(MOVIE) 13 WHYs to watch ‘THE BREAK UP PLAYLIST’. #7 is Oh-Em-Gee Moment.

“What if the love that taught your heart to dream breaks you… Will you find it in your heart to love again?” these questions are really thought provoking. These came from the much anticipated Piolo Pascual & Sarah Geronimo movie from Star Cinema and Viva Films entitled, “THE BREAK UP PLAYLIST.”


Today, as I was having my breakfast and arranging my schedule, I saw my June 30 and July 1 reserved for the movie’s premiere night. So I thought of reasons why we should watch this movie on July 1st. Here are 13 reasons why:

1. Dan Villegas, who made us laugh in Metro Manila Film Festival last December in “English Only, Please” directed this movie. We hope he’ll make us cry and teach us, how to love. (Paano Ba Ang Magmahal?)
2. Piolo Pascual’s ABS to look forward to! (CLICK BEHIND THE SCENES HERE)
3. Sarah Geronimo to showcase her vocal prowess here as Trixie.
4. Lawyers and hardworking students will relate how work and school can be managed well.
5. Music Lovers will have to hear compositions by Yeng Constantino and Jonathan Manalo.
6. Piolo Pascual came from a successful movie last year that made him the Box Office King of 2014 from the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Awards.

7. The MUCH AWAITED PIOLO-SARAH (torrid) KISSING SCENE of ALL TIME to happen here? (Torrid agad) (We’ll see). Or at least a sweet Kissing Scene.
8. Sarah Geronimo also came from a 200 Million++ Box Office Movie with Coco Martin, something that the audience can vouch that Sarah G is giving her all on every movies she does. She is a 3-time box office queen.
9. You would love to support artists who are Top Celebrity taxpayers. In 2010, Geronimo was ranked as the top two in the list of Bureau of Internal Revenue (Philippines) top celebrity taxpayers. Also, in 2011 she was ranked as the third in the top celebrity endorsers by the AGB Nielsen Philippines survey. In 2013, she ranks as the sixth highest female taxpayer and as fourth top endorser.
10. Only Star Cinema can pull a wonderful cinematography.
11. Bring your S-pen inside the cinemas. you don’t want to miss around 10 Hugot lines there.
12. An official soundtrack album featuring the songs in the movie, which is topbilled by Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo, will be released soon under Star Music.
13. The movie is written by Antoinette Jadaone, who became famous on her previous work in Cinema One’s that thing Called Tadhana.



Movie opens July 1, 2015!

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  1. My wife and I saw the movie last night and we were so glad that we did. We initially had hesitations because of the last Sarah G movie did not live up to our expectation (Coco-Sarah was kinda pilit), plus the trailer of The Break Up playlist was not that enticing.

    We are just so glad that we did. The Break Up Playlist is a breath of fresh air for Sarah G fans. It proves that Sarah can do more than Rom-com, she can play mature roles and still keep her innocent charm intact. Piolo, on the other hand proves that he can still bring ticket sales no matter who he is partnered with.

    It’s worth the money spent on tickets and the time lining up for it.

    Great story, wonderful music, and an amazing cast so do me a favor, umalis ka na sa kinauupuan mo and watch it guys!


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