LUMOS DAWN Projector Review – Value for Money!

There are many different reasons why we build up our home theaters. Some even buy projectors and some getting their smart TV.  But whatever preference we chose, creating our own home theater enables us to enjoy our preferred films, TV shows in the convenience of our own homes without having to deal with long lines, crowded theaters. So today let’s talk about the recent offerings from LUMOS. I am talking about the  LUMOS DAWN Projector.

Last year, I shared with you my review of LUMOS RAY Projector but today let’s drill  down the newest LUMOS DAWN Projector and why it might be a great addition to your home viewing experience.

LUMOS DAWN Projector.

For starters, I own a 55  inch  smart TV back in the province. But this LUMOS DAWN Projector size is massive. It has an immersive 125-inch projection which provides  a distinctive and individualized viewing experience that can improve entertainment, presentations, and education.

Upon purchasing one, you will get the complete pack such as a remote . It also includes its power cable, HDMI and AV cable plus its user manual.

I like how LUMOS maintained its sleek look for LUMOS projectors which makes it more identifiable to the brand. In terms of memory storage, it has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. This one is running through Android 9.0 operating system. (OS)

Glad that it also has an HD port  aside from the USB1 and USB2. Oh by the way, its dimension is 20 x 7 x 16cm.

Thank God they retain the tripod insertion as well.

I am glad that the menu setting is very user-friendly. You can directly choose what do you want to watch or set. You can see that Youtube and Netflix are already displayed.

I also like how this unit LUMOS DAWN has a keystone correction. You can correct around based on your positioning. LUMOS DAWN regular doesn’t have a keystone correction so you are in for a treat when you purchase this one.

AirScreen can allow this projector to receive screen mirroring, photos, music, videos and other media from phones, tablets and laptops  via AirPlay, Cast, Miracast and DLNA.

Other than what’s on the main menu, here are some apps that’s already downloaded. But you can log on to your google play to access more apps. The ideal distance when projecting should be within 1.5 to 4.5 meters to achieve that perfect crisps.

And of course I was able to watch my favorite news and movies. True to its meaning, it serves 1080p resolution (or 600p native blu-ray). Its brightness? Impressive 2500 lumens!

You can position with this projection on the side up to 15 degrees.

Overall, I can say that LUMOS Projectors are way ahead of its competition in terms of bringing amazing specs given its price range. It will still compete and win in different aspects. LUMOS DAWN delivers and can definitely say that you will totally enjoy this and have a great experience.

How much does this beauty cost?

This LUMOS DAWN home theater projector is currently priced at P9,999. Moreover, LUMOS Dawn Regular is available for P6,999. You are receiving a lot of what you paid for with the LUMOS Dawn projector’s quality, style, and innovation! For more information, visit LUMOS Projector website here 

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