Dont ask how I feel Cuz im happy busy with my real life. You cannot fathom deep thoughts inside me.

Can I crack the egg?

This blog is planning to do an STATION ID!!
You will receive an email regarding should you want to join a GA (Gulong ng Alad) STATION ID. Para lang ito sa mga yaya at dong, pero kung gosto ng mga amo ninyo, iforward nyo sa knila. Tatalbugan natin ang Station ID ng ABSCBN. Exciting? Yes.

But wait, theres more!
I’ll be doing a video/photo slide ay eto na nga yung tinutukoy ko. Wala lang gusto ko lang paulit ulit.


Rankingan na!


(I mean mga taga middle east huh! Baka may TRO na naman dyan! Eto middle finger ko!)

Something Big will happen soon.
December 11, 2010.Dun sa mga naghahanap ng bday celebrant, bakit di nyo itry mgtanong sa barangay? Tutal na-elect na cila.
aatend tayo ng GLEE XINSPIRED Xmas PARTY. O baka makigaya ang kumpanyang pinagtatrabuhan nyo. Sabay sabay na tyo!




And so were back! from outer space!!!!
Under the new international standards, and per DTI NCR permit number 0916, and on behalf of the Directors, Studio audience, TFC Subscribers, Home Owners association and Lucky texters, Welcome to the SEASON 2 of the GA: the GULONG NG ALAD EDITION! A lot have been asking for the return of this BLOG, including OPRAH winfrey (Whos currently doing the laundry of her 82 waistline underwear), ELLEN De generes (now watching porn) and HILLARY Clinton (now shaving her eyebrows). Many of you are wondering what happened on the last season. The truth is due to production, availability of the artists and so many reason, The previously GA POST has to said goodbye to primetime. But for whatever Hacking reasons are, we are here to stay and BOOM BOOM LEY Were back!

Anong WALA?
1. Aside from everything, We removed the SEEN, SCENE part.
3. No more information overload. (Pure non sense now. LOL)

1. We welcome new columnist, CONCON ang babaing VALVON!
2. We welcome new columnist, BONBON, (To be introduced next week)
3. PHOTO ALERT, Mga unpublished photo na dito nyo lang makikita!
4. FREE PASSES! PROMO and GCs to all pataygutz,
5. Feature stories of some not so famous, Kayanin nyo ang reveal nila, entitled FUU KING BLUE 101!

for now, Welcome to the SEASON 2!!



Dear Member (in Tagalog, Sa lahat ng butangero dyan sa solaris!)

We at PESTLA continuously look for ways to improve the services offered to you our members.
It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce the following improvements in our service level:
With effect from 1 September 2010, Shell Business Service Center (“SBSC”) based members with at least three (3) years of service may avail of a consumption loan for a principal amount not exceeding his/her salary for one year, payable in not more than five (5) years, at the prevailing SESLA rate. The 60% cap on allowable salary deduction will apply.

With effect from 1 September 2010, your SESLA office (Shell House) will be open from 7:00am to 6:00 pm to serve your requirement.




I swear this is one of the gathering with food overflowing, no long cues of SOX or something, its a whole showtime.



JULY 2010- Kristine Kagalingan, Alma Seril, Angela Magcalas, Richell Clacer, Ceferino Esguerra, Catherine Francisco

JUNE 2010- Nina Aissa Alcaraz, Marlonette Marie Llanes, Arlene Pujanes, Angela Magcalas, Richell Clacer, Jonabelle Daleon, Roselle Fernando, Janete Sabalza, Elena Ruiz, Vi-Anne Farinas, Marvin Obaob, Mari Grace Serafica, Daughter Santiago, Arlene Lirio, Lovelyn Mendoza, Christiansen Sumalabe, Lilibeth Biscocho, Maria Cecilia Depositario, Myleen Feriol, Jonnalyn David, Meriza Duarte, Carol Manalo, Mohammad Dimaampao, Nelson Tayab, Phoebe Gille, Arthur Turgano


Kinda lotsa things happened I cant imagine putting every single effort to highlight all of it. So I just phraseyverbydou this.

SCENE: 38 Profile pictures in the HSSE pledge are either unreal, adobe inspired and edited!

SIN: Some almost genius got an almost perfect hint for some of the blind items.

SEEN: Jeesan Perez resigned from Banking and spotted newbies sat on 23-194 and 23-180

SCENE: GA Chemicals transferred workstation to where they need to be.

SIN: Most of the staff didnt know the 12 life saving rules. Game?

SEEN: The biggest Departmental meeting happens on Sept 24!!

SCENE: Ian Adornado on indefinite leave. Ms. May Agustin joins the new STM elite friendly group.

SIN: Be reminded that a single chair capacity is one person, if used by two or more persons it might lead on falling down.

SCENE: SESLA offers big loanable amount up to one year salary!

SIN: Some are not contacted by SNS due to wrong information/contact numbers.

SEEN: paper cups and cups dispensed by Nescafe vending machines will be discontinued starting September 1, 2010 and will be replaced by covered mugs.


GOT THIS from my friend in FB. Im now in PANIC! Check yours!
> Kapag nabubulol ka kapag kinakausap ka nia.
> If your crush wont look back at you, talk and treats you differently.
> If he constantly say that he misses you, eh araw-araw naman kayong nagkikita sa office.
> Kapag nakita ka niang paparating eh bigla na niyang aayusin ang buhok nia.
> Kulang na lang eh ibigay ang lahat ng baon mo sa kanya.
> Alam mong straight sia pero he ask you privately that he’s thinking if you want to go out with him.
> Kapag kinakausap ka nia madalas eh wala ng sense ang topic pero patuloy pa rin, mapahaba lang ang usapan.
> Alam mong nagtitipid siya pero sasama pa rin sa out of town ng barkada o company outing dahil kasi sasama ka.
> When he repeatedly asks you, “May boy friend ka na?”
> When you say that you wont be able to reply na, in few minutes he will send you load already.
> Kapag madalas siang magpachange ng schedule dahil regular hours lang ang shift mo.
> Hinde ka kinakausap sa office, hinde ka nia sinasabayan sa lunch, pero buzz ng buzz sa YM at send nang send ng PM sa Facebook. Palage.
> It’s the look. Tingin ng tingin sa’yo kumpara sa ibang tao na nasa paligid. Mapa anong okasyon man o lugar.


