How to Get Your International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV) or Yellow Passbook

So today I finally got my International Certificate of Vaccination or ICV. Some call it Yellow Passbook or Yellow passport. For easier discussion, let me call it Yellow Passbook. As the world reopens for tourists again, a lot of you probably have plans traveling abroad.

For starters, this is the International Certificate of Vaccination Prophylaxis (or ICV / ICVP) recognized by the World Health Organization. This is only valid if the vaccine used has been approved by WHO. Some of the OFWs and seafarers traveling abroad are getting this as this is being honored in some parts of the world.

For those of you planning to travel abroad, you might wanna consider getting this. For those who don’t have travel plans yet, that’s fine. You can still get this at your own pace. I applied for this without concrete international travel plans yet but I just want to have this for future purposes.

Please take note guys that this ICV is not mandatory and cannot be considered an “immunity passport.” It just serves as “proof of vaccination” of an individual. Not all countries require ICV. You should check the country you are visiting to to find out what their entry requirements are.

Okay before securing this yellow passbok and jump straight to the website, please make sure you have the following at hand (I mean soft copy) of the following:

  1. Vaccination card (1st and second dose)
  2. Booster card (if you had one already)
  3. Valid Government ID such as passport / Driver’s License.

These will be used on your application online.

Go to this website:

While everything is self explanatory there, let me give you some tips. You must create an account and upload your Government issued IDs and vaccination card. Creating an account is as easy as if you are creating a social media accounts. Most of the details there are basic info of yourself.

Upon creation of your account, you are now ready to apply for BOQ services. In this case, select the Certification services and choose Certification of Vaccine for COVID 19.


Choose your preferred time and date when you will have to visit actual sites to claim the yellow book. Usually they divide the schedule into morning and afternoon. In my case I chose the 12:30 to 4pm bracket. Just make sure you make it to your schedule.

It will then redirect you to the payment page. You can pay thru GCASH, which is the easier way to pay. After payment, you will have your confirmed schedule to visit the site.



On the site, they actually managed  the line thru chairs outside and there’s a guy facilitating the queue. Do not worry, it is not as crowded as it is months ago. I went there and I already on the queue. Oh by the way, it is important to create an account because as of this blog, they’re not allowing walk-ins.

While waiting inside, please prepare for your actual vaccination cards, booster cards and passport IDs. Earlier I mentioned that you need Government ID for identification purposes but you really need passport. Starting August 20, 2021, all ICVPs issued by the BOQ will have a passport number. You may also contact us at 5318-7500 local 107 for more information.

There are windows for screening and validation. I am not sure though on other sites. This one below is BOQ SM North Edsa annex site.

When it is my turn, I was asked to verify information including all details in the vaccination card such as lot number (the vaccine reference number). Afterwards, you will be asked to wait outside to be called to officially hand you the yellow card. Yay! That’s it! If I can calculate the time, it took me just around 15 minutes to claim this.

Again, ICVP is not mandatory and cannot be considered as an “immunity passport”. It serves as “proof of vaccination” of an individual. Not all countries require ICVP. You should contact the country of destination to know their requirements for entry. Take note also thatPassport and vaccination card are required. These must be uploaded on the system and shall be presented on the day of the appointment.

For those with existing certificate (passport type), the payment is Php 300 for documentation fee and additional Php 50.00 for convenience fee. For those individuals, that do not an ICVP (passport type), the payment is Php 300 for documentation fee and have Php 70.00 for convenience fee. I paid mine using GCASH, it’s like paying your bill with your reference number.

If you have questions, just leave a comment. thank you!

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