Top 5 Comedy Clubs in Los Angeles On My Checklist

As lockdown gave us different perspective about life in general, people revisited priorities and a lot became serious about making things right. Not to mention being with our love ones, I think what the world needs now is an avenue where we can sit back and watch something that bring smile to our faces. I know that some parts of the world are still suffering and some are slowly recovering so it is hard to go back to the things we used to do. Having said that, I miss comedy bars and weekend parties with friends.

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Speaking of parties, I cannot help but remember how memorable some of my travel vacation with friends. One of them was during my trip to LA one halloween weekend back in 2017 where we partied nonstop until the wee hours. Although it was a short stint, I found a way to plan again of going back to LA and experience the Comedy clubs that the place is offering. This is what I have mentioned in my tweets months ago, the list! So here are the Top 5 Comedy Clubs In Los Angeles, California that I need to tick off my bucket-list:



I have always wanted to come to Lowboy ever since I have heard of them from my friends living in LA. If there’s one thing I want in any Comedy clubs is that it should be generous in space where there is an indoor and outdoor dining. I like to have these options because as you know sometimes the crowd is unpredictable. But one thing I have heard of Lowboy is its famous tasty smash burgers where everyone is going crazy. That is one more reason why I wanted to go back to LA once we all go back to normal. Luckily today, they’re still accepting orders online. Here are my friends in LA during our Halloween party that I will definitely be inviting to come at Lowboy!

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Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show

One of the highest rated Comedy Clubs in LA is the Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show. As most of the reviewers provide in their reviews, its the Sunday night that is making waves for everyone to experience. The reason why I included this in my list because it reminds me of our favorite dessert station here in Makati City where we order sundae and frosty with 60s and 70s theme around the club. in Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show, one thing you must not miss is the Laugh Factory on a famous sunset strip. Oh geez I wish I can catch my favorite celebrities and comedians there. A lot of comedians in LA are very popular that’s I am not surprise why a lot of Comedians for hire Los Angeles produce over the period of time are very in popular everywhere you go.


NUDE Comedy LA

Located in Studio City, one cannot miss the famous NUDE Comedy LA. I wanted to come here because I remember watching Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and got the idea of walking in a bar that provides entertainment  with specific niche. Imagine enjoying the night with nude stand up comedy or karaoke and even open mic nights! And another reason why I wanted to experience this is because I want to experience a bar that is completely accepting, body-positive, and friendly. I look forward for that day to come! This is exactly what I was thinking while walking along this avenue.

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LA Connection Comedy Theatre

One of the original clubs that provides entertainment and comedy is the LA Connection Comedy Theatre. They are in the business for a long time and produced famous personalities such as Josh Grobran Will Ferrell and the likes. Oh and I have heard Matthew Perry was once a popular show there. Throughout the years, they evolved as a frontrunner of comedy clubs in the area. They actually have this popular improv shows and very raw appeal at the same time! Oh Nikko, I will definitely not going to miss this for the world!


The Second City Hollywood

Imagine your cheeks getting hurt from nonstop smiling and laughing. That is how they defined the experience from The Second City Hollywood. But the most interesting part of this club is that it is also a place that provides great improv and sketch according to its patron. I’m sure you guys have seen my cameo role in one of the comedy films of 2020 and that is the time when I wanted to learn more about improv.

Los Angeles Vacation

LA is an interesting place to visit. To some of my friends who already found their way to settle there, LA is very welcoming to tourists and has very competitive environment. My next trip is definitely LA again once this is all over and looking forward to visit these 5 clubs on my list. I promise to blog and vlog about my experience so you guys can check that as well.




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