(MOVIE REVIEW) Sexy Suspense Film iWant’s “Love Lockdown”

While I have finished roughly 20 series during this lockdown from Netflix and HBO GO, iWant kept us entertain at night at home watching some digitally restored films for free. Good thing some new contents are coming our way and that made it easy to cope with the lockdown given the cease and desist order to ABSCBN operation hence unavailability of free TV.

Speaking of new content, there’s no stopping for Dreamscape Entertainment to produce a film that is shot under the limitation of an actual production set. Entitled as LOVE LOCKDOWN, this iWant original is the first-of-its-kind digital full-length movie filmed in quarantine by lead stars Angelica Panganiban, Jake Cuenca, JM de Guzman, Arjo Atayde, Sue Ramirez, Tony Labrusca, and Kylie Verzosa..

Let’s watch the trailer first.

True to its purpose, the film sticked to its niche. It explored the positive and negative sides of the isolation, one must find its way to survive. Though it doesn’t represent everyone’s situation, it is enough to convince that lust and or greed can make or break someone’s safe haven, I mean imagine being pushed to our limits while on quarantine.

Actually, Love Lockdown has some fascinating ideas e.g (human behaviour, black mailing, infidelity etc.) and some of the stories are worth stretching to a series type of narrative. Like any other films that link unrelated characters as story unfold, the movie is a thorough examination of relationships and maintaining our sanity – as well as the challenges that everyone face in times of uncertainty and struggle.

Aside from some subtle shift of storyline, the fundamental Love Lockdown plot and most of its characters are akin to our relatable quarantine situation. It successfully linked their lives to its audience except that all characters got stuck to human limitation.

Angelica Panganiban is effortlessly effective as Lesley – providing a unique and unyielding exploration of the joy and pain inherent from her loneliness and failed relationship. In the same world, we applaud JM De Guzman in his short yet effective fascinating character.

Tony Labrusca on the other hand gave an interesting flavor along with Arjo Atayde and Sue Ramirez. Their charms worked to fulfill what is needed from their roles, even more inviting.

While everything is engaging, some acting appeared mediocre (I mean I look at the first act –that looks unpolished and) it seemed to fall a bit flat in general at certain points. No offense but I haven’t seen anything striking from Jake’s attack sorry. also, I was hoping it added couple of pages more to educate some tips about quarantine.

All in all, I should probably mention that I did watch it twice to seek redemption at each other’s character and my verdict, it is not enough to tell all their stories in one hour, still hooray for pulling this one in this trying time. Til the end, I’m glad that the film remained focus in its intention.

Love Lockdown is now streaming on iWant. The film is directed by Andoy Ranay, Darnel Villaflor, Noel Escondo, and Emmanuel Palo.




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