Bench Better Made, Made Better with Washable Tags

Years ago, Bench, the Philippines’ leading fashion and lifestyle brand, launched an eco-conscious apparel line, Better Made, to further promote the brand’s green initiatives. The collection features shirts made from 12 recycled PET (rPET) bottles, combined with 60% cotton and 40% recycled consumer polyester.

Each Better Made shirt features a breezy and comfortable silhouette that guarantees a relaxed and loose look for every wearer. Additionally, customers can choose from a wide selection of colors, ranging from muted tones to dark palettes, as well as various styles, including round-neck tees and collared shirts.

The Bench washtag

This year, Bench launched a feature to further accentuate the inspiration behind the Better Made line. When shoppers buy a specific Better Made shirt, it comes with a hang tag, or “washtag” as the brand positions it, made completely out of laundry detergent sheets that dissolves in water and washes clothes. Each Washtag can clean 0.6kg of clothes.

This feature allows customers to conveniently toss their new Better Made shirts, along with the washtags, in the wash before the first wear, replacing the regular hang tags that are discarded after purchase as paper and plastic waste. The Bench washtag is available for a limited time only.

“The pandemic propelled us to contemplate important initiatives for our brand,” said Bryan Lim, VP for Business Development. “One of those is promoting environmental awareness and concern. We are eager to uphold our social responsibility by developing this eco-friendly, sustainable apparel line to protect the environment from further harm and reduce landfill waste.”

Better Made shirts with washtags are available at select Bench stores nationwide and online via

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