Golden Stories: “Tita Eden” and Long Legacy of Loyalty & Perseverance

Through the past decades, Golden Haven has gained prominence as a highly trusted name in the Philippine deathcare industry, lauded for its chain of well-curated, beautifully themed memorial parks. Its tranquil settings are best known as sanctuaries for Filipino families to honor their deceased loved ones. With verdant greenery marking Golden Haven’s sprawling terrain, peace and serenity are evoked, inspiring the living to reminisce on happier times spent with those long gone.

Indeed, Golden Haven, now with more than 30 parks all over the country, has shown spectacular growth in the memorial property sector. And much of this may be credited to an idyllic work environment that drives its employees to thrive and succeed—and weave their very own “golden stories” to share with the rest of us.

One such aspirational tale is that of Eden Nario Pallera, fondly called “Tita Eden” by the members of the Golden Haven Community. A public school teacher before she joined Golden Haven, Tita Eden sought a career that would enable her to provide the best life for her three growing daughters.

Tita Eden jump-started her Golden Haven journey as one of its pioneering batch of sales counselors in 1987. Enticed by a life she had only dreamt of having, she enthusiastically learned her way around and, through sheer perseverance, became a unit manager in 1991. At this point, Tita Eden had quickly fallen in love with her work, the company, and her colleagues. With this new-found dedication and commitment, she convinced her husband, who was then toiling as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), to come home and become an agent for Golden Haven, ultimately reuniting their family.

Awards of Tita Eden

Tita Eden’s dreams for a brighter future drove her to be on top of her game; in just a year, she was promoted to agency manager. Then a well-deserved recognition came in 2005 when she was awarded the President’s cup by former senator and Golden Haven’s chairman, Manny Villar himself.

Eden Nario Pallera with Former Senator Manny Villar (Middle)

Today, Tita Eden remains a dynamic leader in the Golden Haven community as an agency sales director. Regarded as one of the company’s pillars, she continues to contribute significantly to the success of Golden Haven. Her colleagues look up to her as a “living legend” whose name is recognized in every branch.

Tita Eden credits former senator Manny Villar’s famed work ethic for her phenomenal success.

From the beginning, I readily adopted his mindset of ‘sipag at tiyaga,’” she declares. “And I have been around for 35 years—and counting—because the company stays true to its “Alagang Golden” promise, made not only to its clients but also to its people.

Tita Eden now gleefully relates her stories of travel to various countries such as Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, and Japan, made possible through her work in Golden Haven. But among all her achievements in Golden Haven, she acknowledges that her most “amazing accomplishment” was putting all her three daughters through school and showing them that a rewarding lifestyle is achievable as long as they are willing to work for it.

My three girls now enjoy a secure and comfortable life with their beautiful homes, cars, and investments. Of course, they all acquired Golden Haven properties—investing in their own lots, columbarium vaults, and alcoves. Their future and that of their families are looking bright.

Despite her achievements, Tita Eden remains focused on a singular goal: to encourage even more people to join Golden Haven’s roster of brilliant agents and share the wonders and joys of being part of the community. “I want to help others build a stable and fulfilling career in sales just like I did,” she declares, “and hopefully change their lives for the better—exactly the way Golden Haven changed mine.”

True enough, Tita Eden’s story of loyalty and perseverance is one that is often shared with Golden Haven’s newbies and with anyone in the community in need of inspiration.

“Aspiring investment consultants and ambassadors seeking a life of comfort and fulfillment will find this as members of the Golden Haven community where generous commissions and great earning opportunities await,” Tita Eden excitedly asserts. “Those who jump on board Golden Haven will learn about property sales and marketing and enjoy incentives such as all-expenses-paid travel to various destinations.”

Golden Haven invites interested individuals to create their own golden stories. To become part of this thriving community of earners and learners, register through the following links:

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