Make Way for Everyone’s New Favorite Squad: Chief Detective 1958’s Unit 1 

A cow thief catcher, a crazy dog, a chief with a heart, a heavy lifter, and a university graduate. These are the coolest police officers from Jongnam Station’s Unit 1. 

A riot of witty lines from highly entertaining characters set in 1958 Seoul, South Korea, Chief Detective 1958 is a fun series of crime-fighting and mystery solving. What’s most exciting about this new K-drama is that you will find yourself rooting for the characters and wishing you were a part of their cool squad. 

Blame it on their confidence and finesse, the Unit 1 boys will make your Fridays and Saturdays full of laughter and good memories. Now, let’s get to know them! 

1.Park Yeonghan

Played by the enigmatic Lee Jehoon, Yeonghan is a small-town cop who moved to Seoul only to be frustrated by the rampant corruption in and outside of the police force. Besides catching cow thieves – all 96 of them – he spends his time devising clever ways to catch goons, including using snakes to scare and catch them. 

  1. Kim Sangsun

He is called a ‘crazy’dog’—and who wouldn’t be if your co-workers turn out to be puppets of your city’s biggest criminal group? He may be quirky – he likes sleeping in closets and only befriends puppies – but his head and heart are in the right place, and he definitely knows how to fight! Portrayed by Lee Donghwi, Sangsun lends his experience and no-nonsense attitude to the team.

  1. Chief Yu Daecheon 

A tortured police chief fighting a losing battle against corrupt colleagues and the city’s biggest criminals, Chief Yu, played by Choi Dukmoon, is leading Jongnam Station’s Unit 1. The aboji of Unit 1, he looks nonchalant on the outside, but a softie on the inside, going so far as to buy Younghan, whom he just met, a brand new set of Seoul-appropriate clothes! 

  1. Jo Gyeonghwan

The additional member of Unit 1 came not in a polished uniform and mighty stance but in the form of Gyeonghwan, an honest and strong market worker played by Choi Woosung. He may

not be the hero they expected but he’s definitely the hero they needed. We’re surely rooting for our favorite rice-lifting fairy, ~kargador-turned-policeman~

5.Seo Hojeong

We can’t help but feel the need to protect this baby at all costs! An intelligent and timid top university graduate, Hojeong, played by Yoon Hyunsoo, has always dreamt of becoming a police officer, even if it goes against his family’s wishes. As a newbie officer, Hojeong will learn to balance his intelligence and courage to become the mighty character he has built up in his head. 

Get to know and have fun with these unlikely heroes as they rebuild the reputation of Jongnam Station’s Unit 1, one solved case at a time. Tune in for the latest adventures of Chief Detective 1958’s Unit 1, streaming every Friday and Saturday, on Disney+.

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