Today is august 19, 2010
And as promised in my out of office assistant, Im back! I think I missed a lot and its time to make bawi.



Today is August 5, 2010
Happy bday to SANTOSH VASAN, ang lalaking hinugot sa GART. 🙂 Happy bday! GRR LOL.


From the controversial smiles weeks ago, a lot of you had already guessed who among the smiles. Now its time to do the EYE test! If you are really a freak then it would be easy for you to recognize who owns this not so tantalizing eyes below. The person who can guess the eyes correctly will win a theodores and Forever21 gift certificate! (SERIOUS). Goodluck!


This page is now accepting unsolicited events, updates or what-have-you! Should you have anything like plans to go out, process activity or plan to kill yourself, please send your short description of that particular future stardom. Please send as earlier as you can so the earlier the article, the longer your exposure will. Aside from WHOSTHISFREAK, we will feature other stuff and that is you!


The Fort Bus now offers a new extended Makati route. This week (Aug 2-6), ride for FREE!
(baka may magtanong pa if may bayad lapit ka sa kin)


Earthwatch is a global environmental NGO that promotes sustainable conservation of the natural environment and our cultural heritage through scientific field research and public education. The Earthwatch-Project Better World fellowship programme offers Shell Employees the opportunity to participate in 2 week long projects that contribute to the sustainable management of the earth’s natural resources. These projects are generally focused on scientific field research in the areas of biodiversity, health and global climate change.

Organised in association with the Earthwatch Institute, United Nations Volunteers and Volunteer Services Overseas, Shell Project Better World (SPBW) provides qualified Shell employees with opportunities to apply their professional and personal skills outside their normal working environment. Qualified employees can join a SPBW programme for a couple of weeks or longer to actively support scientific research programmes into ecology, biodiversity, conservation, community issues and global climate change. He/She will represent the country and will bring the prestige of the company by participating in different activities prepared for by the EARTHWATCH.

Being part of this partnership with Earthwatch should:
Assist in developing your awareness and responsibility for the environment, Allow you to work with people from a range of backgrounds and in circumstances that will be both personally and professionally challenging, Provide an opportunity for you to contribute to Earthwatch’s work and act as an international ambassador for Shell. Develop skills to bring back to your work environment thus developing yourself further. Only one can represent the country every year.


(Did you know that all freak whos born in this month has a tendency of sending bday party to respective teams? Survey says that everyone that will be mentioned below will ask me to join in his/her bday party? HAPPY BDAY!)

4th– Serafica, Marie Grace Bernardo
5th– Feriol, Myleen Ceriales
12th-Cadiz, Clifford Ryan Villas
16th-Pormento, Kreimhild Blanco
16th-Rodriguez, Christabelle Pascual
18th-Serapio, Sheryl Ann Macahig
22nd-Boco, Socorro Francisca Cartagena
23rd-Fernando, Roselle Hidalgo
23rd-Turgano, Arthur Saracho
24th-Lumigpit, Adora Lazo
25th-Gunay, Joy Ann Velasco
26th-Magboo, Geraldine Gonzales
27th-Nazar, Analiza Semaña
31st-Durante, Karen Melegrito

Please claim your limited edition YAHOO INDEPENDENCE DAY sticker on my work station 🙂 HAPPY BDAY!


MY FB shoutout that is the all-time favorite of the FREAKS!


(Today is SUNDAY) and tmrw is the 1st working day. I assume everyone is excited (reverse psychology) but im looking forward to this closing. 🙂 Happy thoughts despite people come and go. I think august is one of the most exiting month for GA. Why?

1. This is the first time that something Toni Gonzaga song will happen. (Go figure)
2. I’ll be leaving. Someone is coming. And someone will be leaving for good.
3. Chatting now with N and happy to know and confirm about them. Happy for you guys!
4. Lizette Forbes says its here busiest month. (FB shoutout)
5. Rusell Nacino is painting. (FB shoutout)
6. Bryan Salvador knows his worth (FB SHOUTOUT)
7. Nico Nuevo’s Ping Pong Pak (FB)
8. Faye de Ocampo’s Thanks & farewell, my favorite GRENDHA sandal.
9. Belle Pascual rodriguez’ 2nd Wedding Aniv and 27th Birthday
10. And Many more!!!!

Abangan next week: Exclusive interview!!!!!!!


Today (Saturday), the access control of the Stairwell doors would undergo maintenance around (9am to 10am). Please do not get into the stairwell to avoid experiencing difficulty in getting back in, otherwise you would have to take the stairs to the ground floor. Both stairwells will be available in case of an evacuation.


FREAK ALERT! She told me about this months ago but now its final, She finally press the “Leave the Conference” button. This young lass of simplicity is a GCC cluster focal. She is the Agua bendita of GA, onlu not the blue version but a white one. She joined the capital asset 2008 but before it was dissolved she was already transferred to other workstream and now she’s bidding farewell. Oh well. Maybe she has a good career plans, what a timing as the new noontime show is looking for someone to replace Congretulation girl”. Apply na!

Its the last day of the week for July and the last working day as well. See you all in the closing activities on monday which is we will (majority) work on a nightshift. So for you to rundown on what some serious and not-so serious whereabouts, happy reading and happy weekend. 8)

1) CANADA is on holiday again, so technically their 1st working day will be on 2nd working day which is technically 3rd of August. WATEVER!

2) Joy Cruz – Soques on here farewell email and says “5 fabulous years with Shell”. that is the experience! Lets also have a fab stint here! PERIOD.

3) August 9, 2010 falls on monday. PERIOD

4) I’ll be leaving on August 6. Period. And I will miss you guys. Period.

5) the 37.45666 minutes delay on the GCC Cascade due to technical stuff. So this is our first time to do a cascade using computers? PERIOD.


how can something so wrong feels so right all along… YUN NA 🙂


FROM HSSE (Halimaw sa Swabeng Seguridad Ekler!)
Wet weather is here again, along with the hazards that come with it. To help you keep safe, please check out our Rainy-day Reminders:

1. Steps on stairs could be wet and slippery (even indoors), so please HOLD HANDRAILS!
2. Please use the UMBRELLA RACKS for your wet umbrellas. Do not dry your umbrellas on the carpet inside the office areas.
3. When walking outside, remember that those wet sidewalks can be SLIPPERY SIDEWALKS.
4. When driving, account for WET ROADS:
a. Higher speeds mean higher chances of slip and slide.
b. You have less braking power, so you need more braking distance.
c. More rain = Less visibility
d. Windshield Wipers should be in good condition
e. Headlights make you see them, and make them see you.
5. Keep your FLASHLIGHTS ready!
6. AVOID WADING in floods.
7. Always bring EXTRA CLOTHES.

