(MMFF) Rewind Is Now The Highest Grossing Film of 2023

I have an update.

Rewind’s Success: The movie “Rewind,” starring Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, has been a standout, reportedly nearly doubling its earnings after a week of the festival and continuing to perform strongly. As I reported on December 30, it is expected to top the 2022 Metro Manila Film Festival’s highest grosser, “Deleter.”. It definitely did even before the day ended!

MMFF Gross Update 2024 | rodmagaru

Not only that, Rewind is breaking the following MMFF box office records:

  • It has surpassed the MMFF 2022 top-grossing film, Deleter.
  • It also surpassed Vice Ganda Filmfest 2022 entry, Partners in Crime (2022).
  • This is Marian’s highest-grossing film to date since Enteng Kabisote 2 in 2005.
  • All of the Dingdong Dantes movies made by Star Cinema in the last twelve years breach the 100 million mark.
  • Rewind is now the highest-grossing film, not only for MMFF but for the entire year 2023, beating A Very Good Girl in gross sales. And we are not yet done counting.

As per my various trusted sources (and this is unofficial, not coming from the festival committee), Star Cinema’s Rewind reportedly grossed over 368 million ending January 1, 2023 nationwide screening.

No Specific Gross Data: The MMFF executive committee has clarified their decision to withhold specific box office data, citing a commitment to fairness among all entries. They aim to prevent trends that could potentially impact the standing of films that may not initially garner as much attention.

Overall Trend: The festival experienced a significant increase in ticket sales compared to 2022, indicating a positive return for the Filipino film industry. Despite being passed over by the MMFF Gabi Ng Parangal, Rewind is the sole entry selling like hotcakes.

Mallari maintained and sealed its position in the number 2 spot after Christmas, grossing almost 90 million pesos.

MMFF Gross Update 2024 | rodmagaru

Gomburza earned a lot of praise both from the awards night and from casual viewers in the last 5 days. As per my “various sources,” it is now the third highest grossing of MMFF 2023, crossing the 50 million mark.

MMFF Gross Update 2024 | rodmagaru

Rewind is the biggest film post-pandemic and is continuing to sell more screenings, so I suggest you go online when securing your tickets.

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