Get This Perfect Lightweight Trio Skincare from Face Republic at Shopee 7.7 Sale!

Gotta be honest. I have only learned about the concept of cleanse, tone and moisturize when I became a blogger when everyone is educating online about skincare. Glad that I did because I used to just get contented with washing my face. Well let’s face it, men in general are not particular with routines so I am happy that a lot of my friends are taking care of their skin and having a lot of time to do it especially now that we are just at home and don’t have much exposure to pollution.

But I used to ask myself, do I really need to do all that? The answer is yes.

Having said that I want to introduce you one of the items I found during my free time. Well when I say free time I mean browsing online shopping at Shopee app haha and glad to have noticed these wonderful product from Face Republic. I am talking about AHA/BHA Toner, CICA Gel Moisturizer and Calming Blemish Madeca Serum.

Face Republic x Shopee / Rod Magaru

To date, this is actually the perfect lightweight trio for those who are on the journey to achieving clear skin! Tone, Moisturize, and Treat. Currently I have my cleanser Im using and glad that the AHA/BHA Toner gently exfoliates skin impurities, helping to brightening those uneven acne marks.

Face Republic x Shopee / Rod Magaru

I didn’t realize the importance of toner before moisturizer but clearly now that this toner contains tocopherol, a.k.a. Pure vitamin E,  antioxidants are put to work, protecting your skin from nasty free-radicals and against UVB rays. According to Face Republic, this stuff is made by our amazing manufacturers in Korea who choose clean ingredients and cruelty-free processes.

Tips for Healthier Skin when using toner, alhough the skin regenerates every 27 days, dead skins cells don’t easily say bye-bye on their own. So make sure to choose a exfoliant toner mild enough for daily use after cleansing.  Apply your toner using a cotton pad.

The next one is this CICA Gel Moisturizer. It has ingredients like Centella Asiatica Extract and Tea Tree Oil eases skin inflammation while healing small wounds and acne scars.

Face Republic x Shopee / Rod Magaru

I think among the skincare routines moisturizing is my favorite. It basically reduces the chances of skin irritation and problems. For starter, this CICA Gel Moisturizer has a cottony finish. Perfect even on hot and humid days. To compensate for the exfoliation, the CICA Gel Moisturize not only deeply hydrates the skin, but also helps clarify the skin with a green goodie which has healing properties.

Face Republic x Shopee / Rod Magaru

With Sodium Hyaluronate, the skin absorbs and holds more onto water like a sponge, giving you a healthy and plump skin.

Additional tips for Healthier Skin
Moisturizing is one of the keys to fighting wrinkles and other signs of aging. After toning, remember to gently pat the product onto the skin. Do not rub to avoid damaging your skin’s elasticity. Many confuse oil with hydration, excessive oil is often produced because of the lack of moisture in the skin. So make sure to make your moisturizer your daily best friend, regardless of skin-type.


The Calming Blemish Madeca Serum

And to top off the routine, The Calming Blemish Madeca Serum is your lightweight solution filled with calming ingredients like Madecassoside (1,000ppm) and Tea Tree leaf extract (5,000ppm) that are known to control sebum and skin troubles. 3 simple skincare additions for blemish-free days!

How to use: After using toner, apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck. Gently pat for better absorption.

Face Republic x Shopee / Rod Magaru

Tonight, I am going to try all these before I sleep so Im going to share you some results on my IG stories. So what are you waiting for guys. Go blemish-free 24/7 and get yours now at Shopee with Face Republic!

Face Republic x Shopee / Rod Magaru

I took the liberty of sending you direct link to these amazing products from Face Republic at Shopee and if you will checkout on the much awaited Shopee event on 7.7, you are up for an amazing discount!

AHA/BHA Toner (P474)

Clears dull and rough skin, good for daily use.

Face Republic / Shopee

CICA Gel Moisturizer (P360)

With the soothing effects of Centella Asiatica to moisturize damaged and irritated skin.

Face Republic / Shopee

Calming Blemish Madeca Serum (P699)

Calming serum that soothes troubled skin and blemishes with madecassoside and tea tree extracts.
Face Republic / Shopee





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