(LIFESTYLE) Experience CASA Quality Services For Your Car, The Rapide Way!

Who would have thought we are approaching the last few months of the year! For me, October is always the busiest (at least for bloggers) because it is also the season when we finish a lot of projects before holiday campaigns start rolling in. On the other hand, October for me means it is time for my annual car maintenance, well I mean other than the regular mileage checkup. For starters, periodic car maintenance is a very important milestone for car owners. And we have to be smart in entrusting our car to a quality service provider.

The reason why I mentioned car services is that for bloggers like me who are always on the go, a car is no longer a luxury but indeed a necessity. Other than traveling from one place to another, there will always be a couple of road trips scheduled every month. (In fact, I have used a very fitting hashtag for all of my road trips, and that is, #RodTrips.)

Road trips with friends are always fun. Some of my memorable trips with them have been either been going up north or driving to Tagaytay for a getaway. We also usually manage to squeeze photoshoots into these leisure trips and thus the need for a huge compartment space for our gazillion outfits. For instance, the in the previous years happened to be our favorite escape. And Pampanga has always been an easy destination for food trips.

Having said that, I’ve gotten used to live a kind of lifestyle when it is always necessary to be travel-ready. And while we somehow master the workaround, getting my car well-maintained is indeed a priority. Having said that, I have to be aware of all of the car repair shops near me. Otherwise, it’s taking a huge risk.

Let me share with you an example of an unfortunate experience earlier this year when we did a Pampanga tour. It was the weekend when I actually needed to visit my trusted automotive shop for a quick engine tune-upand car tires check. But since I was in a hurry and thought everything was already in place and will run as usual, we proceeded to drive up North and spent the night there without popping by the shop.

On the way back home, driving along NLEX, one of my tires at the back blew out and I had no choice but to run flat until we reached the nearest exit. I was really sad because it was something that could have been prevented had I followed my schedule to visit my trusted automotive service. The result was an unnecessary expense and a huge hassle that should not have really happened in the first place.

This is why I’m advocating the importance of having your car maintained periodically. Of course, one would say, CASA will always be the best choice in vehicle service.

Although, as you go through time plus wear and tear, CASA becomes unreasonably expensive. The best thing to do is to find a car service that offers CASA quality services at affordable prices.

Case in point: my choice of auto service experts that give me the assurance I need. I am talking about the automotive repair shop, Rapidé. The famous yellow logo we see in different parts of the metro.

I recently paid a visit to the Rapidé branch near me and they did a full inspection of my car. I’m very glad that all of their mechanics were very dedicated to providing the services they promised to their customers.

From there they will determine if you need an oil change, car tune-up, and the like. During my visit, they noticed that my aircon filter needs replacement and I had my water hose replaced due to damage.

With Rapide, I get to know the exact status of my car engine, car tires and anything that needs to be discussed because their technicians are very accommodating in every question. For more information about the services they provide, you may visit them at their very impressive, interactive website at https://rapide.ph.

From their website, you can actually set an appointment with them directly and even estimate the cost of the service you need because they have the calculator right at their home page!

Here I was with their very friendly technicians who assisted me during my visit:

Just like me, I would like you to experience the CASA Quality Services, or should I say, the #RapideWay.

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