(LIFESTYLE) The Tiger Balm Plaster is Now Available in the Philippines

I have been using Tiger Balm for quite sometime and believe it or not, every trip in Thailand requires me to get something from the convenience story because some of the Tiger Balm products are not available here in the Philippines. Having said that, I was very happy when Tiger Balm Philippines announced the arrival of Tiger Balm Plaster!

I exactly remember this photoshoot where I came from an intense workout and I can’t help but stay in bed all day. I don’t have the Tiger Balm Plaster yet and I usually ignore muscle pains from workout.

As I have mentioned. there are times when I ignore muscle pains from some activities and I actually wait until til the pain is gone. But thanks to mom who is a big fan of Tiger Balm. I secretly have one on my bag plus the inhaler I bought from Thailand. But you know what I realized, I don’t need to hide my Tiger Balm because having dibs on Tiger Balm Plaster is very new here in PH!

The removal of the Tiger Balm Plaster is virtually painless. To professionals, decision-makers, athletes, and parents who care about their appearance, another added value is that Tiger Balm plaster does not leave any residue or mark on their skin. The pain relief brought on by the Tiger Balm Plaster lasts for hours. This should also come as welcome news for today’s Filipinos who want more continuous hours of relief from their lingering pain.

Fortunately, the 21st-century Filipino has a constant ally in Tiger Balm, a familiar and family-friendly brand which has stocked up many medicine cabinets in our homes and offices for more than 50 years. The brand itself immediately conjures up beloved images of comforting and soothing Tiger Balm oils and creams that heal insect bites and treat muscles atrophied by arthritis. Tiger Balm, produced by Haw Par Healthcare, is one of the world’s leading and most versatile topical analgesic brands for almost a century.

Rhiadel P. Garcia , Brand Manager of Tiger Balm PH, Eugene T. Yap , CEO Genson Distribution Inc., Diane E. Yap , Pres. Genson Distribution Inc.,Charles Justin P. Kho , GM Genson, Karen May SJ Buan Key Account Manager.

The Tiger Balm Plaster provides effective relief for muscular pains, stiff shoulders, contusions, sprains, backaches, and neck pains. The secret of Tiger Balm’s longevity in healing and health-related matters is clear: Tiger Balm works where it hurts.




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