(OPINION) Brand Defamation and Responsible Journalism

I would like to air out my thoughts regarding the most recent article Ive read this morning from Click the City regarding the Madonna tour in Manila.


Who approved this kind of slander on both sponsor and media end? I am quite disappointed that the brand has reached a point where they had to stoop down to this level – to pay sponsored content – in efforts to take the hype of the much-awaited Madonna Manila concert.

True Madonna fans will know that the legend’s concert is a visual spectacle, a show worthy of such price, and many (fans and concert producers, alike) have gone to the rescue to justify its financial cost.

Where is this article coming from, anyways?

Last July 19, the official MMI Live and Globe Telecom Twitter accounts published #MadonnaLiveinManila resulting in massive releases and is still quite the talk of the town.


The presenter, Globe Telecom released a pre-sale for Globe subscribers. This obviously did not sit well with its competitor. The next day, in a feeble attempt to get some share of voice in the whole Madge fiasco, Smart-owned music service Spinnr released #SpinnrMadonna.


They’re now running a flyaway contest for users to get the chance to watch Madonna in Las Vegas.

This isn’t Smart’s competition’s first blow towards its biggest competitor. In fact, when they launched the newest Sun Postpaid plans, they thought it would be a great idea to use the word ‘wonderful’ in its #ChooseBetter campaign. But I digress.


Even if we were to turn a blind eye to the fact that it’s sponsored (aka PAID), the content alone from title down to the footer is quite pitiful. Here’s why:

  • Madonna in Manila is a SOLD-OUT show
  • Is Sun and ClicktheCity.com saying that those who purchased did not make the “better” choice by supporting their idol and watching a legend’s maiden tour in the country?
  • Reasoning, reasoning, reasoning. Madonna = Antman? And Madonna < iFlix????


Last but not the least:


I implore media friends, bloggers, online news sites and influencers alike to make better decisions, especially when it comes to publishing black propaganda like these. It does not only look bad on the brand but also questions your integrity. Haven’t your parents taught you anything? If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.

And lastly, THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. Oh by the way to all Madonna fans here, I created a Spotify playlist for us. Here it is! BEST OF MADONNA

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