(REVIEW) LUMOS Ray Home Cinema Projector

Lockdown has thought us to be more creative in terms of home entertainment. In fact, subscriptions to video-on-demand increased tremendously and admittedly, we missed our usual cinema dates terribly. That is why some of us Pinoys invested on smart TVs for a full movie experience. Despite being pricey, we believed that quality home entertainment is the ultimate way to immerse on realistic theater experience. Today, I got the chance to review this amazing projector that is serving clarity, sound perfection and a lot of options. I am talking about LUMOS RAY Projector.

Most of my projector experience in the past were not so good so I was really crossing my fingers that this one will finally deliver.


I like how sleek this projector is. Its design looks like a comfy robot ready to talk. Years ago we look at projectors as just a boring office equipment only. Today, this LUMOS RAY Projector is a game changer. You can actually bring to picnic and/or parties. Oh by the way this LUMOS RAY Projector can only be controlled through a remote. Design wise, it is neat and modern.

I liked how they decided to include important ports such as AV and audio out, HDMI and USB port plus the transFlash (TF) though I’m not sure about IR use here in PH. Nevertheless, it was neatly positioned at the back. These ports will make you mirror and connect your devices easily.

The projector also this leather-y handle strapped on the sides.

I just can’t help but admire how futuristic this one looks.

Looking at the sides they are very generous with the audio design. Its powerful surround sound is enough reason to use the device as your speaker be it listening to music or watching your favorite films. This built-in Dolby Audio speakers of this LUMOS RAY Projector are way way better than some of portable speakers in the market.

I also liked how they didn’t diminish the focus function because when you use it (like how I experienced it), it’s like giving you a lot of power to adjusting its resolution.

As I have mentioned above, the LUMOS RAY projector can only be controlled by a remote control. Don’t worry about losing it (but why would you LOL) because, this remote control is similar or maybe the basic remote for every gadgets available in the market. At some point I was looking for battery inclusion in the package but to no avail. So I have to buy some in order to use it. Unless you are plugging your device, there is no way you can control the projector, especially if you are navigating its menu.

Anyway, HDMI to HDMI plus AV inclusion in this package is the smartest. Thank you for this!

You can mount the LUMOS RAY projector on a tripod so you can easily adjust the height of your theater experience. Just make sure your tripod is sturdy because you don’t want to this to fall.

Once you plug the device, the default color of this big cute on/off is red and will turn to blue once you press it.

I had projector experience in the past and all of the issues in my life were all related to resolution. Today, my life has changed. The LUMOS RAY Projector is by far the most impressive resolution I have ever seen. its 1080p resolution on a clear white wall is serving me! Clear and crisp!

So as you can see, there is already an embedded apps ready for use such as Youtube and Netflix, which is also basic apps when you get smart TVs.

And what will make you decide to buy this Projector is the availability of the popular app store, the Google Playstore where it allows you to download your preferred apps to enjoy. Some of the already installed apps aside from Youtube and Netflix are miracast, airscreen and Kodi.

Little trivia about the color and light quality. There is what we call lumens count where it measures how much light you are getting from the bulb. For LUMOS RAY, it has 3,000 lumens and considered on top of its game, making the color quality richer in graphics and more vibrant. I tried testing it on a colorful youtube ads.

Look at that! Even Chris Rock can’t even!

I have to login to my netflix to test its screen resolution and it didn’t disappoint. I think its just my side of the wall that is affecting the crispiness that’s why it is very important to flash it on a clean white wall.

Nevertheless, the colors are much vibrant and the texts are way readable as if it is a huge TV screen.

Exploring more on settings, there’s a lot of option that the system can offer you. There’s a dedicated tab from bluetooth to apps settings up to reboot and reset.

It is also easy to connect devices via bluetooth.

And even if you’re not exploring the playstore, there are feature apps that you can download and enjoy such as CNN, Claro video, Instagram, weTV and a lot more. Though while I am sure you will spend more on video on demand apps such as Netflix, it is great to know options are there.

I also noticed that while there are manageable noise from projecting it, the device is very sturdy and doesn’t look like it catching its own breath I was able to project this LUMOS RAY Projector for legit two to three hours and still unbothered by how long I want to use it. Some of the projectors will be overheating by continuous use but not this one. And If I may add, LUMOS offers full year of local warranty to your purchase so that means they are really providing that after-sales we all deserve!

I gonna have to see myself from this LUMOS RAY so I searched my own vlog. I look saturated but understandable because I’m very moreno in person. Not showing you that, just get this projector and see for yourself.

Let’s talk about storage. This Android 9.0 version will have 8GB of memory, enough for you to decide which of your preferred apps should be downloaded. 8GB is big for projector.

The next day, I continued my Stranger Things time with LUMOS RAY Projector and spent around 4 hours of uninterrupted Netflix experience. I must say, this one is delivering result!

Oh by the way, this is the wall that I’m projecting the LUMOS RAY. It is not as polish but imagine how great it is already.

How much is this beauty?

Currently, the price of this LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector is P11,999. There is also LUMOS Ray Regular that is worth P8,999. With the quality, design and innovation of this LUMOS Ray projector, you are getting much of what you paid for!

I am clueless about projector sales in the Philippines but one thing is for sure, the demands are crazy and it’s a matter of time when we can identify which of them worth our hard earned money. For me, this LUMOS RAY Projector is a must-have and smart TV alternative for your home entertainment experience. They deliver way beyond expectation and I can highly recommend getting one if you are looking for trendy, affordable smart television experience.

For more information, visit LUMOS Projector website here https://www.lumosprojector.ph/RodMagaru

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