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CHRONIC ILLNESSES like diabetes and back pain, as well as life-threatening diseases like cancer still pose difficult challenges for Western medical science. The usual treatments recommended by Western medicine for such diseases—including the use of drugs and surgery–can be effective but can also be expensive and are not without risk.

Not all cancer patients, for example, can tolerate long-term chemotherapy. Other patients are too weak to undergo surgery. In these instances, such patients would seek alternative medicine for treatment.

However, according to Dr. Andrew Kim, who is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, non-Western modes of medical treatments are not only for those who have given up on, or cannot be helped, by Western medicine. He said that it can be a first option for treatment.

“A lot of people think that they should only seek an Oriental medicine doctor only after Western medicine has failed to help them. Oriental medicine has been practiced for more than 5,000 years and a patient can definitely go to an Oriental medicine doctor as a first choice,” said Dr. Kim, who has been treating many cancer patients at his clinic, as well as other patients with chronic diseases.

New Life Health and Wellness Center

Patients who have been advised to undergo surgery by Western-trained doctors—but who would rather not go through it—also go to Dr. Kim for alternative, non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Kim’s patients at his clinic, “The New Life Health and Wellness Center”, attest to the effectiveness of the treatments that he gives them—a bulletin board at his clinic is filled with notes of gratitude from patients who have been helped by him.

One of Dr. Kim’s patients, Liza Cahilig, was advised by another doctor to get surgery after she was diagnosed with gallstones. Liza Cahilig, however, did not want to have surgery and so she went to Dr. Kim for a second opinion.

“Dr. Kim gave me a checkup and said that I don’t need surgery. The gallstones are not serious enough to make surgery necessary. He said that there are other treatments that will remove the symptoms,” she said.

Treating causes and symptoms

According to Dr. Kim, both Western and Oriental medicine are not competitors—rather, they are systems of therapy that should be available to all patients, depending on their needs. He said that Western medicine is very effective in curing the symptoms and physical disorders resulting from a disease.

 However, he said, Oriental medicine offers another therapeutic and curative aspect that Western medicine does not have.

“Western medicine is very good. For example, in a cancer patient, Western medicine can take out cancerous tumors. It can kill cancer cells. And yet, as we know, cancer can come back. Why is this? That’s because Western medicine is very good at curing symptoms of a disease but it does not address the cause of the disease.

“If you cure the symptoms but the cause of the disease is still there, the sickness will come back.  When you take away the cause of the disease, the disease goes away. It does not come back anymore.  Oriental medicine addresses what is causing the disease to happen,” he said.


Holistic approach

According to Dr. Kim, he practices a holistic approach in diagnosing and treating patients. He said that diseases occur when there is an imbalance in the body’s natural processes. This imbalance could be caused by pollution, toxins, lack of exercise, a bad diet, and even stress.

 “Our body already knows how to heal itself. We only have to help it by removing whatever is blocking its harmony and balance. That’s why our approach is holistic. Our treatments are designed for total wellness: wellness of mind, body and spirit,” he said.

In Liza’s case, Dr. Kim says that she needs to switch to a healthier diet and to avoid stress as these are factors that are causing the painful symptoms of her gallstones. He said that after Liza receives his treatments, she will no longer need to have her gallstones nor her gall bladder removed.

“The gallstones are not serious enough to require surgery. When I examined Liza’s blood, I found that she has ‘sticky blood’. This means that her blood cells are not circulating properly and are not bringing as much oxygen as her organs need. She also has intestinal fats but these are not so bad; they can still be removed easily. Also she is under a lot of stress,” he said.

The holistic approach to Liza’s gallstones problem would therefore include changing her diet, taking herbal medicines and supplements, and teaching her how to manage stress. She also has the option to have acupuncture or electroacupuncture, where a mild electric charge is applied to the acupuncture points.

Dr. Kim also said that meditation is also part of his holistic treatments. This is because, according to him, illnesses have a “psychogenic” cause. This means that the illnesses of the body are also rooted in a patient’s psychological state, including his or her emotions and thoughts. If these disordered emotions and thoughts are balanced and harmonized, then the physical symptoms of illness are also treated.

Other treatments at his clinic include Oxygen Therapy; Chelation Therapy; Vitamin C Megadose Therapy; Brain Wave Therapy; Acupuncture and Ventosa; Chiropractic Treatment; Aromatherapy; Ion Detoxification; Thermotherapy; Rejuvenating Exercises; and Herbal Medication with Red Ginseng Products.

Raw food supplements

Dr. Kim also pointed out that the right foods, by themselves, act as medicine for the body.

  “Food is not just fuel for the body to give it energy. Foods can heal. They are a natural medicine for the body. By taking the right foods, we can be cured of a lot of diseases. The best food should be raw, so that we are able to absorb all their nutrients. Also, a lot of us are addicted to sweet foods. But the natural foods are not sweet.

“The most medicinal raw foods, in fact, can be bitter. So we say that ‘bitter is better’ for you. In our clinic, we prescribe raw food supplements, including raw enzyme supplements to our patients. These raw foods and raw enzyme supplements are powerful sources of nutrition and healing,” said Dr. Kim.

The herbal, raw foods, and raw enzyme supplements prescribed by Dr. Kim come in freeze dried form. In this form, he said, these foods retain all their nutrients and can be considered “living” foods. They are part of the nutritional therapy that Dr. Kim uses to treat patients. They can also be meal replacements—patients who wish to slim down can take them in place of actual meals, and are packed with nutrients without excess calories.

“Our approach in our clinic is total wellness. We are here to restore the total person–his body, his mind and his spirit.  When all these are in harmony, that’s the only time when we can say that a person is truly in good health,” said Dr. Kim.

New Life Health and Wellness Center is at Suite 12, 2/F Corinthian Plaza, 121 Paseo de Roxas, Legazpi Village, Makati City.  For inquiries, call +632 556-9857; 632 836 0853; mobile number +632 917-801-9007. Or email: pharmworld@naver.com  Or visit their website: www.newlife-wellness.com.

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