(Stream) IMELDA’S The Kingmaker, Plus 100 More free Docus Exclusive on iWant!

Explore the lives of extraordinary people in carefully curated stories that are worth telling and remembering in iWant’s collection of over 100 free documentaries, including three new offerings streaming this May.

After touring international festivals and gaining critical acclaim, “The Kingmaker,” an illuminating examination of Imelda Marcos’ life and legacy, finally arrives in the Philippines exclusively on iWant on May 15. With contrasting accounts from Imelda, her family’s political rivals, and Martial Law survivors, it offers a gripping look at the rise and fall of the Marcoses, Imelda’s efforts to reestablish her family’s political power, and the Marcos regime’s enduring influence on Philippine society.

iWant also takes users underwater to explore the history behind the various wrecks in the country in the original docu series “Wreck Hunters,” hosted by divemaster and award-winning underwater photographer Wowie Wong and sports and outdoor enthusiast Ernie Lopez. Now streaming, the five-episode series surveys a sunken casino, an aircraft carrier, and a Japanese cargo ship and their untold stories.

Get to know another side of Matteo Guidicelli as the singer-actor-triathlete lets viewers in on his rigid yet moving path to being a military reservist in the original “Ranger G,” which shows a new perspective on how scout rangers undergo training and streams on May 23.

Aside from these new offerings, iWant also streams the timely and relevant “Heroes in the Hot Zone” that lays bare the struggles of Filipino doctors who are at the frontline in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tales of passion, pain, and triumph are also unpacked in the award-winning ABS-CBN documentaries such as “’Di Ka Pasisiil,” about the devastating impact on civilians and soldiers in the Marawi siege, “Local Legends,” which puts the spotlight on Filipino artists and their proudly Filipino crafts, and “#NoFilter,” which offers a raw and intimate look at Filipinos overcoming adversities. These three docus recently bagged medals at the prestigious 2020 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards.

Also available on iWant are “TNT Boys: Journey to the World Stage,” which tracks the trio’s extraordinary rise to international fame, and “Star Magic’s Black Magic Ball,” which follows the parade of mischievously dressed celebrities on Halloween. Gina Lopez’s memorable life of service is also the subject of “Genuine Love.”

Meanwhile, discover unique travel spots and cuisines in the country and all over the world with Robi Domingo and Sue Ramirez in “Unlisted,” with Pia Wurtzbach in “Pia’s Postcards,” and with different stars in major cities around the globe in “The Crawl.”

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