“A Soldier’s Heart” Debuts Arabic Dub on Maraya, Shofha & Weyyak in Middle East

Following a deal with Rabee Alhajabed Art Production & Distribution FZE, ABS-CBN‘s popular action-drama series “A Soldier’s Heart” becomes the first Filipino drama with an Arabic dubbing to stream on emerging VOD platforms in the Middle East.

Three streaming platforms—Marya, Shofha, and Weyyak—offer the popular action-drama series “A Soldier’s Heart” from the Philippines, which covers Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and other Arabic-speaking regions.

The moving tale of Alex (Gerald Anderson), an IT specialist who enlists in the army and befriends a Muslim family, whose faith causes him to reevaluate his options, is told in “A Soldier’s Heart.” Its plot, which turned out to be a powerful drama, touched viewers’ emotions and highlighted the difficulties and sacrifices that military personnel make in order to uphold their oaths to their country.

Parallel to this, an Arabic-dubbed version of the action-fantasy drama “Darna,” starring Jane de Leon, is about to be released. It is a mainstay of Philippine popular culture. This Arabic-dubbing initiative of ABS-CBN comes after the series of scripted format sales of “A Mother’s Guilt”, “Mea Culpa”, “The Good Son” and “Forevermore” in the region, further solidifying ABS-CBN’s strength in creating deeply-moving stories that cross borders.

Selling over 50,000 hours of content to over 50 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America, ABS-CBN transitions from a Philippine broadcasting company to a global storytelling company that champions Filipino talent by showcasing world-class Filipino shows to diverse audiences across multiple platforms.

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