Ongoing Road improvements To Benefit to BRIA and Astra Calamba Projects

With twenty-one economic zones, Laguna is often cited as one of the fastest-growing centers of economic growth in the Philippines. The province’s close proximity to Metro Manila and rapid modernization have given rise to a wide variety of booming industries.

Today, Laguna’s thriving economy is made up of seemingly disparate yet individually lucrative sectors that range from fishing and agriculture to mining and even business process outsourcing. Given its unique economic position, the province is often the target of government programs that aim to enhance its connectivity.

Laguna’s capital of Calamba, where most of the economics zones are located, is also host to some of the country’s tourist hotspots. It’s no surprise, then, that Calamba is a usual beneficiary of infrastructure developments like the 57-kilometer PNR-Calamba railway project and the continuous widening of the Calamba-Pagsanjan road.

Ongoing Bucal-San Jose Bypass Road Brings Numerous Benefits to BRIA and Astra Calamba Projects

Another ongoing development is the Bucal-San Jose Bypass Road, which is expected to relieve traffic in some of the busiest areas in Calamba. Completion of this road project is not only expected to bring further economic prosperity to Calambeños but may also cause considerable appreciation in property values in the surrounding region.

Ongoing Bucal-San Jose Bypass Road Brings Numerous Benefits to BRIA and Astra Calamba Projects

Leading real estate developer BRIA Homes, which has some of the most notable vertical and horizontal housing projects in Calamba, is in the best position to gain from this venture. Two of these are BRIA’s 27-hectare residential enclave, BRIA Homes Calamba, and its mid-rise condominium Astra by Bria, both located in Brgy. Bañadero.

BRIA’s exclusive residential village, BRIA Homes Executive in Brgy. Majada Out, Calamba, is also set to benefit from it.

Ongoing Bucal-San Jose Bypass Road Brings Numerous Benefits to BRIA and Astra Calamba Projects

With “Location, location, location” being the name of the game in real estate, BRIA’s strategically located developments are touted to be the best picks in the lot. Their prime locations in Calamba combine the peace and tranquility of the countryside with the comforts and conveniences of city life.

BRIA further ups the ante for Calamba living with superior recreational and security amenities that are not ordinarily offered by similar residential developments in the area—and even rival those of the most-prized communities in Metro Manila. These affirm BRIA Homes’ well-earned tag as Filipinos’ home of choice—from career-focused young professionals to families looking to settle in healthier environs.

Ongoing Bucal-San Jose Bypass Road Brings Numerous Benefits to BRIA and Astra Calamba Projects

BRIA properties in Calamba currently allow easy access to the city center, located mere minutes away. At the same time, its residents may simply hop over to Calamba’s various shrines and churches and the more than 700 hot spring resorts that remain within striking distance for those needing to unwind.

Indeed, the completion of the Bucal-San Jose Bypass Road project, located right beside BRIA’s Calamba developments, can only boost their immediate and long-term appreciation of property values, and eventually lead to sustained economic prosperity for this tiny city.

BRIA Division Head ET Aguilar acknowledges the importance of infrastructure like the Bucal-San Jose Bypass Road in attracting home seekers as well as potential investors. “For our part,” shares Aguilar, “we will always be ready to provide Filipinos with housing options that showcase the best of what Calamba has to offer.”

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