(TIPS) 6 Reasons Why You Should Date A Blogger. #6 Will Surprise You!

I am sitting here right now in a coffee shop to finish some few backlogs. Looking around, I saw a couple of partners sipping coffee, intimately chatting endlessly. Ooops, I look again, I am the only one without companion here (AWW). Well I suppose to have a date today but to no avail, I still have to write and finish deadlines to maybe nextweek then.

So to boost myself on this isolation, I am redeeming this thought into something productive. Being a blogger has a lot of perks but you don’t actually have to be a blogger to enjoy those. By just merely dating a blogger, you can be happier and have a competitive edge over people dating whoever. So, here are reasons why you should date a blogger. 
  1. AT YOUR BEST.  Im sure there was a time in your life where you and your partner cant decide where to dine? Well, well.. Since bloggers are into scouting good places to go and eat, assure yourself of an opportunity to dine in best restos in town. Bloggers can even enumerate you these: 5 Best Steakhouse in Manila, 10 Cheapest restaurant with WIFI, or 69 ways to eat shawarma, or.. 6 ways to eat chocolate naked together LOL. 
  1. PLUS 1. Bloggers always attend media and social gatherings from different brands and launches. Lucky you, some of their events requires a PLUS ONE. Meaning, they can bring an extra friend over an advance movie screening, or trying out the new delicacies in the cities and if youre really lucky, a Hotel Accommodation invites that says, “FOR TWO”. (Wait don’t leave your current partner yet, there’s more!)
  1. STAR IS NEAR. Count how many celebrities you wished to have met, or have seen in your entire life. Or a simple fan sign to your birthday, when youre sick or just simply waving hi. Bloggers have these competitive links to celebrities that will make your dream come true. Some bloggers can even request their celebrity friends to greet you on TV. Or video greeting isnt that bad yeah?
  1. GIFTS. Have you tried walking with your partner elsewhere in the mall and your partner always surprises you to this, “Lets try that Sushi now!” then after few blocks your partner goes, “Lets get inside this boutique, you choose whatever you like.” Oh come on Im sure you want that. (Cue Maleficent) Well, well.. Bloggers always have Gift Certificates (GCs) in their bags that you can get to try something you never had before. Its like bloggers are walking expensive shoppers in disguise.
  1. SPEAK THE LANGUAGE. You were trying to be more funny on twitter but ends up cornier than you think. Or Trying to promote your business on Facebook but sounds too pushy. Worry not, your blogger date can help you what and what not to say in your social media accounts. Learn from people who do this stuff effortlessly.
6. TRUTH. Well, those enumerated above are actually nothing. LIKE don’t believe everything I said. Those are just perks and just not really a criteria to make your date more exciting and fulfilling. Truth is, you can date a blogger simply because they are also someone who is sweeter, gives importance, respect you, treat you right and will love you they way you wanna be loved. Bloggers are busy, but when you try dating one, their time will be yours and expect a full attention while you are holding their hands.
Bloggers may always be talking about new gadgets, fashion trends, celebrity gossips but once they talk about love and express their emotions, you will be treated like superstar. Bloggers need someone whom they can love selflessly, and if you are lucky to have them, they will give their 100 percent self, and who knows, might be someone you will love until FOREVER..
So There.

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