Behind the Scenes of Quiccs Toys: The Guardian Angel Fueling a Collectible Phenomenon

In an era where art and commerce collide, Filipino artist Juanito “Quiccs” Maiquez has emerged as a pioneering force in the collectible figurine market. His dynamic collection has gained international recognition for his unique style and iconic character designs that combine elements of urban street culture and the futuristic world of mecha. And his eponymous toy brand, known among collectors as Quiccs, has since built a cult following in the urban vinyl and designer toy scene as it continues to capture the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide.  

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Meet Angel

While the spotlight often shines on Maiquez and his creative genius, there is another key player in the Quiccs Toys saga whose story warrants recognition. Angel “Luday” Maiquez-Guiang, the tenacious younger sister of Quiccs, is the unsung heroine steering the brand’s marketing and logistics with unwavering dedication. Through her resourcefulness and passion for her brother’s work, Luday has overcome significant challenges and helped propel Quiccs Toys to new heights.

She shares her brother’s understanding of the Quiccs Toys’ target audience and is equally committed to sharing her brother’s artistry with toy enthusiasts in a manner that meets their stringent expectations. To that end, Luday has proven to be an indispensable asset that allowed Quiccs to flourish. Her ability to deftly navigate the complex world of marketing and logistics in this niche ensures the continued growth and success of Quiccs Toys.

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The Real Challenge

Shipping delicate and valuable Quiccs Toys figurines to discerning collectors across the Philippines is no small feat. Toy collectors are notoriously particular about receiving their packages in pristine condition. 

Initially, Luday tried using motorcycle riders for delivery. An expedient solution to be sure, but one that proved to be inefficient and risky given the care that needed to go into each Quiccs package. A turning point came when Luday discovered LBC Business Solutions. LBC is already a well-known name in the courier and cargo industry, but it also offers specialized services that are thoughtfully tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by small and medium-sized ventures. 

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With closer guidance and collaboration, LBC and Quiccs Toys managed to refine their shipping operations to ensure that each parcel reached its destination in pristine condition—consistently. Renowned for their attention to detail, LBC’s seamless tracking system puts emphasis on the value that Quiccs and LBC places behind every parcel, so customers know where their orders are every step of the way. 

Because of this, Quiccs Toys was able to revolutionize its shipping operations. The company could now ship up to 100 toys per day, extending its reach to collectors in more regions throughout the Philippines. LBC’s efficient tracking system and commitment to delivering the figurines in immaculate condition provided Luday with invaluable peace of mind. No longer weighed down by shipping concerns, she was free to focus her energies on expanding the business and seizing new opportunities.


The Global Reach of Quiccs Toys

Today, Quiccs Toys has become a global phenomenon, with fans able to find and order the coveted collectibles from virtually anywhere. This remarkable achievement is not only a testament to the creative prowess of the designer behind it, but also to the tireless dedication and strategic acumen of his sister, his “angel” Luday.

Their entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere. Quicc’s story demonstrates that embracing innovative solutions and knowing whom to partner with can make a world of difference for a brand. By exploring new options and remaining open to change, entrepreneurs can unlock their full potential and chart a course to lasting success. 

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