I Got My Multiple Entry Japan VISA. Here’s How!

As the world reopens, many of you are likely to return to your favorite destinations such as Korea, Japan, or Bangkok. Like you, I’ve been wanting to return to Japan, and I’m thankful that I finally received my multiple visa a weeks before my Tokyo Trip! Yes, that is why I am delighted to offer you advice if you are applying for a Japan visa for the first time or not. I am enticing you with some of our Japan trip photos and hoping you will be inspired to apply and visit the country. (Ok now I sound like an ambassador.)

Konnichiwa from Senso-ji Temple with my Habitat AP fam!

We planned and booked this since trip last year in time for the cherry blossoms in Japan. As this is my second time visiting Tokyo, I was excited to reapply again. If you want to read my blog about my first experience in Japan, Kindly check it here:  (THINGS TO DO AT TOKYO)

Some things I prep prior to our trip were my essentials. Thank God this Wallet and passport holder is everything!

(RFID Passport Cover | Wanderskye)

But first let me summarize the basic requirements in applying for Japan Visa for Philippine Passport holder. This is on the assumption that you are visiting as tourist and you are spending from your own out of pocket.

1. PHILIPPINE PASSPORT. Make sure your passport is not broken or dilapidated. Passports must be signed and must have at least two(2) blank visa pages.

2. NEW VISA APPLICATION FORM. This is in A4 size. Application form should be filled out all items correctly and starting April 1, 2023 there’s a new form which you can download on your preferred agency. You can download the one I save here. Just request for access when and I’ll grant immediately. NEW  JAPAN VISA FORM.

3. PHOTO Photo size is 45×35mm(2×1.4in) with white background. Photo must be taken within 6 months.

4. BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Original and must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office/Serbilis Outlet Center. (Nationwide).

5. MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE (if the applicant is married).

6. DAILY SCHEDULE IN JAPAN. Its important that you write summary of your daily schedule. You can create this in excel with couple of columns such as headlining dates, activity/itinerary, Hotel address with contact number.

7. BANK CERTIFICATE.  Make sure you have the funds available to cover the non-refundable visa fee for Japan before submitting your application. Usually when you go to the bank to ask for bank certificate, they know what to put especially if you are applying for Japan visa. They will indicate daily average and balance as of date.  Validity of Bank Certificate is three (3) months from the date of issue. Please submit your personal accounts, not company/business accounts.

8. APPLICANT’S INCOME TAX RETURN (ITR) / Certificate of Employment With compensation details. ITR or BIR Form 2316. When I applied this year, I didn’t have my ITR yet. Good thing the agency, suggested that I can write a promissory note style letter stating that I didn’t have my ITR yet. But good thing I was able to ask for my certificate of employment (COE) with compensation details. When you ask your HR about it, tell them to indicate your annual gross salary.

What I mentioned above are just basic requirement guide.

Multiple Entry VISA.

The issuance of multiple-entry visas to second-time Japan visa applicants will be determined by a variety of factors, including the purpose of the visit and the applicant’s travel history. A multiple-entry visa is more likely to be granted if the applicant has an excellent travel history, a secure work or business, and strong ties to their home country. Initially, I applied in the aim of obtaining a VISA. I understand that multiple entry VISAs have additional restrictions, but I know you had a better chance when you visited Japan.

My chosen agency noticed that I had previously visited Japan and took note of my application. They simply requested me to pay an additional P500 pesos so that my application could be processed for the multiple entry VISA. Of course I took my chances!

After a few days, I finally got my multiple entry VISA!

So if you visited Japan but reapplying again, please insist on applying for multiple entry VISA even if you have the basic Japan VISA requirements.

Oh by the way, you have probably seen this on my social media posts last month. I flew to Japan ready with my beautiful Pilipinas Luggage Cover Pride from Wanderskye! the Luggage on the photo above behind this beautiful luggage cover is also from Wanderskye Explora Luggage. It has Duosafe security zipper making your travel stuff safer!

For more Wanderskye Travel Essentials, visit their website at https://www.wanderskye.com/for more information!

For more Japan related travel, you may visit the website of Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. https://www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/00_000035.html


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