(LIFESTYLE) 7 Exciting Things I Look Forward to the upcoming iPhone 7.

You know this is the time of the year when a new iPhone is going to be release. As I am enjoying using apple products, a new iPhone always give me excitement. Though I am currently enjoying iPhone 6s Plus, new developments and upgrades in iPhone 7 are worth having as well. So let me walk you through some innovative upgrades of iPhone7.


1. Its chipset is now Apple A10 Fusion compared to the usual Apple A9.
2. iPhone 7 is now a Quad core from Dual-core iPhone 6s
3. Its internal memory can go up to 3 GB Ram from the usual 2 GB RAM.
4. Its secondary camera is now 7 MP wootwoot!
5. It has no jack, which excites me to use it.
6. iPhone 7 Battery is extra bigger from 2750 to 2900 mAh.
7. There is an interesting new color, the Jet Black.

I was able to touch and feel iPhone 7 when I went to New York and I kind of like the Jet Black and its home button.

As a Globe subscriber, I look forward to see what Globe is preparing for the expecting public, what plans will they going to release. I hope that they will include more lifestyle upgrade to it. I can’t wait for globe to release their bundles! (Photo credit HERE)

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