Vic “Bossing” Sotto Introduces BOSSMAX 3 Capsule & Coffee

Ang Health Mo ang Bossing Mo.

It was another entertaining afternoon with no other than Bossing Vic Sotto as he talks about the brand that he only trusts a boss that works effectively to the max! Impressed by its power, Bossing Vic Sotto officially endorses Boss Max 3, a dietary supplement and coffee made from Mangosteen Xanthone, a locally known fruit that offers a long list of health benefits.


Championing the taglines “Kalusugan mo ang BOSSING mo” and “Kape ng mga SIKAT!”, BossMax3 is ready to prove and compete in the market of dietary supplement and coffee with its greatest weapon—the organically-produced Mangosteen Xanthone which helps improve health or overall wellness.

Mangosteen, a commonly abundant tree in tropical countries like the Philippines, makes this antioxidant more accessible and more affordable.


In this era where health is a top priority, BossMax3 with Mangosteen Xanthone is a comprehensive package that provides a basket of health benefits from delivering great source of antioxidants to boosting the immune system, strengthening the bones and joints, improving heart health, and most especially enhancing mental health. Plus, the supplement focuses mainly on aiding blood sugar control for its customers’ diabetes management.

With the aim to improve and help Filipinos build a healthy lifestyle efficiently and effectively, Corbridge Group Philippines is clever to expand Boss Max 3’s product line from capsules to coffee with two flavors: Creamy and Strong. 

Aside from the growing health consciousness that drives Filipino consumers to make better dietary supplement choices, another lifestyle trend among Filipinos is the heavy reliance on healthier and more plant-based products rather than pure chemically-induced ones. That’s why BossMax3 is perfect as it is organically-produced.

Since more adult Filipinos are likely to consume one capsule of supplements a day, BossMax3 is perfectly safe to nourish themselves at their convenience.

BossMax 3 Mangosteen Xanthone only costs PHP9.75 per capsule and PHP585 for a box of 60’s. It’s easy and accessible as it is available at Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, and other leading drugstores nationwide.


Bossing Vic Sotto decided to promote BossMax3 as he fell in love with the impressive health benefits it brought to his health. Bossing Vic Sotto shared his pandemic experience and love for his new health partner, BossMax3.  

“Since 2020, all our plans are adjusted, and we are scared with what’s happening because of this virus,” he said as he shared his pandemic experience.

“Kailangan nating maging mabusisi sa ating mga iniinom na vitamins and supplements to ensure that we are equipped with the right amount of nutrients and helps us boost our immune system na makakatulong to juggle our work and family life,” he said, highlighting the need to take precautions and extra care for the health.

“That’s why I’m excited to share with everyone my latest partner in conquering life and keeping my health at the topmost priority, Ang Bossing ng Kalusugan ko, ang BossMax3 na handa akong samahan bilang isang organic dietary supplement and coffee to help me strengthen my bones, joints, heart and meron itong antioxidants to help my immune system,” he proudly said, expressing the love for his new health partner, BossMax3. 

Mr. German Panghulan, the Corbridge Group Phils Inc. president, also shared the inspiration behind BossMax3.

“Since our inception, we have been relentless in developing supplements and beverage products that add value and impact to our community. We will continue to strike forward and initiate beneficial agendas for our customers with this new product of BossMax3 Capsule with Mangosteen BossMax3 Creamy Coffee and Strong Coffee,” he said, adding that this is the kind of healthy brand and consumer products that they see themselves doing in the following years to come.

During the challenging times for our health, it is important to choose a health partner that protects and nourish you to the max! 

Like what Bossing Vic said when he chose his health partner BossMax3, “Karapatan ninyong magkaroon ng extra immunity to be healthy dahil ang ‘Kalusugan mo ang Bossing mo!”

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