Upclose and Personal with PBB BIG WINNER, Jan Slater Young

Update: Watch out for SLATER YOUNG on Gandang Gabi Vice!
It was a very simple, funny and very interesting dinner last night with no other than the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited BIG WINNER, Jan Slater Young. As Promised, we’re going to sit down for an exclusive meet up with Slater soon as he hailed as Big Winner. Thank you to my charming friend, Caress Caballero from Cornerstone Talent Management Center.

Though his was a landslide victory, Slater said he still has to get used to being recognized in public places where random people greet him and request to have a picture with him taken. He recalled a recent incident in a mall when a mother came up to him and told him that she supported and voted for him because of the values he had shown inside the PBB house.

At first I don’t have much expectation with how the conversation will flow. From more than 150 days inside the Big Brother House, I’m sure he needed a little catch up with his life back when he entered the competition. Even when he’s inside the PBB House, I didn’t prepare anything, special questions or what to ask him. All I want is to have a casual conversation. So we started with a little conversation about people’s impression while he’s inside the house.

In fact, Slater is the 3rd personality I sat down for an exclusive, after PBB Teen Clash Big Winner JAMES REID and Charming Devon Seron of the same batch. Slater arrived to our dinner and was very apologetic for being late since they had a crazy schedule yesterday (April 10).

For everyone’s information, SLATER is a part of Cornerstone Talent Management. He auditioned for PBB and he cant believed he got the part. But short story on how he got discovered was an interesting anecdote. It was Erickson Raymundo (Cornerstone) who noticed him at one party with KC Concepcion’s cousin. They invited him for a meeting when cornerstone had a project in CEBU with Sam Milby and the rest was history.

Slater was giving me a little background of himself long before all this fame.

Slater: I graduated at University of San Carlos Cebu with a degree in Engineering.

Rod: Who is slater during College? Are you a Star of the school, or a typical popular guy?

Slater: Nako, Ang totoo Im a nerd. (laughs) I don’t usually get along with people unless mga friends ko.

Rod: Who among your peers aware of your inclusion to PBB Season 4?

Slater: Ang nasabihan ko lang family, may mga close friends din akong nasabihan and Cornerstone family. Kasi nga medyo confidential. And wala naman akong masyadong bilin about what they should do. But theres one thing my mo told me na dinala ko hanggang loob ng bahay ni Kuya.

Rod: Which is?

Slater: My Mom told me, “Don’t forget you are your Dad’s son.” Yun yung tumatak sa kin so I kept myself on a low to remember about family values while inside the house.

Rod: How are you as a housemate? Did you use special formula to become big winner?

Slater: Not at all. Hindi ko nga talaga naisip na ako yung mananalo hehe. But sobrang thankful ako.

Rod: Who were your favorites?

Slater: Si Biggel and Pamu, gusto ko sila. Sila yung mga parang ang sarap kasama talaga. And naiisip ko minamahal sila ng tao as PBB close to Big Night.

He also revealed that he will be allocating a part of his prize money on the schooling of the kids of their company’s employees. “We already did it before. We usually support our employees’ children who are studying or enrolled in highly expensive courses like engineering and nursing,” said Slater, whose family inCebuhas a construction business.

Slater joined PBB to become more mature and independent. During his stay in the PBB house, he was regarded as a leader who exhibited cleverness in carrying out Big Brother’s challenges as well as compassion for his fellow housemates.

Rod: How conscious you were in the cameras?

Slater: Nung mga first two weeks, ay conscious pa rin ako. Pero afterwards, minsan mauubos din ung consiousness mo e hehe. Though alam naming ay mga nakatingin pero lately hindi na talaga.

Rod: What are those things na hinanap mo soon as you got out of PBB?

Slater: Pagkain. Long sleep. Ganyan.

Rod: Nakauwi ka na sa Cebu?

Slater: Hindi pa nga eh. Actually Im looking forward to going home sooner. We will have a Homecoming late this month. So yun na lang yung chance ko.

Rod: Where are you staying here?

Slater: Right now were still looking for Condo or good place.

Rod: Are you ready to move in?

Slater: Yup Ready naman na.

Rod: So now what are the plans?

Slater: Right now, mga guestings lang muna. Its been a week eh. So may mga meetings with TV heads and possible endorsements.

(Cant tell yet)

Rod: Long before this, upon signing up to Cornerstone, what do you want to do? I mean what path are you planning to pursue?

Slater: Love ko acting. I really wanna act. Kaya before nagstart ang PBB, Im attending workshops na with mentor Pen Medina. So far we’re still learning. And interesting yung mga activities.

Rod: What are you favorite films?

Slater: I love Anthony Hopkins at Silence of the Lambs.

Rod: Local?

Slater: Gusto ko yung Babae sa Septik Tank ni Eugene Domingo. I really love that movie.

Rod: Speaking of Love, how’s lovelife?

Slater: ahh wala. Zero.

Rod: But you had a girlfriend before dib a?

Slater: Yup. Years ago.

Rod: Any admiration or crush to Showbiz?

Slater: KC Concepcion. Anne Curtis. “I’ve long had a crush on KC because she’s very simple yet classy.

Here I am with Slater

Rod: How happy you are right now?

Slater: Ako, I cant honestly describe how happy I am with all these things. Of course grateful ako sa mga blessings na dumarating. To people who supported me along the way. Caress was telling me before na super dami ng support na nakuha nila from everywhere and I a so grateful will all of those who helped me.

Slater said it would be best for current and aspiring PBB housemates to be themselves while staying inside the PBB house.

“You just have to be real. Strategies are problematic because they would backfire on you. When you leave the house, it would work against you if you present something that’s not you inside the house,” said Slater, a licensed civil engineer who is determined to pursue a career in show business.

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