(LIFESTYLE) My Weekend Guilty Pleasures, Netflix and Chocolates Included!

As you have been observing my posts in social media, I am a corporate junky slash lifestyle blogger in the Metro. This double hat requires me to be more responsible at my priorities at work and at the same time, updating myself into the latest trends, pop culture and even catching up with our favorite series. As they say, busy person can only do so much unless it is one of your guilty pleasures.

Speaking of favorite series, I believe that weekend is one of the best gifts ever happened to us. This is the time where we can all roll into our bed, attack the refrigerator and even binge watching Netflix or I want TV. Technology finally paved way to make this things happen and we can all watch our favorite movies and series in our own very hand. That is what I am planning to share with you today. My guilty pleasure of binge watching.

  1. NETFLIX. Of course my main reason in driving for almost two-hour from Manila to Bulacan is to spend time with Mom and eat everything she cooks and serves. But you know of course while waiting for things to come its own course, all I have to do is to spend my time in my 41-inch WDTV. That is how weekends roll for me. Ever since Netflix came to our lives, it has been the alternative to modern entertainment.

Let me tell you one of my talents, watching a series in straight 8 hours. And sometimes, my own TV will ask me If I fell asleep but I am not. Hence, it would pause and ask me if I am still there. And yeah, Designated Survivor is one of my favorites. If you are into it, then you are already my friend.

I am inclined to watch political series, stories about law and power. Blame it on the first on my list, Alias by Jennifer Garner. That is why Scandal, House of Cards and How To Get Away With Murder.

2. I WANT TV. (LOCAL) There are times when even I am on a shoot or a project, I use my breaks to catch up on my favorite series on I Want TV. Case in point when ABSCBN created La Luna Sangre and placed it on a time slot where I am still at work. All I have to do is to wait for them to upload it on I Want TV app and watch it the next day.

3. NEWS. My work requires me to travel and see the world. And that would not stop me from updating myself to current events. If you are traveling to another country and all you see are their programs of their language, you can only turn to Netflix or well, watch the news. I prefer the later. And it has to be CNN, or else I will just sleep. I remember visiting the station in Atlanta because I am such a fan.

20150805_181935So for every travel opportunity, I make sure I have CNN in my hotel to watch what is the latest happening arounf the world. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a feature about the Philippines. I remember watching CNN in Amman, Jordan and found these feature about PH.


Long before video-on-demand access I mentioned above, we love to buy DVDs especially if we really love that film and want to have your own copy so you can watch it anytime you want to. This is one of the reasons why I think I became a blogger, my love for entertainment. I remember buying DVDs of my favorite film the moment the production outfit announce they’re releasing a copy. I tell you one of my favorites, and If this is your favorite too, I will invite you one time to watch it with me at home. Guess this film?


These are my ways and means to make my weekend more relaxing. I know that you are also with me when I say Television remains one of the best source of home entertainment. (Ok Karaoke too!)

Also, If I may add, one of the things to have when you’re watching our favorite programs is of course our favorite snacks. Chocolate is one of my guilty pleasures as well so I have to be very meticulous in getting the best bars in the market. OK I am a sucker for dark chocolates. And I found something that is very affordable and match my preference. Nope don’t go far from thinking it is that expensive chocolates you see at the center of the gondola. It is simply the Goya Dark Chocolates!

UntitledI hoard it the first time I found that this is equally tasteful as some brands and it didn’t disappoint! From then on it is always one of the bars in our fridge!

UntitledBetter to share it with friends too!

UntitledYou can visit my instagram and Facebook Page as well as I am hosting a giveaway for GOYA DARK CHOCOLATES! Will announce the winner On July 31!

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