We hope these Rainy-day Reminders help you do your part in keeping yourself safe during wet weather.

Stay healthy, be safe, keep secure!


What is Global Corporate Card (GCC)?
The Global Corporate Card (“GCC”) is a card for business expenses only and will replace all existing company credit cards as the single way to pay for all our Travel & Entertainment (T&E) and low value / low risk Procurement expenses.

The GCC is a corporate pay programme, which means that the company will pay the balance in full at the end of each month to the corporate card provider, Citibank

Please also note that the Php2,000 threshold that was previously put for reimbursement is now discontinued, as such you can reimburse for any amount even below this threshold. Group reimbursements via one focal is still encouraged as it facilitates Manager’s approval but an HR3902 form must still be prepared per person.


Stars come and go but the General Accounting stays. (Quote from Gabby Lopez’ Stars come and go but the institution stays.)


A while ago in the office I was listening to the State of the nation address and just the time when I secured a copy from a very reliable friend in Media, I posted the full transcript in the home page. Some of you recieved a link from me and some of you even printed the SONA for your own reading pleasure. but whatever, here are the some data on the “What you need to know and what you dont know wont hurt you.” article freak!

1.) Theres this one of the Jolijeep branch down there whos selling a combo meal worth 50 pesos only, (Lechon Kawali, with veggies and RICE). Thats for you to find out!

2.) Theres this comfortroom for handicapped where some of you are using, statistics says that its clean since only few discoverer is using it.

3.) Tentative 3rd Quarterly GA DEpt meeting will be on September 24, 2010.

4.) SCAN GA will have their Go LIve on August 1.

5.) EPW IRAQ (Yes there is!!!!) goes live lasy July 15, Charm Del Moro is now half tao half Iraquees. LOL 8)

6.) Another girl accidentally press the Im leaving the conference button.

7.) Im no longer on the run to received my 8th Quarterly perfect attendance. That 2 minute incident made me decide to join the bandwagon.

8.) Mang Inasal down there are not possible to open this year. Mang Urbancheap will remain the beef seller.

9.) Another not-so-freak accidentally print her payslip on the printer. She now holds the NTH person who love showing the basic pay 🙂

10.) And Lastly, everyone is rooting news from this page about “that”. sorry but all you got is nothing, nothing, nothing.. If I dont have you.. LOL.



WALEY and HAVEY Week (July001923)

HAVEY: Arlene Pujanes on a powerful performance with girls that look-like her back up on certain seconds.

WALEY: Great guy rumored to be leaving the conference.

HAVEY: Cards and Settlement headed by Ronald “Pasalubong ko” Lintag went home from Canada training this week.

WALEY: My 60 second #ASAPXV exposure get people ask for ticket. Hindi naman un ferris wheel lang pwedeng hingin ng basta haha. LOL but thats a hard request 🙂 I’ll see what I can do.

HAVEY: P100 Shell fuel off for a minimum purchase of 1,500.00 using a citi card. Kayo na ang may sasakyan!

WALEY: Someone get his ear pierced. asteegggy!

HAVEY: Janette Sabalza and Jonabelle Daleon pregnancy. COOL O tapos? Haha!

WALEY: a healthy healthy healthy FB picture of Staff and leads on Houston training. Healthy is different from fat. They are healthy! Im so safe!

HAVEY: A Safety Day Commitment billboard is quite promising. QUITE pa lang ha!

Can you guess this picture? and why exactly this picture is here? YEAH FREAK? CAN YOU? First three who can guess this event on GA will get a limited edition YAHOO PURPLE THUMB Handkerchief 🙂



Beginning 1am until 6am Friday, July 23, portions of the cafeteria will be closed off for construction of a platform at the centre area and for the installation of sound equipment.

Please take care upon entering the cafeteria, watch out for any debris on the floor, and avoid the construction areas. Do not enter the sites which are cordoned off.

Meals can be taken at respective pantries during this time.
We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you.
Maldita este Management





It started with a phone conversation that I realized She is going to leave the conference in about two to three weeks time. She has been the “Mother” of some editorial kiddo in a certain publication accidentally called the same as this page. Needless to say, She will be chemically missed by her peers. I quoted, “career move” can make you leave the conference.


Today is July 12, 2010

Confirmed. Someone submitted herself to a voluntary exit this August. So Im not goin to elaborate more on this. She joined the conference March last year and joined a new process within FREAK July of the same year. She is well loved by her peers (Positive) and checking on her I think we are literally closer to this. Now as she is leaving the conference its rainy season. (Anong relation?). I cant find any clue but she is 28 years old. What she loves to eat? KALDERETANG KAMBING. So try asking your seatmates if she’s eating the same and youll solve the puzzle! Go!


One of the people here should check on everything she say so she cant be called blabbermother. It has been months now that some antebellum show disrespect to some of her co-department. Source said that she even mentioned that a certain process’s deliverables are “Pang first Year”. The source has been trying not to comment since we promote respect for people but I think her parameters says respect myself only. This girl is now being hated for harsh words from the people affected but the latter decided to trash that out since its pointless to aruge with idoit “daw”. The aggrieve party make a final words to wit, “Kami ngang maganda hindi masama ugali, cya pa na….”


July 09, 2010
Alright, Here is our Work-Life Super Balance. I feel like we are all busy, I missed USHER concert and some twitup but you know it feels good bein in the office. So past that quarter close and checking my planner for some nextweek agenda (Aside from #ASAPXV pass ABSCBN family gave me as a bday present) for next week. Until I open my my inbox and surprise, All possible system was loaded! Then I received “Your Mailbox is over its size limit” And then Im no longer excited Haha But looking forward and seeing things on a positive note (No not the GART, its all negative and blur LOL) I am looking forward to this month so I can finish all these task and then its August and my big month will come.)

Oh come on guys I know you miss blind items so I will blog until i fall asleep. So Happy weekend!



