Finally got the chance to finish the new iwant offering, CALL ME TITA. It was one of the most hilarious, entertaining originals again by Dreamscape. Can they do more of this weekly LOL. 

Starring Angelica Panganiban, Cherry Pie Picache, Agot Isidro, Mylene Dizon, Joanna Ampil with Lorna Tolentino, ”Call Me Tita” is an 8-episode comedy and drama limited series.

Set in Manila at the present time, and inspired by the stories of Filipinas who are coming to terms with getting older, we enter the world of lifelong friends – RUTH, CELINE, FRIDA, MAYA, JOSA and her daughter, GABBI- how they grapple with the challenges of being middle-aged women and try to find meaning and purpose in the midst of uncertainty and menopause. 

Let’s watch the trailer first.

Judging at the first episode of the series, I can’t help but compare this work to a popular US series DEVIOUS MAIDS where the glamour and characterization of women as fun, energetic and individuals oozing with sex appeals ruling the storyline. However, CALL ME TITA has its own merit to be wittier and appealing to its target audience. It is a breath of fresh air for normal series and soaps in Philippine Television.

With the stellar performances of Agot, Angelica, Mylene and Cherry Pie not to mention Joanna in this limited series mark the success of iWant’s goal to create more original contents for in demand streaming. ME as a sucker for originals works on TV can’t help but continue support this milestone in content creation everyone needs to see. 

In this series, I like how they incorporate issues such as sex, family, fame, gender, and money. It’s like getting everything you want at your favorite buffet table. Also, I’m fascinated and delighted by how they dropped the conflict and let nature take its course. Something I really want to happen but don’t want to put too much stock in. Fantastic script.

I don’t know about the struggles of middle-aged Filipina women, but I do know that they are relatable, funny, and honest, and the series places a high value on their relationships with those around them. It is one thing to know that regardless of gender, race, or age, every Filipino values his or her family. And, despite the difficulties we face, we always find time to laugh.

All episodes are now uploaded on iWant. (and recently NETFLIX)

The series is directed by Andoy Ranay and written by Patricia Valenzuela-Kent and Noreen Capili. Good job iWant! 





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