Catch Lee Stray Kids on Globe Kmmunity PH LIVE for Free Fanmeet!

While multiple fan events and concerts were postponed this year, the Korean fever in the Philippines is still on full swing! From K-Drama series trending online and K-Pop groups releasing comeback after comeback which become instant hits in the country, there’s no shortage of things to rave about and celebrate in the fandom. Globe Kmmunity PH’s VLive channel continues to provide exclusive events, experiences, and content for Hallyu fans including the chance to show support and interact with their favorite idols!

Last September 11, its new series called Kmmunity PH LIVE successfully kicked off with an entertaining virtual fan meet with the cast members of Running Man. It garnered more than 12 million hearts and 96,000 plays on VLive. And for those who missed it or just want to relive those fun moments with the cast, they can head onto Kmmunity PH’s VLive channel at to watch it again.

Kmmunity PH LIVE promises to delight more fans especially the Filipino STAYs with its upcoming show featuring Lee Know, HyunJin, Felix, Seungmin and I.N of South Korean boy band, Stray Kids! Watch them share the latest updates about the group and their projects, answer questions sent by fans, and play fun games and challenges, LIVE on October 17 exclusively on Kmmunity PH’s VLive Channel!

Together with the other members Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin, Stray Kids (a.k.a. “STAYs”) has garnered a big following of dedicated fans in the Philippines after their successful first concert at the Araneta Coliseum back in April 2019.

After appearing in JYP Entertainment’s reality show of the same name, Stray Kids officially debuted in 2018 with the release of their EP titled “I Am Not” along with the music video of its title track titled “District 9.” They were supposed to be continuing their “District 9: Unlock” 2020 world tour this year, with a stop in Manila, but was postponed due the global pandemic.

As producer-idols, the members are in charge of their discography starting from song production to songwriting. Through their lyrics, they talk about the struggles and challenges experienced by people everyday, whether it’s big or small. Their touching messages in the form of songs help their fans power through their own hurdles.

10 THINGS you need to know about this fanmeet.

  1. What is Kmmunity PH Live?

“Kmmunity PH Live” is a new exciting series of shows on Kmmunity PH’s VLive channel where we will bring exclusive events, experiences and content featuring K-Idols. To kick things off with a bang, the first Kmmunity PH show featured the Running Man cast last September 11. For their second show on October 17, they’ll be featuring Lee Know, HyunJin, Felix, Seungmin and I.N of Stray Kids!


  1. What is Kmmunity PH Live with Lee Know, HyunJin, Felix, Seungmin and I.N of Stray Kids?

Kmmunity PH Live with Lee Know, HyunJin, Felix, Seungmin and I.N of Stray Kids is our second Kmmunity PH LIVE show. It will take place at Kmmunity PH’s VLive Channel ( FREE for all of our followers. This event is geo-locked and limited to the Philippines only.


  1. When and where will Kmmunity PH LIVE take place

Kmmunity PH Live with Lee Know, HyunJin, Felix, Seungmin and I.N of Stray Kids will take place on October 17, 2020 from 8:00 to 8:40 PM via Kmmunity PH’s VLive channel

( FREE for all our followers. This event is limited to the Philippines viewers only.


  1. How much is it to watch Kmmunity PH Live?

Kmmunity PH Live with Lee Know, HyunJin, Felix, Seungmin and I.N of Stray Kids is FREE to all its followers in the Kmmunity PH VLive channel ( All you have to do is follow the Globe Kmmunity PH channel on VLive.


  1. How do I watch a Kmmunity PH Live show?

You can watch the FREE show in five easy steps:

  1. Create a VLive account via the website ( or via the VLive app.
  2. Go to the KmmunityPH channel by searching for the keywords, “KmmunityPH” or by visiting the link (
  3. Click follow the Kmmunity PH Channel to enable notifications and to participate in the Kmmunity PH events.
  4. On the day of the event, visit the Kmmunity PH channel and click the “Calendar” button. Select. “Kmmunity PH Live with Lee Know, HyunJin, Felix, Seungmin and I.N of Stray Kids”
  5. Tune in and enjoy the rest of the show!


  1. What Can I expect from Kmmunity PH Live with Lee Know, HyunJin, Felix, Seungmin and I.N of Stray Kids?

Expect an exclusive 40-minute LIVE show streamed all the way from South Korea form five members of Stray Kids: Lee Know, HyunJin, Felix, Seungmin and I.N! This live show will feature these idols updating us about the group, answering fan questions via the Q&A on the VLive app, reading fan comments and playing games for the Filipino fans. The show will be for forty minutes long and accessible to the STAYs in the Philippines. There will be no other show like this anywhere else.


  1. Why are there only 5 members of Stray Kids on the next Kmmunity PH Live?

Kmmunity PH Live would love to have all members of Stray Kids! However, due to pre-booked commitments, other members would be unable to join us on the 17th!


  1. Is the event only open to the Philippines? What if I’m a Filipino residing outside the Philippines?

 We would love to have everyone join our Kmmunity PH Live shows. However, the show on October 17 is geo-locked in the Philippines as part of Kmmunity PH’s contractual agreements with the artist.


  1. Will I get to interact with Stray Kids?

You can interact with the five members of Stray Kids via the live chat of the VLive App where they will have the opportunity to read fan comments or answer questions.


  1. How do I get updated with the next Kmmunity PH Live show?

To know when the next Kmmunity PH Live show would be, just follow the Kmmunity PH VLive channel at or join our Kmmunity PH FB Group at

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