5th – Daplas, Rowena Centeno
5th – Dizon, Nanette Ocampo
6th – Magaru, Rodolfo Jr. Lopez 8)
14th-Aragona, Jinky Clarence
15th-Ocsan, Juliana Madrid
18th-Samonte, Oliver Dimasin
21th-Llaneta, Julie Ann Alvarez
23rd-Santome, Jennifer Pascual
25th-Basaysay, Ma. Theresa Mendoza
27th-Ardosa, Sualine Fortich


July 8, 2010
How is Quarter closing affected your lovelife guys? Any volunteer? <3


JULY 06, 2010



Im looking forward to a wonderful weekend. This Week I’ve learned a lot of things. Much as I want to share I can only surmise that it would be only a thing of the past, people come and go, not in a literal way but on certain amount of respect, beliefs and interest. But concerning work related, I am quite on a positive note. That we must always be vigilant on what we do, what we think. Sometimes despite the things that is expected of us, we must learn how to challenge ourselves as well. Not that because we just want to excel on perspective, nor to submit oneself to highways of recognition, but to create a sound seesmic view of how we do things. We might be at times bothered about career correlation and prejudices, but one must exert extension to wit, we are all responsible. Our own dictum resolute speaks highly of what we can. I remember when more than two years ago, I decided to step up, knowing things might look differently. I made a promise to become impressive. In front of three person who are looking on what I could give. I can see from the contour of my eyes the hope, that this could be a fresh start. Seeing things rationally, I accepted the challenge. But not to meet the expectations but to affirm assurance of what I will persevere. And I was never wrong. Even though sometimes hope is not around, I should, we should remind ourselves about what we promised on our first engagement when we are not yet part of this big family. Lets continue to improve ourselves, challenge ourselves even if the sun is not around.

This is my ninth quarter to our big family.


July 02, 2010

8) Group Hospitalization Plan – Deadline for submission of updated application forms both for GHP and GTLI.

8) Civilian attire again at the office. Seems like this week is an alternate maong. :p How Time flies!


Today is July 01, 2010


Quarter closing is soo here. 3 hours ago in the office I wish June has 31st. Lotsa thing to do yet so little time. Have a lot in mind (CLOSING/ECLIPSE/Inauguration/Special things) but needed to sleep as Workday one is about to enter the 23rd floor area of responsibility. But for now lemme tell you some Identified Jejemons, Harharmons, TeTehmons and Ngengemons around here.

Obviously you are aware about Jejemons. Well let me introduce you some identified CRITICAL Harharmons, TeTehmons and Ngengemons.

8) HarHarmons – These are the FREAK who always use codes for their teammates, Team Lead and Co Freakers. some of the FREAK used symbols or codenames to mislead eavesdropper about what are they talking about. (Popular codenames are GA’s Rihanna and Agua)

8) TeTehmons – These are the FREAKs who slangly converse with Teh, Kumain ka na Teh? Ok ka lang Teh? Survey says that most of these FREAKs are identified to be located with the following work station numbers: _____ no I cant tell. (Go Figure!)

8) Ngengemons – These are the FREAKs who in any way has a flu. Ngain Tayo. San Tayo Ngangain? Ngapost mo na ba ung Nginterest? There are ngengemons are are talking too loud on the telecon but fighting for his/her life on grammar.


The common folder was deleted. congratulations to me whom i just temporarily save some RNB songs, out to lunch and voila! Its gone! Outstanding!


Recently concluded GAQDM was indeed SO-SO. I would admit (without fear) that this is the most unappealing dept meeting. But ofcourse this is not a review page for me to elaborate. Perhaps you can comment below on your impression. But for now, While watching TV, lemme update you of things that transpired last friday.

SCENE: Stand out is ofcourse my STM. (She dont read this anyway but il say everything she said last night is the only one I believed was sincere).

SEEN: Repetitive question – Yes but have you guys noticed that repetitive questions and answers also came from staff. But seriously one thing that was memorable was the question related to URBAN CHEAP”. Go figure!

SCENE: Lubes won in the custume chuvachuchu. But ofcourse I would expect them to win since no one sent an intention to beat —–ness!

SEEN: The attack of the “Fat Aiguttome” (Patay gutom!) after the departmental meeting.

SCENE: Seems like only raffle time get in the way to the crowd. where have all the excitement’ gone.

SEEN: Actually unseen, aside from dimples and pretty woman, the rest is a no show to the meeting, that is Mr. Goody and Madame Mentor 🙂

SCENE: Lady Gaga number still the intermission number. Someone asked if Alejandro was aired in GA already.


RTR Manage Close
2nd Quarter Departmental Meeting
June 25, 2010
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

8) Doxology Odia Gay Rodriguez
8) Opening Remarks Thea Belardo
8) HSSE Updates Ruben Bello
8) Introduction of Teams/Cluster
8) Updates Jocelyn Ruth Soques
8) Manage Close Updates Adam Thorne

8) Games 1
8) CI Projects Updates Kathleen Velasquez
8) SOX Controls Updates Christian Adornado
8) Intermission Number SCAN GA

8) Games 2
8) HR Updates Leah Vanessa Martin
8) Question and Answer Vince Ocampo/ Stella Yulo Vanessa Martin/Jennifer Untal
8) Intermission Number DSC Lubes GA
8) Awarding: Perfect Attendance, Clean Desk and Special Recognition Award
8) Closing Remarks Bartolome San Martin


Scene: The Theme for the 2nd Quarter GA Departmental Meeting will be a Rainy season inspired. Period.

Seen: The new improved CLUSTER 3 organizational chart now showing. You have to wear your respective 3D glasses to see some luminous effect.

Scene: Pipeline Accounting sounds and looks like ghost town.. strange! (Pak!)

Seen: Almost everyone is now Vista Siesta. Why is everyone hoping GART wont function? GART means Grabe ang rumaragazang trabaho

Seen: Monthly HSSE Walkabout is scheduled on Monday, 28 June 2010 at 11:00pm – 12:00am headed by Banking and Financials.

Scene: RACCF on a dayshift now. Goodmornight! SCAN and others remain on a nightshift.

Seen: That caught on a restroom scene. I dont wanna know. I have no time, im blogging. until proven, who cares.

If others can, so what?


ANSERMO (En.Zer.Mo!)

