(MOVIE REVIEW) Chito Rono’s Etiquette For Mistresses Shocked Moviegoers, A Reality Check!

The movie is based on the 1990s best-selling book by journalist Jullie Yap-Daza. The book is fashioned as a rule book for mistresses though Im not sure at first what this book is fighting for. The movie is GRADED B by Cinema Evaluation Board, and Rated 13 by MTRCB.

Chito Rono’s Etiquette For Mistresses is a story of 5 different mistresses, well-mannered ones discussing different issues and characters.

Etiquette For Mistresses 2015 Star Cinema drama movie adaptation of Julie Yap-Daza's 1992 novel entitled Etiquette for Mistresses and What Wives Can Learn From Them

As not all mistresses are alike, there are those who choose to uphold tradition and follow the etiquette word for word, while the others go as far as breaking the rules. Their lives and beliefs are shaken when the lover of one of them makes a seemingly impossible dying wish—to die in the arms of his mistress. They begin to ask themselves: Will my partner even choose me during his dying days? Do I love him enough to take care of him?


Rono’s attempt to adapt the book into silver screen is another brave stab to his roster of memorable projects. It pleases the audience with its different angles, the title lives to its promise up to the end.

I have seen so many local movies recently tackling third party plot, allowing the movie audience suffer from the wife-mistress’ verbal abuse and confrontation. In fact, I already lost my faith to local movies should there be another (insert adjective)-wife movie in the future. Etiquette For Mistresses delivers something I didn’t expect. Seeing most of Chito Rono’s projects in the past made me decide to take a look and he didn’t disappoint! It picks on reality and confronts society as a whole, it gave me different view on how to look at women by its nature.

I liked the way the film also focuses on married men’s attempt to exercise machismo clout to rule the world. Living in a patriarchal society, some men perceive that having a stable family and getting involved with another women is a boost to their dying attempt to define success. I agree that men dont want failure thats why they can’t afford a failed marriage yet getting another woman at the same time.

Kim Chiu‘s role as lounge entertainer from Cebu is totally different from her Box Office projects in the past. Funny yet deep, Chiu’s portrayal of her character elevated herself to the actress weve been waiting for her to happen.

etiquette kim chiu

Iza Calzado on the other hand gave a justifiable role as a lawyer and her subtle facial expressions and emotions makes me wanna stand inside the cinema and clap. Claudine Barretto is back on her game again. Her brilliance as an actress remains as if she didn’t take an acting vacation. I “need” her to see vying for best actress in her performance

Etiquette 0b

Kris Aquino‘s role as the well mannered of all is something hard to separate from the real Kris. I love the dim scene with her and Claudine. If Georgia (her character) is a woman of few but ruling words, then I think she gave justice to it.

I like how Gazmen and Direk Chito discuss and opened the plot to married men who are also involved in this whole uncomfortable situation of women. Though I didn’t like much about the ending and how the main characters resolve the plot, I still want the movie to discredit their respective existence in the society. Or maybe I am expecting too much that all home wreckers deserve the greater bad? My bad.

Also forgive me on technicalities but there was a scene there where a lawyer left the court for an emergency situation. I know that If you are the counsel you cannot just go out without asking for permission.

In the end, Etiquette For Mistresses is a movie about empowerment – how women are capable of making choices for how they wish to live their lives. And when they do so, who are we to judge them?

Rod Magaru show rates Etiquette for Mistresses >>> 8/10.

Etiquette For Mistresses is showing in more than 300 theaters worldwide. It is also set for showing abroad: Oct. 1 in the Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait); Oct. 2 in the US and Canada; Oct. 3 in London and the UK; Oct. 4 in Milan and Rome; and Oct. 3, 4 and 11 in Paris. Congratulations, Star Cinema!

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