(MOVIE REVIEW) Acceptance, Moving On and Letting Go in Olivia Lamasan’s Starting Over Again

I have a very high expectation for an Olivia Lamasan film. From MMK to Madrasta jump to In the name of Love and the Mistress. There is such a consistent standard of excellence Lamasan able to integrate on her 13 memorable films. This 2014, we are very lucky to have offered another Olivia Lamasan in theaters starring Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga, in a different kind of love story as it takes the huge risk of debunking the prevailing notion that for every romantic film, everything should end-up happily ever after for its characters.

The film aims to communicate the fact that every choice in life has a rippling effect that one must inevitably accept and not everyone is blessed with a second chance to love. Starting Over Again is centered on Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) and Marco (Piolo Pascual) who are former lovers with a major unfinished business to settle in their relationship.

This is indeed one of the best Romantic Comedy in the last 10 years . Olivia Lamasan and Carmi Raymundo were able to make Toni Gonzaga shines brighter than her natural comedic aura. Piolo Pascual on the other hand is way better in this movies compare to his previous romantic comedy with Panganiban (Every Breath you Take) and Santos (Til there was You). I think Piolo Pascual’s performance sealed public’s approval that he is indeed maintaining the reputation as one of the finest actors in his generation.

I love how Toni Gonzaga insert wit and mellow drama at the same time. Given the story is perfectly told with its awesome script, she looks fresh and sexy, making her more loveable as Ginny.

Again, as a huge fan of Olivia Lamasan, I saw some resemblance of scenes. From Lito Pimentel and Toni Gonzaga conversation I remember Bea Alonzo and Anita Linda in the Mistress. That long confrontation scene with Piolo Pascual, Aga Muhlach comes to mind from In The Name of Love. But these are way incomparable. All of the movies has certain impact on me differently and I think Starting Over Again is telling the audience that, this is a story of new beginnings, accepting, moving on and forgiving one self.


1. Piolo Pascual in the bathroom pretending he is taking a shower but just sitting and thinking.

2. Toni Gonzaga and Beauty conversation.

3. Mama Mary scene (including skype call where Iza looks Mama Mary)

4. Iza Calzado and Piolo Pascual conversation in the hospital.

5. Toni Gonzaga and Iza Calzado conversation.

Iza Calzado might get the Best Supporting Actress in this movie. She genuinely justified her role and her mature attack of things made her character the legitimate actress in the country.

I remember  The Mistress, also another Olivia Lamasan movie who grossed more than 300 Million in Box Office had its very difficult but real ending. Opposite to another dark movie ‘In The Name Of Love’ which ended on a lighter note from more than 70-minute roller coaster ride story telling of pain, sacrifice and struggles. Starting Over Again’s ending I would say is another Lamasan’s way of telling the truth, the reality, and teaches us to accept, to move on and to find peace on decisions we made.
It has all the elements of a Box Office Movie.

Rod Magaru show >>> 9/10.

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