This is the new column of ANSelmo Pikachiu, the revolutionary GA Analish who can answer everything under the sun. Come this month end closing I forwarded all unsolicited queries that I didn’t even know existed in real life until you asked FREAK! So I will give you the floor to AnSelmo.

AnSelmo: Hi Fans! I got a new job! welcome to the newest fallacy of your life! This is ANSERMO! Your one in a million question and answer column that will make or break you! this will be your new thursday hobby to your so much boring life. Intentionally translated to Tagalog as I know some of you didnt pass Grade 6. I was tasked to do this. so all of your nonsense question to the sun or even under it will be cleared. This is for all of you equally created golum look alike! Enjoy!!!



Happy birthday to all June Celebrants! Please claim your limited edition Yahoo!Stickers on WS 23-312!!

6th -Berioso, Ernesto Sabrine (Jun)
11th -Ensendencia, Vanessa Mabilangan (Vanz)
11th -Vengazo, Leah Iglesias (Yang)
13th -Antiporda, Aida (Aida)
15th-Manalang, Sherwin Jay Ian Oamil (Girl)
19th-Cardenas, Jonah Marie Laurente (Mother)
19th-Mendoza, Lovelyn Alegre (Love)
21st-Esguerra, Ceferino Jr Danganan (Cef)
25th-Sabalza, Janete Tupaz (Mommy soon)
28th-Bagtilay, Irish Makabenta (Pak!)



An Open Letter to all FREAK!
No more, its now ISS! Be kind to them. And please dont eat their cups when youre bored. They were push to write a love letter…




From our last engagement when we listened to our CEO (NAKINIG B KYO?), He discussed The “5 behaviours” relate to areas of Company’s character that he (Mr. Voser) believes must urgently improve in order to drive improved business competitiveness and underpin our growth strategy.

They are External Focus, Commercial Mindset, Delivery, Speed, and Simplicity.

Learned something new? Or Bored something Bore? Just Remember!

Fernando Merillo Gustavo De guzman Eco has left the conference. This Happy Go smarty Kiddo had his last day on earth i mean in shell. He will be remembered by his peers as the one always making them laugh (Pak!) with all his HSSE findings and everything. Here is one funny clip from yesterday’s photo ops.

Goodluck and hope you had a great time!



Alright, in the fairness of positive vibes, I am giving away limited edition stickers from YAHOO! These stickers from Yahoo are inspired by our national celebration of independence day. It has flags, stars and reminders and more than what is shown here in the left side. Just put your USER ID or your name at the comment below and I’ll personally give the limited edition Yahoo!sticker. 🙂
Anonimously Obvious me
Do you guys know what TABLOID means? It is when readers casts themselves as tsismoso for the win. So unless you freakout infashion as you were confuse of what kind of reader you are, then you are no different to TRASH. This GA POST thingy is just the smallest portion of this website, created and inserted when one afternoon in my life I got bored. This blog has been viewed by more than 40,000 hits since its inception, has been a great catalyst of upbringing savvy information about everything, retweeted and forwarded by most of my friends, literally those came from my peers in media such as journalists, TV personalities, directors, bloggers, writers, freelance and even some secret ties highly prominent people to those more than you think I am a good friend.

I am, into a certain extent of my applause was dissapointed upon the reader of this smallest part of this website. I might have put funny caricature of what art means in writing, but seeing things hollistically there is no such thing as tsismis blog. That idiosyncracy of thoughts, boredness of sapphire non-existent of racism and inclusiveness – thats what kills you. Come on we are living in the world where information (vital information where self help is arms length and personal development stays forever) can be accessed, still some of you still want to wait for other news that concerns other people. Gone are the days when Juan Kulaza lives in our lives. why some of you monstrously are in ignorance of entertainment?

I might have borrowed stuff like we are all hostage to our uncertain future, but still we are all responsible to how we percieve, how we should perceive information. As Atom Araullo told me, theres a good in bad in information highways. And that is not due to the writer itself, that can be seen as on how you’d like to cast yourself, a TABLOIDER or a HUNGER.

My simple point is, we might got bored in some pieces of our work, but let us not level down ourselves to what is not important. this page is too small to the birds eyeview. You might have forgotten the very first few sentences I said down below.

In short, my readers will come and go, yet this visions will remain. Readers has its own Cadillac and mud.


TODAY IS PAYDAY (June 11, 2010)


The public is advised to stop texting for this week. FREAK Department announced that the voting process is over, as one FREAKING lady announced that she will do her voluntary exit!

Who is the latest evictee as of this writing? Let us all say goodbye to the ROSY CHEEKS from the EAST!


In view of the anticipated public activities affecting public transportation system related to Araw ng Makati tomorrow, 10 June 2010, staff will be allowed to dress down in “Friday attire”. Bestida and puruntong.


Wanted for 5Million USD! Who is this freak whom as of this writing, the identity is unknown that he/she needs to steal toothpaste to someone’s drawer! We will let the recorded video rolled and we will find out who!


the Managing editor has got the chance to talk to some of the koala bear last night thru fb chat and was giving some sort of a juicy information about letter B and C. Rumor has it that B and C – now an item. Accdg to source, C has some slight confusion as to which which which and I am now sure if the sleepover has of great help. when asked about the personal stuff of B, it says that letter B’s whatabout are somehow revealed to some of the FREAKS because of letter A. So what about lets sing ABC.

–nothing follows–

Guess who owns this smiles as they were the nominees for SMAYLINMOMUKHAMOH If you can guess who among the owner of the smiles will win!! Serious gift certificate that I recieved from perfect attendance award!!!


8) She is now a manager in Credit Management that is former RACCF Supervisor after being Senior Analyst in Banking. (Serious)

8) He has a violin. (furious)

8) He has no violin, but “he” has a boyfriend. o laban! (Curious)

8) The Latest evictee who left the conference. (furious)

8) She is now a member of the period end and came from SOPUS GA team. She has tuliling. (OF course not true!) -(Hilarious)

8) How many SOPUS GA TL drowned? (Pagudurious)

8) NAhuling kumakain ng mais ng RTR Manager. (Gluttonious)

8) Nahuling ____________ sa ____ ng ______. (Bumibili ng suka sa tindahan) (____rious)

8) Kumain ng bulok para lang mataas ang ___. (Envious)

8) Ito daw ung tipo ng _____ na kailangan pang turuan umano. (di pa mulat? I mean in terms of Social politics. HIGH LEVEL!) (Curious)

8) Tumumba/Tumaob/Tumokerz ang Mukha habang natutulog sa lazy boy (girls lounge). Tumaob pa daw ang palda sa mukha. (Angtangurious)


This picture is here to stay until someone can decode why it is here.



