popularity Award – Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin




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