2011 MMFF Box Office Results and latest News!


 1. #EntengNgInaMo – P237,879,178.70

2. #SegundaMano – P126,630,979.00


 4. MYHOUSEHUSBAND: P62,074,350.58

5. SHAKE Rattle and roll: 55,484,185.89





Metro Manila Film Festival entries from December 25, 2011 to January 1, 2012:

1. Enteng ng Ina Mo (Star Cinema, M-Zet, Octoarts, APT Productions) – Php 183,213,717.35
2. Segunda Mano (Star Cinema, MJM Productions) – Php 94,629,812.45
3. Panday 2 (GMA Films, Imus Productions) – P86,316,624.55
4. My Househusband (Octoarts) – Php 42,587,787.58
5. Shake Rattle and Roll 13 (Regal Films) – Php 41,935,473.35
6. Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story (Scenema Concept International) – Php 31,781,973.55
7. Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (Regal Films) – Php 7,359,070.8




1) Enteng ng Ina Mo: P91, 892,997.10;

2) Panday 2: P51,527,616.00;

3) Segunda Mano: P46,931,780.05;

this results came from a good friend Mell Navarro that was relayed to him by the MMFF Executive Chairman Francis Tolentino. They said this is the official tally contrary to the first and second day figures released by some of the friends behind some outfit. Im disturbed that Asiong Salonga earned bigger by Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

4) Shake Rattle & Roll 13: P22,756,512.30;

5) My Househusband, Ikaw Na!: P20,839,817.10;

6) Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story: P7,957,716.50;

7) Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: 4,089,922.50



DAY 4: Latest News: YESTERDAY. TODAY amd TOMORROW by Studio 5 and Regal Films entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2011 has been disqualified. Via unanimous vote by the MMFF executive committee for violating the festival’s rules. Chairman Francis Tolentino of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the final version of ‘Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow’ was different from the script approved by the committee.
“After the script was approved, iba yung lumabas, iba yung cast [what was shown was different, even the cast was different]. Pareho lang yung title [Only the title was the same],” Tolentino said when interviewed by Radyo Inquirer.

YTT are disqualified in Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay at Gatpuno Villegas Cultural awards category.

Meanwhile, ENTENG NG INA MO earned a total of more than 90MILLION as of Yesterday.  Fed up with different versions of ranking they are releasing so I decided not to update my tally. Star Cinema is confirming results so I might as well post some development here.



Entries for 2011 Metro Manila Filmfest has great combination. As we all know, Enteng Kabisote and Tanging Ina series collaboration is a tandem to beat! Their remarkable team up resulted from 38 MILLION GROSS on its first day is a real account testimonial of BOX OFFICE, Breaking ALL TIME FIRST DAY GROSS. Twitter on the other hand gave Segunda Mano the most talk of the town topic as it also trended since 2pm, ranked 3rd with 18Million. Panday by Bong Revilla ranked 2nd with 20 million. (wiki)


1. Enteng Ng Ina Mo – 38.5 million,

2. Ang Panday 2 – 20 million,

3. Segunda Mano – 18.25 million,

4. My Househusband – 17.33 million,

5. Shake Rattle & Roll 13 – 15.9 million,

6. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – 10.1 million,

7. Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story – 3 million,

Asiong Salonga, despite its Grade A given by Cinema Evaluation Board ranked 7th with 3Million gross. Im sure the ranking will change tremendously in the coming days especially when results of the Awards night be revealed which will be held on December 28, 2011. I have seen Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and My Househusband (both has GRADE B from CEB) and made a review of the films. In terms of exact figures, I will surely wait for officials to verify coz sometimes WIKI didnt give such a reliable. But Thanks to StarCINEMA for CONFIRMING the first day gross is 38MILLION.


1.) Enteng ng Ina Mo- 30.46M (Total= 69M);

2.) Panday 2- 17.9M ( Total= 38M);

3.) Segunda Mano- 17M (Total= 35M)
Keep your self updated as Im going to tweet every important details about Metro Manila Film Festival 2011. Follow me on Twitter! @rodmagaru!

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