(LIFESTYLE) First Dibs on ASUS’ Dual Screen Laptop, The Zenbook Duo UX481

This 2019, I have been a proud witness on how ASUS introduced a lot of innovations in the laptop market. From the world’s slimmest display bezel to 360-degree flip up to the world’s smallest colorful ultrabook, ASUS has been true to its promise to provide us consumer the quality laptop we deserve. I was one of the lucky few to have tried these innovation first hand. Here are some of the ASUS ZENBOOK articles I shared with you throughout the year.

And up to the last quarter of the year, ASUS is ending the year with another release that will surely be setting the bar extra higher to the laptop competition as they finally released the dual screen monitor! I am talking about the ASUS  Zenbook Duo UX481!

You know I have been posting my excitement on my IG stories about this Zenbook Duo, because as you all know, Wednesday is my edit-finish-it-all day and what made this week special is that I get to try this dual screen laptop specifically the UX481 model.

Ok for starters, the ASUS Zenbook Duo is a promising laptop which features a full-width ASUS ScreenPad Plus that works seamlessly with the main display. For artists, and even those working on a multiple tasks all at the same time are looking forward to this development the laptop world. As you can see below, an extended screen shares the area in what used to be a just a keyboard pad.

So this Wednesday, I’m using its full potential for all of my pending IG edits and blog articles. I’ll be focusing on the Screen Pad Plus as this is the one that got my attention. Back to work, I have dual 17-inches screen monitor that flashes huge excel sheets and my light-room editing tools. This time, it is now easier to be more creative with screen pad as I get to see all of my current work altogether.

As I was finishing my blog from the recently concluded Techlife expo happened in MOA, I also need to work on my current blog layout. I was contented because the ScreenPad Plus makes it easier for me to organize all of my open application. So while I can fully manage multiple windows simultaneously, the touch screen is the real deal. I can launch several apps with a single touch.

For multi-taskers like me, I still get to finish some of the photo editing I needed for the week through ScreenPad Plus. Our recent trip in La Union with my fellow bloggers need some cover photo and I get to edit it while doing other stuff. This one it totally puts me in full control of my workflow. Look how I dragged my Microsoft word draft down the Screenpad Plus and shifted to photo editing.

As you can see above, the screenpad can host at 3 active applications. After doing so much that day, I am ready for my Netflix marathon. And no I don’t have to shift to my Smart TV because that would be totally a downtime for me haha. All I have to do is to play another browser on my screenpad and play it while I’m doing another task. I am loving the touch screen feature as well.

Initially, this ASUS Zenbook Duo is very easy to set up. There is a tutorial the moment you open this and it will redirect you to navigate thru the screenpad such as dragging an app or pinning something around.

I know Im focusing on the Screenpad plus because really this is something that is new to us. But let me give you a quick look of the ASUS Zenbook Duo.  This one also redesign the touchpad from the usual center to the bottom left with a remarkable left and right buttons below. Challenging for me because I am a left handed haha but it is easy to navigate as well. Look!

As Zenbook series spearheaded new designs, of course its ErgoLift hinge remains on top of the feature as well. This keyboard tilt provides a 5.5-degree look that gives us more comfortable typing experience. I guess Im gonna have to explain the rest of the feature on my upcoming VLOG about this soon!!!

All in all, I think it is necessary to invest on innovation such as the Screenpad plus especially those who mastering the art of multi-tasking like me (like most of us!). ASUS Zenbook Duo can be everyone’s dream of having. I don’t mind shifting to this genius from what I used in the past. This is indeed the shift you can consider this 2019.

Thank you ASUS for lending me this. I look forward to my next Wednesday (editing day) because at this point, I am already listing my tasks for next week. This time, will be editing vlogs here again at ASUS Zenbook Duo.

Oh by the way, ASUS Zenbook Duo is also part of the recently announced Holiday promo of ASUS!


To participate, all buyers of ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo and Duo will also receive Instax Mini LiPlay worth 9,999 (for claiming) + ASUS Premium Items worth P6,000 (for claiming) + Nereus Bag worth P2,995 (in-store bundle). The Share 2019 Christmas Promotion is open to all end-users who purchase selected ASUS Notebooks at participating ROG Concept Stores, ASUS Concept Stores (see complete store list below) from November 18 to December 31, 2019.

More of the Share 2019 on my separate blog!

For more information about ASUS Zenbook Du0 (UX481), you can visit ASUS social media accounts on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

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