FLU Vaccination!
Hey I miss everyone! This is not an anti-rabbies so dont panic! Here is the new schedule for TUROK LABAN SA U***

June 7 (Monday), 9am-6pm, Rm 2106
June 8 (Tuesday), 9pm-6am, Rm 2106

For inquiries daw, please call the Clinic at local 3027.
Stay healthy! (Magpataba!)





Hey freaks! I am sure you all recieved an SNS notification, either calls through office phone or cellphone. But who is this FREAK who failed to answer the first SNS call through her mobile and got curious of who called her. To no avail, she dialed the number again to find out who the caller was, not knowing it is an SNS. All she thought was that she is trying to contact by other companies outside the country where this FREAK reportedly had a pending application (BUKING!).


More than 4 workstream will be out for their respective team building/gimmick/get-together this long weekend. Guest whose going to Galera, Caliraya, Laguna and other places for an unstoppable beach and resort activities! Expect flooding of pictures here as we will have a correspondent to each work process who will document their respective event!



This June, we will be having a featured analyst of the week. We will call him/her THE FREAK OF THE WEEK! The freak of the week will be featured here and will be exclusively interviewed by Shalani Baba-ita, the newest columnist to be introduced as well this coming month!!! You dont wanna miss that!


Palace: DOTC approves MRT/LRT free rides on June 12, from 7-9am and 5-7pm


From Chief Human Resources & Corporate Officer:I strongly encourage you to participate in this year’s survey, which opens on May 26 and closes on June 25.” We really value your feedback on how we are doing as a company. Your feedback provides the basis for face-to-face discussion in your team, function, or location on what we can do to improve. Results will be available in August and you can expect to have discussions with your supervisor before the end of October at the latest.



SCENE: Gift Certificate for all Quickie Hit Awardee and PerFREAK Attendance can now be claimed at WS23-306.

SCENE: Mariche De Chavez who gave birth to a baby girl now back to work as BANKING EPW lead.


SCENE: Rumored, The Jobs Daleon scene on Maxicare about benefit. Good thing she’s not holding her blackberry as a weapon.

SCENE: After her wedding, Pipeline Princess Kathy Alcantara has a brand new “BANGS”.

SCENE: GARANCE team transferred to AYALA WING.

SCENE: As Fernando Eco left the conference; a new HSSE focal for General Accounting was selected.

SCENE: A new BDO branch beside Centro Escolar University (CEU) already open this week.

SCENE: New GA staff spotted on the SBSC On boarding. Welcome to the FREAKoversial department.

SCENE: Possible transfer of Workstations will affect more than 40 GA staff.



I just wanna wave hello to soon to be mom here in GA! Congratulations and by December you’ll have another angel in your life! I know you’ll be a great mom!


Today is May 24, 2010.


Youre not affected here fREAK! June 14, Monday, is a REGULAR HOLIDAY (instead of June 12, Saturday). Based on Proclamation 1841 signed by Pres. Arroyo.



Who is this pretty girl in Dela Rosa wing who has captured the eyes of our very own shibakers. Rumored says that this girl was once scolded by Shibaker2 and says: “You look like from Holywood” O! Shibaker2 even message this girl on Facebook as in like “Hi Holywood”. Nothing in this world of GA has captured the heart of shibakers. Oprah winfrey, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce will send their official statement to this effect. Sushmita Sen also will released her official statement about it.

CLUE: This Girl has a very long hair that you can even make “Sangla” her crowning glory. she also appeared in the SPLASH ISLAND picture below.


May 21, 2010 FREAKOSCOPE

Here are your May 21, 2010 HOROSCOPE. TRANSLATED in Tagalog. Warning, this will happen exactly today so take this seriously, or print this. Since 23rd falls on Sunday, We will now greet WILMER CORPUZ a happy bday!
By Anonymous (Soon to be introduced)

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20) Maiinis ka kase 1 minute late ka ngayon (Are you serious? Hobby mo kaya yan!)

Taurus (Apr 21-May 21) Tingin ka sa likod mo ngayon may nakatingin sa computer mo.

Gemini (May 22-Jun 22) Mapapansin mong malaki ang tyan mo kesa sa katabi mo.

Cancer (Jun 23-Jul 23) Masisira ang araw mo ngayon (Sabi ko sayo wag kang magsalamin e!)

Leo (Jul 24-Aug 23) Ililipat ka ng process next month. (Manage close CITI Service)

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) Magriring ang phone mo (taga credit card)

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 23) Namimiss mo ang shibackers. (ihuhug mo ang maitim na nakapula)

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22) Ngiting ngiti ka sa kanya, may malunggay ka pa sa ngipin.

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21) fully charged nga ang cellphone mo, wala namang ngtetext syo. Kunwari tatawag ka as customer service.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20) Mawawalan ka ng bolpen, ninenok ng nagwalkthrough sa’yo

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) May fire drill ngayon pero selected lang ung pabababain (Isa ka dun).

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) Mag-oone on one kayo ng boss mo, tungkol ito sa patay na kuko mo.



We bid farewell again for lasses here in GA. three of us has finally decided to take a closer step on SHOWBIZNESS. They (rumored) decided to beat the all boyband (BINGEUL BINGEUL) in limelight. Here are the people who left us not for greener pasture but for ALLGIRL ACT. Reactions 2EN1??

Jomarie Villaverde has left the conference.
Grace Bulan has lift the conference (BINUHAT!)
Cherissa Aningalan has slept in the conference.

They are actually looking for another member. Oh Yes! There is one slot available. Wanna be famous? Join them! LOL.



QUIZBEE: Yeah right. Imagine theres a weekend edition pa freak! Hey you out there! I might be giving away all my Gift Certificatess (weh? :p) or (i will just sell of of them) if I found an interesting scoop from you guys that is worth posting here aside from people come-and-go.

