(INDULGE) Liza Soberano Talks About Her Sweet Inspirations

From her humble beginnings in local showbiz, to becoming one of the most sought-after celebrities of her generation, it’s easy to say that Liza Soberano has got it all. To many young individuals, the phenomenal star is an inspiration, with her perfect blend of beauty, wit, talent, and kindness.

But what inspires and motivates someone as wonderful as her? In an interview, the new Great Taste White coffee endorser opens up about the things that excite her, and shares her sweet inspirations.

On love and surprises

“I like to be surprised!”, shares Liza with a delightful laugh. “But it’s always hard to surprise me. I don’t know, maybe because I always catch people, or I’m just always expecting. Tapos nasasaktan ako ‘pag wala.”

And while Liza may often be seen dolled up, her down-to-earth spirit continues to shine through her. “I’m not after how grand the surprise is, to me, I bank more on the experience.”

On things she believes in

People have seen Liza take on multiple roles on TV and the big screen. Now, here’s a side of her that many have not yet seen—a budding advocate for street children. “These are things I feel strongly about. Whenever I see kids on the streets, it gives me this sense of feeling that I would like to take part in giving these children the hope and inspiration that they deserve,” said Liza.

At present, Liza takes her time in finding her perfect voice, but this, she shares, is one of the directions she’s determined to take on.

On her sweet inspirations

As one of the A-list Filipino celebrities, Liza admits that it can get challenging at times to sort out the hurdles that come her way, but in light of staying inspired, creative, and true to who she is, Liza says, “It’s a matter of sticking to the people who were with me ever since the beginning. I think it’s very important that I don’t lose my circle of friends and the people who helped me get to where I am now.”

She also shared that it is because she truly has a lot of goals, not just for herself, but also for the people around her. “When I dream, I don’t just dream for myself. As long as you have that love and these dreams that you want to reach for the people you love dearly, you stay inspired.”

When asked what’s one thing that helps her get through her day, she ecstatically said, “Coffee!” To Liza, drinking a cup of coffee daily powers her through when she’s taping, as the long hours of work requires for her to have an energy booster.

“I like my coffee sweet and creamy, that’s why I drink Great Taste White. I prefer to have it in the morning because it’s a perfect way to jumpstart my day, but I also do when I’m simply craving. I see it as one of my sweet inspirations,” she added.

As the newest endorser of Great Taste White, Liza feels blessed and honored to be a part of the family. “What I love most about the product is that I align with it. It’s sweet, like me, (laughs) but kidding aside, it is a great motivation and energy booster especially for the work that I have, that’s why I’m really happy to be on board.”

Great Taste is a long-standing local coffee brand with a rich history of firsts – first white coffee mix, and the first twin pack format–among others. Whether it’s for starting the day right or for quick pick-me-ups in the middle of the day, Great Taste White is bound to satisfy the busy and hardworking Filipino.

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