(LIFESTYLE) Level up Your Grocery Experience with an app, Welcome to HONESTBEE!

Last month I posted about an information that honestbee, a Singapore based delivering Grocerie app and how it officially rolled here in Manila to provide as another way of convenient grocery experience. This time, all I’m gonna say is that I tried it myself. So I am sharing you what I did. Honestbee had its official launch last week and the first thing I did was to download the app.

I created my user profile in honestbee like an ordinary sign up way and in about two to three minutes, I am browsing the supermarket on the app and choosing my favorite Pringles.

Actually, I have heard some of the similar services but this one is really in the Asian market for quite sometime. Ask you guys know me, I am a busy blogger with a full time work so shopping and grocery for me need to be scheduled smartly during my weekends. To ensure customers have the best experience, honestbee only partner with brands with the same vision of providing quality service and selection and in the Philippines, they have Robinsons Supermarket as grocery partner for its launch.

They explain how it works and if you are shopping online, downloading the honestbee app for free can save you time from doing your groceries, and delivering the best dining options for you – so you have more time for what matters most.

They also have specialty stores where you can order the best wines, spirits, meat, even coffee!  Make sure to check the app regularly to see the latest stores you may want to tr such as Solo Meat Group, Fresh Options Meat Shop, G-stuff, Foodsource, AWC , Boozy PH, Chicco, Hummus Elijah, Pamora Farms, Figures of Beans, Incredible India.


So this is what I tried and can speak freely of. Last week, I used honestbee app for my weekly grocery. As you can see, Robinsons Supermarket has been a friend of mine and good thing, they are the supermarket partner here in Manila. True to its promise, shopping is now hassle free because they will literally do the heavy lifting for us! Also, what I personally like about their system is that there is no minimum order! And they also accept COD (Cash on delivery) and credit card as mode of payment.

I entered my delivery address and my preference time on when I want it to receive.  It didn’t dissapoint! It arrived just when I expected it. My groceries are delivered in an hour!

Concierge fee is only P99 and since my items are more than ₱1,500, I got free delivery! It is also nice that you can track and monitor your grocery!

Food Delivery

This is actually my next agenda. To try the food delivery service from honestbee. As I am currently looking in my app now, honestbee has curated select restaurants with your favorite menu options uploaded in the app such as Sprout,  Eric Kayser,  Early Bird Breakfast Club,  Bono Gelato,  Green Pastures,  La Lola Churreria, The Old Swiss Inn, Rico Rico,  Tipsy Pig, Reserve Gastropub,  The Grind Bistro, Cyma, Hummus Elijah,  Pink Panda, Crisp on 28th.  Now you don’t need to park or walk in this hot weather, to eat great food! honestbee’s food-concierge attendant will make sure your food is on-time and delivered fresh.

I am glad that I was able to visit their office during the official launch and I was stunned by their very attentive customer service and responsiveness. They have a team that caters to the needs and requests of the client, in real-time!

Lastly, I love how the price on every item is similar to the fair market value. As they always say, “Today’s best price” means that you get to enjoy the same price as in-store on the day you place your order. For example, if you place your order on Monday, with delivery for Tuesday, you pay Monday’s in-store price.


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Download the app using these links

iOS: http://m.onelink.me/8031c61b





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