Alright If you really a certified FREAK, Then you can guess who owns the middle name of the following, I’ll give a gift certificate for those who can guess all of this correctly:

8) ASILO (not the FPJ movie)
8) YU (not you, its me)
8) ABANADOR (not the closet with electricfan)
8) VILLAFUERTE (not the teleserye rich villain)
8) VENIEGAS (not the gas station)
8) NICODEMUS (not the greek word)
8) GOLING (not the eyes that met)
8) NISPEROS (not the spanish lingo for bulong)
8) LAGBONA (not the thailand town)
8) OAMIL (not the oatmeal brand)

Go! Il check all your answer by monday!



To all freak who daydream while walking, there is a hole in the sidewalk in front of the BPI Savings Bank ATM in Solaris Building. This location is where a tree used to be. If you didn’t see that old tree try close your eyes walking and you’ll bump with it.

This is outside of Shell’s jurisdiction and scope of control (SOX??). However, we can still remind everyone to be careful not to misstep into the hole or worse. (Theres nothing worser than being FREAK)

Be safe! In Short, don’t try to outsmart yourself by being “TATANGA TANGA” everyday. Its not intended to be use everyday! FREAK!

Will still upload more pics from these so dont react yet if your not here freak!!!
The 2010 Summer team Bldg once again graced by the famous, if not all freak was held last saturday at the SPLASH ISLAND resort. Some of the Activities were Activity games, mementos and Mr & Ms SBSC – Manila 2010.

Here is the schedule of activities:

6:00AM – Passenger Assembly at Dela Rosa Pick up Point
6:30AM – Buses in Dela Rosa Preparing to leave / Passenger Assembly
at Asian Star, Alabang Pick up Point
7:00AM – Departure of buses from Dela Rosa / Buses in Asian Start
Preparing to leave
7:30 AM – Departure of buses from Asian Star

Program for Summer Teambuilding

8:00AM – Arrival of Staff @ Splash Island
8:30AM – Assembly @ The Harbor
AM Snack to be served
9:00AM – Program Proper
Teambuilding Activities
11:00AM – Awarding of Over-all Champion
Awarding of Mr&Ms SBSC-Manila 2010
12:00NN – Lunch to be served

Free Time until 4:30PM (SwimSwimSwim)
3:00PM – PM Snack to be served
4:00PM – Buses preparing for departure
Remind Staff that we will leave by 5:00PM
5:00PM – Passengers to rider the bus
5:30PM – Secure venue is clear
6:00PM – Departure from Splash Isla




You have probably recieved the most confusing email regarding awardees for last Months CFL. Here are the real names from GA. (Sila din ang maglalaro sa CASH MOTTO!!! LOL) Congratulations!!!

GA – Abigail Bautista, Adora Limigpit, Desiree Besa, Fernando Eco, Irish Bagtilay, Jeesan Perez, Joanna Joy Prestado, Kathrina Alcantara, Odia Gay Rodriguez, Pamela Rubi



It was a star studded event last saturday at the SPLASH ISLAND where GA Department graced the events. Among the people spotted on the locations were PRIMETIME BIDA stars, BITCHES, expectators and many more! Find out who among them were spotted by the editorials and labeled CAREEER OR GRRRRR.

SCENE: Clifford Cadiz and Maricel Colegado among the Team captain of the group who won the games. (CAREER!)

SCENE: 8 of the FREAKS registered, secured the breakfast then left! (GRRRRRRR!)

SCENE: Myleen Feriol, Marivic Marilla among the Team bldg organizers to beat. (CAREER!)

SCENE: The big COLD Chunks from Kenny Roger’s roasters and 6 muffin. (GRRRR!)

SCENE: One freak occasionally lit her tongue in some of the activity pictures. (GRRRRRR!)

SCENE: Spotted sweetness on the pool. (CAREER!)

SCENE: Some freak forget to bring shampoo decided to satisty themselves on the leftovers in the shower. (GRRRRR!)

SCENE: Darwin Sacro from GA lubes won the Best in Chic and unique wear in this year’s pageant. (CAREER!)

SCENE: Shibackers commented on Gissy Gaudiel facebook account regarding photo events. Urging the latter on GART. (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!)

SCENE:Jen Nam-on on the run spotted push her contender while running to the race. (CAREER!)

SCENE: Ruby Sabillo’s Team (15) has specialized PIN button and hat sticker. (CAREER!)

SCENE: You can count within your fingers the GA leader attended the TEAMBLDG. Very inspiring. (GRRRRR!)

There is actually a big article for publishing regarding splash island but decided not to drag here (Thats very serious unless you wanna go serious freak?).



Just like Senatoriables and Primetime BIDA, some of us has to end in the run. Stay in splendiferous department, that is GA FREAK is not forever. Here are the following onomatopeia (resigned). ALL BOYS. Rumored says they were planning to create a boyband. BINGEUL BINGEUL BINGEUL BINGEUL..

ROY IAN RIVERA has left the conference.
MARJOHN MAGDARAOG has left the conference.
CARLOS LAGDAMEO will left the conference.
EDUARDO GAEILO PAJINAG will left the conference tmrw.

WILMER CORPUZ resolutely left the conference.
FERNANDO ECO decided to left the conference.



Then now we have new Cluster 2 that is compose of SITI General Accounting/Reporting and SIEP/Galaxy Financials while the New Cluster 1 processes are GSAP Period End and SERP Period End and Cash Management team (BANKING).


Sent from a contributor: A material girl from GA has an eccentric hobby of collecting a certain item – TISSUE! According to a reliable source, the first one have already collected more than enough – so much that she was able to stuff every part of their house with this pricey collectors item. From her living and bedrooms, to the kitchen, garage and of course to the bathroom. FREAK!


Hey you all freaks out there, dont forget your FREE Flu vaccination! You freak are all prone to sickness like H1N1 or 2EN1. Here is your sched. Alright freaks? Blind items just wait! Im GARTing!



Who among the FREAKs has gone into limitations?? Who among them ruled the waves? And exclusiive interview to the ANTI-GART shibackers!!! We have soon to release SPOTTED!!!!

All these and more on MOnday!!



Who is this freak who always use “MEANINGLESS” adjective when explaining something or trying to show he really knew what he is saying. There was one time when this guy was sending inquiry to another process and when dissatisfied with the answer, he just ranting and ranting with outstanding “MEANINGLESS” mentions irrelevant to what he is saying. Now, everytime they talk about him, they call him. Mr. Meaningless.

