Series Review: Netflix KDRAMA, “CELEBRITY”

This is the series I’ve been raving about on social media for the past few days. And now that I’ve finished the series, I’d like to offer my thoughts on it because I was captivated by its concept. I am talking about this netflix series, “CELEBRITY.”

NETFLIX series review: CELEBRITY

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Celebrity is a South Korean drama series about a group of social media influencers. The show delves into the dark side of social media fame, the pressures of maintaining appearances, and the lengths people will go to achieve success. Let’s watch the trailer:

With a rich ensemble of characters, the program is well-acted and exciting. I for one got exctied because I can totally relate to its theme, tackling how social media works. Park Gyu-young shines as Seo A-ri, a former affluent girl who becomes an instant influencer. Jun Hyo-seong is also fantastic as A-ri’s high school classmate and adversary, Oh Min-hye. And finally, Kang Min Hyuk’s charm is endless. Ofcourse we all remember him in his role in the 2013 KDRAMA series, The Heirs?

NETFLIX series review: CELEBRITY

And are we not gonna talk about Lee Dong-Gun? The one we loved many years ago from the series LOVERS IN PARIS? We’ll he’s the evil now here but he also delivered!

NETFLIX series review: CELEBRITY

The show’s portrayal of the world of social networking is both realistic and forewarning. It demonstrates how social media can be an effective tool for self-promotion, but it can also lead to isolation, anxiety, and sadness.

The show is also highly relevant here in the Philippines, where social media influencers are becoming increasingly popular. Here in the Philippines, social media influencers are frequently seen as celebrities, with large followings on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Many Filipinos would recognize the show’s depiction of the pressures of popularity and the lengths people will go to achieve success.

NETFLIX series review: CELEBRITY

Celebrity is a well-crafted and thought-provoking series that provides insight into the dark side of celebrity. It is both a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of social networking and a realistic and entertaining show. I wanted to highlight character portrayals.  The performance was superb, particularly by Park Gyu-young and Jun Hyo-seong. The show was suspenseful and kept me interested from start to finish. And lastly, the series portrayal of the world of social networking was both realistic and forewarning.

Although, for me  the series could have shorter. At times, it felt like it dragged on. The show’s conclusion was a little underwhelming. However it delivered and conveyed its message: Social media influencers can be a positive force for good.

I enjoyed Celebrity overall and would recommend it to fans of KDramas and social media thrillers.

As a digital and content creator, I completely get what the show is attempting to convey. I don’t consider myself an influencer, but one aspect of the creator’s work that I appreciate is that we can promote great ideas such as body positivity, mental health awareness, and social justice. We can bring together people who share common interests and foster a sense of community. We can assist people in becoming aware of new products and services. The unfortunate part is that some of them were utilized to disseminate disinformation and propaganda.

As I have mentioned, social media influencers and social media itself can be a positive force for good, but they can also be harmful if not used responsibly. My rating, CELEBRITY 8/10.

And that cameo in the finale is worth the wait!

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