Ready? Theres one last lonely girl in the GA planet who has rumored to be composing noise everytime she’s on call to her toilet sweetheart. Her rituals made her popular because she always made an explosive noise everytime she “pupu”.

CLUE: If you catch this guy and you dont need a mirror to see yourself, then probably he has a lot of jojoba oil in his forehead. And the girl, dont mind her, just always visit your restroom and HEAR it for yourself! FREAK!



So there, in preparation of monthly SoAR Reconcilitation for all entities in compliance with Group SoAR guidelines and to verify the balance sheet accounts, there is a new improved Activity that should be delivered monthly after totally dizzing out MOE, it is called SANTOSH, I mean the Global Account reconciliation tool (GART).

Lots of the FREAKs and JEJEMONs here in GA didn’t want this. I can smell you all Jaihos! Lots of issues was raised in the implementation, to no avail. This is one of the reason why in the middle of GART-ing, this page was born. And no matter how are we gonna hate this, GART is here to stay. This is a global perspective that should be done.

So if you were to be asked, is it a hit or a miss?
comments are welcome below.


KRIZZIE ATIENZA to join new process this June.

Its final: EPW Banking analyst Krissie Atienza will be transferred to her new work process effective this June 2010. Krizzie Atienza joined The Cash Management (Banking) Team last January of 2009 and handled Downstream Banking. she was then transferred to EPW Banking to handle EPW Brazil. Her favorite color is Fuschia Pink. She will join the new process CARDS and Settlement that will be led by Ronald Lintag, whose favorite color is Satiric blue (LOL).

Krizzie Atienza will be remembered by her Banking team as the hummingbird of Asia with her very soothing voice. But seriously we wish to congratulate Krizzie Atienza for her new post. She handled her accounts on banking smoothly. The Banking Team is so proud of you!



Here are your May 14, 2010 HOROSCOPE. TRANSLATED in Tagalog. Warning, this will happen exactly today so take this seriously, or print this. Happy bday to Lilibeth Biscocho who is celebrating her ushtug ushtug day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

By Anonymous (Soon to be introduce)

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20) Malalaman mong mas mataas ang IPF ng katabi mo sayo ngayon. Magreresign ka sa July. (Feeling mo kawalan ka?)

Taurus (Apr 21-May 21) May maglilibre sa’yo mamaya pag-uwi Bandung alas-syete. Yun nga lang hindi ka makakauwi ng maaga kase may aatendang kang meeting. (Meeting ng mga FREAK!)

Gemini (May 22-Jun 22) Mahuhuli ka ng TL mong nagfafacebook! (maiinggit sya magfafacebook din!)

Cancer (Jun 23-Jul 23) Mapapansin mong tumitingin ang crush mo sayo. (weh? Meron?)

Leo (Jul 24-Aug 23) Makakakita ka ng dalawang maitim na Indian. (Makakaamoy ka din!)

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) Panis ang kinain mong almusal. (Panis din ang laway mo kaya di mo nahalata)

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 23) Mawawalan ka ng 1,700 bukas (Maiiwan ka ng Bus papuntang team bldg)

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22) may darating na importanteng sulat (yung MERALCO BILL nyo)

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21) magbubunga na ang paghihirap mo (magkakabungang araw ka na din!)

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20) May lalapit sa ‘yong kakilala at nakangiti (Magpapapirma ng SESLA)

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) Makakasabay mo sa elevator ang crush mo. Kayong dalawa lang (check mo kung sino ung kayong dalawa lang)

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) Makikita mo sa Pantry ang kinaiinisan mo (nandun ang TL mo)



My Blind item yesterday just gave me a document to support his proof that he did it!

The document says there the date he signed the paper and its TODAY. If you have a SESLA form to submit, you will probably identify the FREAK’s signature. however, If you have a SESLA form again, You might be the suspect of FREAK blind who printed the payslip. Isn’t it nice we are all FREAK??? FREAK!



Another GA analyst left her controversial Payslip on printer MLADEL006!

Who is this freak who accidentally left her payslip on the printer? According to what happened, this freak has a plan to apply for SESLA (evidently she printed a SESLA form together with her payslip). She accidentally left her printout or maybe unaware that her printer setting was not locked. Or maybe she intentionally print her salary information to reiterate that shes earning more than $$,$$$.$$. If someone will go to SESLA this week or by next, BINGO!



This Saturday Il be posting zillions of pictures to our Centre Summer Team Building. Please submit your activity pictures so you will be included to picture rundown!



Happy birthday to all birthday Celebrant from the Month of May!!!
1st – Atienza, Ma. Criselda Ocampo
8th – Landingin, Glaiza Orden
9th – Aguilar, Rachellyn Sermonia
9th – De Chavez, Mariche Buenaventura
9th – Sumalabe, Christiansen Obdianela
10th-Agustin, Mary Jane De Claro
12th-Antonio, Nino Carlo Salvador
13th-Clacer, Richell Alcovendas – TODAY!!!
14th-Biscocho, Lilibeth Punzalan
23rd-Corpuz, Wilmer Mundoc
30th-Francisco, Catherine Fernando

May 12, 2010

ANNALIZA NAZAR confirmed to handle RACCF effective July 1st.

And its Anna Nazar who will take over for the entire Retail accounting and Credit Card finance (RACCF). The effectivity is said to be on July but considering Ronald Lintag will start organizing the new process, He will start coordinating his old roles to Nazar.

Ronald Lintag, currently RACCF Team Manager will move to another process, the Cards and Settlement and will leave, together with new team members for Canada training.

BLIND: Rumor has it that after more than 5 GA staff resigned last april, two more GA staff is about to submit a resignation letter. According to source, they already signed a contract to their new job. WHO ARE THEY??

CLUE: One of them is an active staff of the department and is given good position to do some stuff. this one also was rumored/almost consider to train on CANADA. another one is from a cluster with Male team Manager. She is more than pissed off with her boss while she didn’t know her boss is more than pissed off than her.


Hi, soon I’ll be blogging bigtime but let me tell you that this will be a blog rehearsal for something big. Assuming all people in GA are all-celebrity and exciting, or has an exciting lives. This will be the new media page for everyone. More exclusives, educating and reminders, some non important yet for some of you, are controversial issues. I would assume everyone will be at ease. are you ready for your STAR life? GAME? – editor


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